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11 September 2011
Reader writes about EP

BEG representative disappointed with Evening Post Report

It is not surprising!  Other readers have said elsewhere on this website that this newspaper is biased towards the NPT Council.

Lynne John of BEG writes-  "I sent a write up of what's happened in the woodland to the Evening Post and now feel totally let down by what they have written in tonight's copy. (9.9.11)

I now realise your website is right in what is said about the E P not printing anything controversial aout NPT Council.
I have been totally naive in contacting them in the past.
I don't want to fall out with local residents, whether they have had decking erected or not. The blame for this situation lies totally with NPT Council."
Editorial comment.  Perhaps it should be made clear that Lynne John was blaming the NPT for their incompetence with Tree Preservation Orders and not the residents as inferred in the Evening Post report.  BEG works closely with residents as it in their interests to do so - but they have no authority.
Towns and cities have traffic wardens to keep a sense of law and order, with the power to fine offending motorists.  If woodlands had official wardens, with a similar punch, problems like this could be avoided.
Read the report that Lynne John sent to the Evening Post - then form your own opinion after you have seen the photographs.
What BEG actually told the Evening Post
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