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27 March 2012
Who cares?

A generation of unemployed?

No jobs for young people - a generation of unemployed?  That is what is being forecast on the media.   Here in Neath we have the answer - but no-one is listening to us.   It is simply to use the youth of the area to refurbish the Neath Empire.   Youth training under the supervision of craft instructors will prepare young people for the future.

Labour costs is always the determining factor - the highest cost of any project. Under a training programme the labour can be provided under a scheme where everyone benefits.

Going back in time apprentices always received low pay in lieu of being trained - so why not now? 

We MUST create employment for our youngsters - and refurbishment of Neath's last multi-purpose entertainment building is the answer.

A U-turn is required by the developers and the council.   If the council cares they must take action NOW before it is too late.

It must be remembered that the youngsters we refer to are approaching the age that they can vote - or will be voting for the first time.   They will remember those who will help them and those who could not care less.

Let us invest in the youngsters of today - the generation of tomorrow.

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