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04 September 2011
Woods Eyesore

First Hand Report from
Bryncoch Environment Group (BEG) 

The Evening Post will not print this because it will embarrass NPT Council's officials - perhaps a TV producer should see it !   Viewers will not believe this man made mess.

Here are some details of what's happened in the woods. It is such a shame to see such devastation in a beautiful woodland in Waunceirch, which boasts some magnificant ancient trees.  

If you go down to the woods today, be sure of a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today, you won't believe your eyes. 
Red telephone box, decking, floodlights, hot tubs! Felled trees, mini diggers and bare earth banks.
Enough to scare any self respecting teddy bear to abandon his picnic basket and run a mile or two.
In October 2010, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council revoked the Tree Preservation Orders on all the trees in Waunceirch.  Many local people wrote letters to the Council to convey their concerns about this matter.  After a survey of the trees had been carried out by NPT Council, a new order was put in place which protected far fewer trees than before.  This new order was confirmed on March 31st 2011.
The trees in the woods behind the houses in Dyffryn Woods should have had their protection reinstated at the same time as other areas in Waunceirch, but for some unknown reason, this protection was not put in place.  Neath Port Talbot Council ommitted to issue a new order to the residents of Dyffryn Woods.
As a result, some of the residents took advantage of this situation and decided to employ tree felling companies to cut down the trees growing behind their properties so that they could erect huge decking platforms which jut out into the woods, spoiling a beautiful woodland walk.
Yet another blunder by Neath Port Talbot Council! 


The residents who own the properties with decking overhanging the woods, should be grateful to those who are also concerned for their safety.    There is a major fire risk involved and there is no access for a fire engine.   Residents are therefore advised to inform their home insurance company of the risk and be prepared for increased premiums.  A fire like the one pictured here is always a possibility - especially if vandals are let loose.

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