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27 March 2012
Plea from reader

Reader makes plea to all parties not to knock young candidates

A reader's letter puts forward the arguement that all parties should not knock young candidates entering the forthcoming May council elections   The editorial team do not disagree with this as young politicians have to start somewhere.   Having said this, we rather agree with a reader who said they should start on a community council.   Such a council maybe not so attractive as there is no pay or expenses - but it does provide a grounding.    We cannot help wondering if they have been put off by the hairy stories about Blaenhonndan council  and the reported high turnover of councillors.   If this is the case, it would be challenge for them - because if they survived for a full term they would be indeed deemed suitable for the next rung on the ladder - a county borough councillor.   It just seems plain common sense when you think about it.    Does anyone disagree?

PS... We are making a little bet with ourselves and someone will say that irrespective of age they should not be given an easy ride - and that the letters and comments sent in will help to toughen them up for what is yet to come.

Reader replies to this issue:-

Age is irrelevant, where candidates live is irrelevant - but a lot more is said on our Readers Letters page in reply to the reader who made the plea.

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