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11 January 2012
Report from Dyffryn Clydach

No sooner than we make a point about how keen Plaid Cymru councillors are, than a report port comes through from our reporter at Dyffryn Clydach to prove the point.   It is a report on the recent Christmas Festivities.   Let's hope that this report will encourage other sections of the community run by other parties to tell us how their feastive season went. Let us see who else is proud of their community.

The Report from Dyffryn Clydach....

There was a very successful Christmas party on 3rd December 2011 with Father Christmas made an appearance, giving a present given to every child who turned up, all free of charge.This party was open to every child in the area.

 On 15th December there was a carol service with the Salvation Army and their choir, which was very well attended by the Community. Mulled wine, tea, coffee and mince pies were freely available. Top stalwarts were awarded a framed certificate as citizens of the year within the community for their stirling work over many years.  Councillor Martyn Peters, Chairman of the Council presented Marie Thomas and Marlene Smith with their community awards.

On 7th January an older persons buffet was provided with wine, tea and coffee and a sumptuous feast was had by all. Entertainment was also provided at this very successful event. Dyffryn Clydach precept has now been set and the precept has been frozen for the fourth consecutive year to the benefit of the people who pay council tax.

All Council members have worked very hard over the last four years to provide increased services and still to hold the precept at its 2008 level. This area shows what a Community Council who works on behalf of, and with, its constituents can achieve.   It goes without saying that Council Chairman Martyn Peters is very proud of the achievements of the council and looks ahead with great enthusiasm to the New Year.

Ed Note.   Cllr Janice Dudley reports on Christmas activities on her own websitewww.janicedudley.co.uk  under the heading of COMMUNITY SPIRIT.

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