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17 January 2012

Neath's most outspoken councillor speaks out

Cllr Tony Wyn-Jones (left) writes in and speaks his mind in a true democratic manner.   In his letter on our readers letter page he writes about the car wreck that has been outside the Empire Neath for at least 3 years - the Google photograph below was taken when the Empire was open - it closed in September 2009.

It is a wonder the Sun newspaper has not got a hold of this story for their readers.   The sight is an absolute disgrace to the council because the car is now in a far worse state after lying there to rot for all these years in full sight of the public - including visitors to the area.

As far as the Empire building is concerned, it is another story for the red top newpapers.   It seems that council procedure is being by-passed.   Who has given the current freeholders permission to proceed with a development to turn the building into flats?   Was there a nod and a wink from someone in authority?

We want more councillors like Tony Wyn-Jones to highlight these matters before Neath Council becomes a bigger laughing stock than they already are after the building of 'White's Folly' at Waunceirch.

Remember that this is the council that gave an ASBO to resident Linda Ware (right) for growing tomato plants in the foyer of her council flat - as reported on the front page of the Sun Newspaper.   Now we have a case of the council ignoring an issue on a public sidewalk for over three years!

Will the Sun newapaper follow up this story - we must wait and see!

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