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04 May 2012
Challenge for Candidates

Big challenge for Councillors Rob James (Labour) and Janice Dudley (Plaid Cymru)

First we must congratulate both for being elected as NPT CBC councillors for Bryncoch South and hope that they will serve the residents to the best of their ability.

We must now remind Rob James of HIS words:

"We need to become non-partisan. We need moderates that are happy to talk to other parties and indepedents to make sure we are delivering for those living in Neath."

Now our challenge to Rob James:

If you are sincere in what you say then share the councillors' monthly surgery at the Wauceirch Owain Glyndwr Community Centre on the first Saturday of the month (10:00am) with Janice Dudley - and pay half of the hiring fee for doing so. Thus showing you can work together.   We know what you said about street surgeries - you can do those as well.  Meeting on a monthly basis will allow you co-ordinate and compare notes.  It will be a positive move forward.

And our challenge to Janice Dudley:

You have always said you put residents before party politics - and your monthly surgeries have been non-political.    Now is your chance to prove it.   Just agree to Rob James sharing your surgery and work together.    Take Rob at his word and let him prove what he says - let him put his words into action.   If he accepts this challenge he can pay half the hiring charge.


What we say:

We think that Janice and Rob working together can be a power of good for the community.   Both have said that party politics should not come into their council work.   Now is the time for the both of them to prove it.   IF they don't work together then they will blame the other for any failure.    It is a testing time - and certainly a big challenge for both of them.
Can they do it?    We believe they can!   They can either share cases on a joint basis - or take on their own cases.  They can decide between them how to share the work load.  They MUST work in harmony for the sake of the residents they represent.

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