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07 February 2012
Empire closing

 Empire demolition not political - says councillor

Labour councillor Peter Rees has written in to reply to a reader who inferred that the Empire saga was a political issue. Cllr.Rees said that what Plaid Cymru had in mind was not feasible because of the cost involved.

Cllr. Rees added that the forthcoming opening of the Gwyn Hall would cater for the entertainment needs of residents.

Another independent view of the situation is mentioned in our menu Vision for the Empire.   This report was criticised by Plaid Cymru councilior Tony Wyn-Jones who thought that Neath had enough of flats and that a community centre for the elderly was more beneficial for residents.

The outcome is that the Empire will be demolished towards the end of March and the height will not be used to advantage, as it was with the Windsor cinema - instead the replacement will appear as a row of houses to match those lower down the Rope Walk.

Views from residents and other councillors are most welcome because when the Empire is gone, it is gone forever.

The Neath Empire has its own website which looks back at 83 years of entertainment: www.empirecinemaneath.tk

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