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05 February 2012
Dog bag UPDATE

 Plastic Bags and Dog Poop!


Cllr. Janice Dudley confirms that since shops have stopped giving free plastic bags with goods, dog owners are finding it difficult to pick up their dog droppings because of the lack of suitable bags.   However, the good news is that Cllr. Dudley reports that suitable bags are available at the service desk at Neath Civic Centre.

Cllr Dudley says she is looking into the possiblity of making the bags available at other sources.

Dog owners are warned that a purge on drop droppings will take place over the coming weeks.    It seems that the council are determined to make an example with a thoughtless dog owner.  Make sure that it is not you!

Ed Note....  A reader has written in with a good way to deal with dog poop.   It is about using the small bags supplied by the council for disposal of waste food.  The writer has humorously mentioned that dog poop can be said to be second hand dog food!!!!  See Reader's Letters page. 

Cllr. Janice Dudley says that 'green' bags are available from the council offices.   Cllr .Dudley also understands that a member of the public has just been fined for not dealing with his dog's droppings.


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