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20 June 2012
How we score over Facebook

Our advantage over FACEBOOK

Facebook is a website - a website with a diffence inasmuch it is quite personal.  You have to sign up to get on it - after giving details of yourself.  Details of yourself have to be true under its terms and conditions - although we suspect that there are names of some who do not exisit - there is no way of knowing this.   
You have to be careful with your privacy settings - a message to a friend may be picked up by others.  It is sad to note that bad language is used a lot.

The Neath Ferret website  is here for all the world to see - including Neath exiles living abroad.   There is no need to sign in.   Messages are checked by a moderator to ensure that there is no bad language and personal insults - we are not perfect, but we do our best, including giving everyone the right of reply.

Let's be clear, we have the means for readers to log-on and we could set up exclusive pages - but we don't want to do this.  We prefer to be open and above board as it is possible to be - rather like an open book.

We know of a few having unpleasant experiences on Facebook - including a couple having a divorce.    Let us have your comments on Readers Letters.

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