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04 April 2012

Local election nominations now lodged

Some candidates have openly declared their intentions - others have held back their names until the closing date.  Candidates will be officially announced on 10th April 2012

 It is probably the first time that the Internet will be playing a part in the elections with several websites set up for that purpose.

It is likely that many candidates will be judged on their websites, which can be updated in minutes as opposed to printed matter that takes several days to produce.

It is thought that candidates with the most caring websites, those who put residents before party politics, will attract the most votes.

Based on the last four years, the council has said to have been a gravy train for some candidates with special allowances for 'alleged' favours.   A watchful eye will be kept on this after this election - more than ever before because the public is getting wiser.    Those who had 'gravy' in the past may pay the penalty at the next election.

Look at the allowances in the council's list

Look at the candidates who have had the most allowances and see what party they belong to.

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