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03 January 2012
Negative campaigning

Should we say something?

When political party newsletters are sent to us, should we ignore them or make a comment - or just let residents form their own opinion?

Negative campaigning where one party knocks another is something that makes us politically sick.     The same thing goes for making a statement that involves a fellow candidate, without prior approval from that candidate.

We think candidates for election to our council should lead by example.   Showing a poor example by a bad choice of words in a newsletter or leaflet could be detrimental to their cause.   Often a candidate that writes, or speaks, inappropriately can be described as a loose cannon to his/her colleages and the party represented.

We will let our readers give their own views - IF they don't think they are wasting their time.

Have said that, we cannot help wondering why a certain councillor's website address was left off a newsletter by the party who published it?    Was the website considered not political enough?   Was it considered too caring from a personal aspect?  Or did it show up the other candidate who has not got a similar website?   We simply do not know the answers -  but feel others would.

To date, two candidates for Bryncoch South have got websites and both are clean and fair.   Maybe the forthcoming coming election will be based on the content of websites, as a forum with all candidates may be a non-starter.

Note that so far we have mentioned no political party or candidate by name - but below are two websites from two contestants of opposing parties.   We suggest you look at them and form your own opinion as to which one (the person - not the party) you would like to represent you - because in the end we think that it is the person that counts.
Janice Dudley

Matthew Conde

Note that we will continue to mention ALL candidate websites in a balanced way as long as they remain fair with an objective - we can't be fairer than that!

PS.... One point to consider, campaigning too early will turn everyone one off - and that would be a pity!

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