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04 March 2012
No bus service - but how about this?

Hill Transport

We seem to be going back to the dark ages when Waunceirch residents have to get off a bus half way up Dwr-y-felin Road and trudge up the hill with heavy bags of shopping - having just lost their bus service.  Also residents have to walk up a step hill to get to the Tesco Express store - not to mention the junior school on the brow of the hill and the Community Centre.  What would they have done in 1898?  Just look below:-

Constitution Hill Railway, Swansea  (1898)   - one of the shortest serving railways in history! It was dismantled because it had failed to secure a Board of Trade Passenger Certificate. It worked on a similar principle to the San Francisco tram system. There was a genuine need for this service - Constitution Hill is one of the steepest residential streets in the U.K.!  Now in 2012 we have an area in Neath with even more residents living on top of a hill.

Were planners and councillors more forward thinking in the past?   Also think about the gas tram that ran from Briton Ferry to Skewen in the late 1800's.
Now with the cost of motor fuel soaring we should start thinking again.

Will Tesco sponsor this?   We bet they will to make history and get tremendous publicity.    The publicity will be more effective than TV advertising!

Let's get Neath on the map as the most progressive town in the U.K.

PS............ Cimla hill is another area of Neath that would welcome a new form of environment friendly transport.

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