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27 May 2011
Is this correct?

Can this be true?
It's Parking Mad! --- If correct.

We have written to a number of councillors to verify the report below.   We cannot believe that the administrators working on the council can be so stupid!   We will let you know what the councillors say. 

"I have been informed by some NPT Home  Employees, who transferred over from the council, that the council have taken away their Permits for Parking in Neath Town Centre, so when these employees are visiting the older people in the flats in Neath, to do repairs to these dwellings, they have to park away from the locations or be given Parking Tickets by over vigorous Parking Wardens. This makes their jobs ten times harder, surely Neath and Port Talbot council should have thought of this before transferring over these buildings to the new organisation?"

NOTE  We have also asked councillors to find out the number of traffic wardens on the streets and the number of police officers on the streets at the same time.  

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