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11 January 2012
We want to know why?


Wanted - Views and Comments

 The editorial team is concerned that it appears that we are only getting comments and feedback from Plaid Cymru councillors.   We must of course exclude the comments sent to the Bryncoch South website - see link below.

The foregoing is mentioned because we DO NOT want to be linked with any one political party.  Residents want balanced reporting of a non-political nature - and this is what we aim to do.

At the moment, it appears that Plaid Cymru councillors are more keen to show what they are doing for the community - you only have to read our READERS LETTERS page to see what we mean.

Views from councillors on the Neath Empire building are welcomed.   It has been alleged that Labour councillors are afraid to speak out.   In the interests of democracy we sincerely hope that this is not true.  We sincerely welcome comments from ALL councillors.  We must wait and see if they want to take advantage of one of Neath's most widely read websites.

www.bryncochsouth.co.uk   for more news.

PS..... A letter from a reader explains how some councillors can-not speak to the media on privileged matters.   This point of course applies to members of all political parties and does not justify any apparent gap in our reporting.

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