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24 December 2011

Could something like this happen at the Neath Empire? 

This inspirational video has been put on for Christmas and to show how someone has overcome a handicap. The power of music and faith can work wonders and this video will hopefully send out a message for the future. 

"Billy Alexander was born with a birth defect on both hands & feet. Many surgeries, 8 years of professional organ lessons..." and here he is above.

Or maybe this? 

Do you know that there are a bunch of enthusiasts here in the UK who are prepared to install an organ, similar to the one at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, just for the love of doing it? Also, that there are ex-theatre organs in storage - just waiting for a venue like the Empire Neath?

Or maybe both - and much more?

Let us hope that the year 2012 will be one the citizens of Neath will always remember.    The elections for local councillors take place on 3rd May 2012,    If you meet a candidate before then, ask his/her thoughts about the future of the Empire.   The answer may influence your vote and you may know if you will be getting a councillor that cares for the community.

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