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09 August 2011
London Riots

A warning for our county councillors

With youngsters having nowhere to go, it leads to frustration. This have been proved in the recent city riots.  Showing care for residents and our younger generation means less frustration. 

Here in Neath-Port Talbot we have the answer - if only councillors would listen.   It is the buildings of the Empire Cinema Neath and the Plaza Cinema Port Talbot - both lying empty and both suitable for the youth of the area, when organised by responsible adults.

The time to act is NOW - we must look ahead and heed the warnings now taking place in London and some other cities.

Additional note   Youngsters must be taught to use their hands and to have a craft at their fingertips.   Not all youngsters are academically minded - but are skillful with their hands.  The buildings mentioned above could include craft centres in an environment that could be different to a school or college.
What we want are a few councillors with a vision for the future.

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