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20 December 2011
Interest in Empire Neath

Readers' are taking notice of young Labour interest

Letters on our readers letters page reflect the developing interest in the Empire Cinema building after a planning application to demolish it.   The planning application to build 12 social housing flats has suddenly focused everyone's attention on something that has been dormant for two years.

Whatever the future of the building, it should be used to benefit the residents of Neath as a whole.   It needs someone with vision and foresight (and dare we say Christian feeling) to ensure that the needs of others are catered for.

Neath has an ageing population that needs care and attention - maybe this fact that should not be overlooked for a building in a prime location.

FOOTNOTE   Some councillors (of all political parties) are strangely silent about the Empire building and its future.   Residents who elected them expect them to be more than a rubber stamp for the unelected council officials who often think they know best.   These officials are paid servants of the elected councillors - and it is for the councillors to lay down the policy for the officers to follow - and not the other way around.

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