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27 September 2011
NPT XS Radio

Updated with more info. 

XS Community Broadcasting UNABLE to help older age group

Says Head of Presentation

In response to our follow up to community radio coverage for the town of Neath, Sam Vaughan, the Head of Presentation at the Port Talbot based XS broadcasting station writes: 

'Unfortunately we are unable to help you out with your request about catering for the older generation. Our licence agreement with Ofcom regarding XS across Neath and Port Talbot is to serve the target age group of 11-25.'

The licence issued to XS Broadcasting by OFCOM expires on the 19th April 2012.

What Sam Vaughan says must be considered with the general structure of radio broadcasting as it is today.  Here in the UK we are tending to following what has long been done in the USA, with progammes aimed at those with specific interests or types of music, like Country & Western, Jazz, Rock, Classic and even religion.

Therefore an age group can be considered another classification.   What concerns Neath residents is that there is no community radio suitable for the older age group, say the over 50's - including those confined to home.

We understand that OFCOM is being presented with this view in the hope that the matter can be considered. 

Remember, if it is said that an older age group would not attract advertisers, it should be considered that many retire with large lump sums and go on holidays more that any other section of the population.   Therefore they have more money to spend, often with no mortgage payments to worry about.

OFCOM's website 

EXCESS VIEW?  We like what appears on the XS website but it seems rather inflated in view of what we have been told.
Read and judge for yourself  together with a statement from the station's Technical Director who attempts to clarify the situation.

What we are looking at.....

Our researchers are looking into:

  • Commercial community radio stations and the audiences they target.
  • The number of radio stations that target their audiences by age.
  • The number of radio stations that target their audiences by special interests, including catagories of music - Jazz, Rock, Classical etc
  • Music programmes streamed on the internet - including the music content.
  • The effect of certain types music on youngsters - eg: Does aggressive music lead to aggressive behaviour - and if this is linked to radio stations?

A preliminary report has been posted in the Menu - this deals with the radio coverage in Neath.

We are aware that with the introduction of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) the number of radio stations in the UK is likely to increase.

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