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26 July 2011
Clerk should give answers

Community Council Clerk requested to attend PACT meetings

So many questions remained unanswered at the well attended PACT meeting at the Owain Glyndwr Wauncerich Community Centre on 25th July, that it was suggested that the clerk of Blaenhoddan Community Council be requested to attend future PACT meetings.

The request makes sense as it has been stated in the past, by the clerk, that all official responses should come from her.  In the event of her not accepting the invitation to attend PACT meetings it was declared that someone should represent the clerk and report back to her on the proceedings.

In the past some councillors have been repremanded for speaking about council matters.  With this in mind the clerk attending future PACT meetings will ensure that the correct answers are given to questions.  One resident said it was only fair that the clerk should be present in order to speak for herself. 

The Police who were present stated that that an invitation for the clerk to attend the next PACT meeting would be sent out.

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