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08 December 2011

Candidate claims this website is pro-Plaid Cymru?

A prospective NPT Labour councillor candidate claims (in a very polite way) that this website is pro-Plaid Cymru.   It may appear that way because only Plaid Cymru councillors are taking an active interest in this website and what it does for the community.  A typical community report appears below where Cllr. Janice Dudley writes about the Duffyn pond.

Plaid Cymru councillors (at least the majority of them) believe in feedback and communication with a website that claims to have more readers than any one newspaper covering the area.

We would be more than delighted to highlight news from any councillor of any party - it is simply that we don't hear from them.

Maybe they wish to be reserved and independent to this form of media.   We feel the choice is theirs - but they should not consider us biased if they want to keep their distance.

In reality we want to put the community before ANY political party.

FOOTNOTE   We have on record that some community councillors were banned from talking to the press some years ago.   We not suggesting that this is the case here - but the freedom to speak freely (and sensibly) should be cherished.

PS  We would love to have views from councillors about the possibility of demolishing the Neath Empire Cinema-Bingo Hall (see item below) and if they think it would be be more worthwhile to use it as a much needed community / youth centre?
Councillors supporting this view would sure to be elected or re-elected in the forthcoming council elections.

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