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24 April 2012
Party time issue!


Sion Griffiths challenged over party issue

Community councillor, Sion Griffiths (Labour), has been challenged by two readers (letters page) over the issue of parties at community centres for the Diamond Jubilee.   

Although Mr Griffiths is quite eloquent in his reply letters, the readers seem far from happy with the situation.   In one of the latest letters a reader asks:  "What documentation is required for a party?"   Government sources have already declared that insurance cover should not be an issue.    More information about this can be found in our menu item: "Organise a Party'  (bottom of menu list).

Sion Griffiths has replied to the reader in question - one must now judge if the answer is satisfactory - or wether the issue is being inflamed?

In order to be helpful in this matter, to both Sion Griffiths and the readers, we have added a news item and have also shown sample forms in our menu - bearing in mind that these forms refer to street parties and NOT parties at community centres.

Sion Griffiths is also a Labour candidate for Bryncoch North for County Council elections on 3rd May 2012.

What has Downing Street got to say about community parties?

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