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16 November 2011
Police & Watch Updates

Police and Watch  - News and Updates

We intend to give more priority to security matters and have made a new page for Police & Watch updates.

The latest news is that elderly residents are being targeted by crooks and this will be featured on TV.

Email scam on TAX REBATES
Readers are advised not to open a very convincing email advising about a tax rebate.  This ia a scam that could lead to problems.

There is also a warning about bogus callers who say that they are from your Bank and that there is a problem with your credit or bank card.   Readers are advised that banks do not operate this way and all such callers should be reported to the police.
More details

PACT Meeting Report -14th November.
Concern was expressed about the opening times at Neath Police Station.  The police present that the reporting of crime scould be done on telephone No.101

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