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27 April 2012
In a nutshell

News - one line snippets

Based on news reports and readers' letters

  • The deadline for election website answers to questions was 27th April
  • Local election date 3rd May
  • Bryncoch North website ignored by all candidates - except one.
  • Jubilee party issue at Blaenhonddan.    We know how councillors voted!!
  • Peter Hain MP- lost for words! Is he doing anything about Jubilee party?
  • Is Peter Hain MP doing anything  about the Empire Neath?
  • Reader claims the Blaenhonddan CC is a Scrooge council.
  • BCC like a secret society - says reader,
  • Dyffyn Clydach to hold free for all Jubilee party.
  • Reader asks: "Is Britain going down the pan?"
  • Reader writes poem about what is not made in Britain.
  • Book review on NCN on Neath authoress' new book.
  • Empire Neath issue still on the boil.
  • Gwenda Thomas A.M. to look at Empire situation.
  • Reader afraid to mention his name on Reader Letters.
  • Reader queries delay in postings.
  • Plaid posters at Dyffryn Clydach -  readers' letters comments.
  • Labour community councillor praised for speaking out.
  • Unhappy mole at BCC ?   See readers' letters.
  • A Jubilee committee is asked to contact BCC clerk to resolve problem.
  • We regret we can't use OUR centre - says reader.
  • "I'm making an effort," says BCC councillor.
  • "BCC clerk in a political sandwich?" - says reader
  • Mole reveals Jubilee vote.
  • Times and dates given for publication of letters.
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