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05 December 2011

Look Out!   There is a fraud about ... 1

Please note E-mails are being circulated at present regarding tax rebates and are quite convincing.

Please do not open the attachment and delete the e-mail as bogus.

Always remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!


There has been an increase in a fraud type whereby the over-60s have been persuaded to part with their bank card and PIN number.

The victims are “cold-called” by someone pretending to be from their bank and informed that their bank card is no longer working, is out of date or has been subject of a suspicious transaction.  Victims are informed that someone will be in touch and will arrange to exchange their inoperable card for a new one.  On occasion, the PIN is obtained at this stage, either by the suspect asking the victim to tell them it, or by the suspect asking the victim to use their telephone keypad to input their PIN.

If you receive a call from someone stating that they work for your bank and want to tell you that your card is inoperable, never give any details. Politely ask them for their name and the department they work in, then end the call.  Following this, contact your card issuer and tell them about the phone call.

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