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12 June 2012
Empire - they think it is all over !

It is not over yet !

If what is said in FACEBOOK is anything to go by, hundreds of people are likely to  decend on NPT Council to protest about the Empire being demolished and more flats being built in its place.    "It is GREED before NEED" said one resident, based on the fact that there will be a steady income for the council from flat tenants, with no effort or outlay after the building work has been completed.

A protest march on the council by those in the FACEBOOK group is now thought to be the only way to draw attention to a town that is said to be going downhill fast.

One elderly resident from Bryncoch is most annoyed because he has to go to Swansea for afternoon tea dances when the Empire could provide similar facilities.

Ten pin bowling and other leisure activities were ignored by NPT councillers who did not take the trouble to view the inside of the building before voting for its demolishment.   The interior was left in good condition by the previous owners.

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