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01 March 2012
Cllr Frank Little - a challenge

Little by name - but not by nature!

A short while ago we suggested that readers should look for websites put on the Internet by local councillors and then judge the content for themselves.

Cllr Frank Little (left), a Liberal Democrat, has a website that looks at a very broad spectrum of the political world - more often than not from a Liberal angle, which is quite understandable.   It is a website worth looking at, especially if you are interested in politics.

Cllr. Little is fair minded and speaks his mind, more often than not - which is the way it should be.

We are now waiting for his comments on the council tax increases - nearly 2% by NPT-CBC and 22% by Blaenhonddan Community Council, as he is a member of both those councils.

To say nothing about the increases would not be in Cllr Little's nature.  We are simply wondering if he has had feedback from the residents he serves.  If not, then it is sure to come.  If, by any chance, he feels he cannot comment personally on council matters, pehaps he can comment on what residents tell him?  In that respect, this website has shown an example.

Being a Liberal, it gives him the freedom to speak his mind without certain party whips to worry about - at least we hope so.   We trust he will be fair and compare Dyffryn Clydach and Blaenhonddan as we have done.   Being a member of Blaenhonndan Community Council does not mean he has to agree with their actions - the same goes for NPT-CBC.

So let's have some frank words from Frank.   He will gain much respect by being honest and say what he really thinks.


Ed. NOTE   MP's often write articles in newspapers and make comment on what the Government is doing - the same goes for television interviews.  We think it is about time that this sort of thing is extended to benefit the public.

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