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22 February 2012
Comment followed by a sting

When a reader wrote in and praised Cllr.Peter Rees for writing to this website (which we sincerely appreciate) another reader wrote in with a sting to the string.

A string is a series of messages in response to the original one on a certain subject.    A sting is what you will see when you scroll down on the Letters Page to read what has been said about Cllr.Rees.

But we must be fair and defend Cllr.Rees for being the only Labour councllor to write to this website, a progressive step forward irrespective of what he is being paid.

In an open society we want comments, good, bad or indifferent.

As far as the reader making the comments is concerned, we give below a link for you to see what all councillors are paid so that you can make your own comparisons.



As always, your comments are invited.

PS.... How many councillors have gone that one mile further in this Internet day and age and have created their own website to help others and keep the residents they represent informed about what is going on?

How can you tell?

Just type in the councillor's name (e.g. Cllr Joe Bloggs) on GOOGLE or any other search engine and see what comes up.
This is one way of finding out the councllors who really care for the residents they serve.

Attempting to get things straight

Cllr Peter Rees has written in to put the record straight in reply to a reader who made comments on his representations.  It is important that this website gets balanced views and to make sure that no-one is barking up the wrong tree.

We must be honest and say that we are only happy when  a letter referring to someone in office gets a polite and fair reply.  Cllr Peter Rees has just done this.

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