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14 March 2012
Plans for the Empire

Plan to keep the Neath Empire alive in the minds of future generations

Plaque of shame planned for new website

A innovative plan is being formed to keep the Empire Neath alive in minds of future generations.   A new website is to be constructed with dozens of photographs never seen before.   A team of photographers  have have taken professional quality shots of the building's interior (and exterior) over the years and have prepared them for a YouTube production for world wide viewing.

It is thought that the proposed website would shame the Labour controlled council for agreeing to the demolition of a building that borders on heritage status.   In the same way as a plaque records with pride the opening of a new new building, a memorial plaque in planned to go on the Internet naming all the councillors who voted for the demolition of the building.   Their names are currently on record and it just a case of recording what is regarded as being in the public domain.

Future generations will be shown what these councillors have done - taking away from the public a building the the Gwyn Hall cannot match.    The photographs are sure to shock the councillors concerned into realising what a grave error they have made - and what is more serious for them, the scorn that will be showered on them by their grandchildren for allowing it all to happen.

As others have said on this website, it could very well be the end of the Labour Empire in Neath, because as we know, nothing stops the same for ever!

Below we show a recent picture of the Empire in the middle of a residential area - an area that needs no transport to get to it.

Many councillors do not realise the fond memories residents have for this building - the place where many have met their life-long partners.

This matter will not go away, it will be remembered for years to come, the Internet will see to that!

We understand that the media will have some suprises very shortly - surprises that may even surprise us!

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