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02 April 2012
Neath Town Council

Neath Town Council should decide on the future of the Empire

And not the 'out of town' NPT CBC councillors

Neath Town Council own much property in Neath and the Empire should be included in its portfolio, say many residents.

It seems that the Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council decided on a building that should have been considered by Neath Town Council, who, we understand, have the means to acquire it.   Were the Town Council consulted?   We probably won't know the answer until there is an investigation into the saga.

The structure of Neath Town Council is worth looking at - so we show below a screen shot from their website.   Click on it for a full view.


The question arises: does Neath Town Coucil have more interest in the Empire that the 'out of town' NPT councillors who voted to demolish it?

We suggest that our readers should know more about Neath Town Council - start by looking at their website:-

What properties do Neath Town Council own?
The Council holds the freehold titles of the Burton Block in Green Street / New Street; 1-7 New Street; three shops at the Old Town Hall and The Round House Coffee Shop.  There are also a number of projects under consideration, including the leasehold of the upstairs of the Burton Block for the provision a Youth Centre working in conjunction with the Neath Town Forum.
So why not the Empire building?   Were they consulted?

By the way, Neath Town Council did not freeze their precept  - they decreased it!   Compare this with Blaenhonddan who increased theirs by nearly 20%.

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