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27 June 2012
Should we speak out and report the truth?

Are we right or are we wrong?

Dorothy Perkins leaves Neath

Certain councillors and their supporters have said we are wrong in talking Neath down. "Don't knock Neath!" they said.   But look at the facts, they are there for you to see.   Neath is now full of phone and charity shops.   The ladies fashion store - Dorothy Perkins has just left town.

We don't anyone talking Neath up - we want action.   Deeds not words.

A well known and respected councillor returned yesterday from Carmarthen and saw the difference as he/she came into the County Borough of Neath Port Talbot.

Weeds are growing from pavements and there is a weed eyesore outside Blaenhonddan School.  Councillors feel frustrated, they complain, and they are told there has been cutbacks.   We are paying our council tax but nothing seems to be done.   If you are unhappy ring the council's First Line Services 01639 686868 and tell them about your problem.    Something must be done to stop Neath going down the pan.  Hot air and words are NOT enough.

The Neath Town Centre Consortium will meet for what has been reported as its last session on Wednesday, 11th July 2012 at 5:30pm at the Castle Hotel Neath.

We acknowledege some other towns have their problems - we are also aware that other towns, like Carmarthen, are overcoming their difficulties.   It is not only choice of shops in Neath, motorists have to pay for parking their cars by an administration that is putting greed before need.   Something has got to give! 

Follow up ... Regarding our previous report on Cllr Rob James, and the reader's letter on our messages page, we are pleased to report that Rob is ok despite his apparent disappearance and alleged non-attendance at council meetings - plus no entries on his blog.   We apologise for any concern we may have raised - no doubt his blog may explain in due course.

May we say that we would be equally concerned about the suddern disappearence of any councillor in similar circumstances.

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