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02 August 2011

 BEG write to a newspaper to draw attention to an environmental problem


"I know I mentioned the woods being spoiled by litter but the whole litter issue since Tesco Express came to Waunceirch is a much bigger problem.
We filled 24 big council bags in just over an hour one morning in July.  The litter is everywhere.  It's in the drains, along pavements, in the kerbs, hedges, front gardens - everywhere you can imagine.  Some of the litter is from a food outlet adjacent to Tescos.  Bins are situated outside these premises but unfortunately, our youngsters don't seem to think twice about dropping their litter wherever they are when they finish eating or drinking what they have bought.  Another worrying issue is the amount of empty alcohol bottles and cans that we find.  There is a big problem with youngsters drinking on the streets of Waunceirch and the neighbouring streets of Bryncoch.
If the Bryncoch Environment Group didn't pick it up, we would be knee deep in litter.
Our members are getting rather frustrated by the huge problem of litter 
When the Group was formed more than 5 years ago it was our aim to clear areas such as woodland, where NPT Council employees do not litter pick.  Now we spend all our time cleaning up in the area around Tescos store.
We are all feeling that our Group is being taken for granted and I think it is only a matter of time before our members decide they are not going to carry out this voluntary work."

Will those in authority take notice? We will wait and see.
Remember that a report on a newspaper is only for one day - but it remains on this website much longer to ensure that notice is taken by those who are supposed to care.

Is the local authority taking unfair advantage of the Bryncoch Environment Group?  Are they going to spoil a good thing?   We must wait and see.


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