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26 April 2011
Trouble granted?

 Alcohol Licence Granted

The owners of the Papaya Indian restaurant at Waunceirch, due to open in May/June, have been granted an alcohol license for their premises that will cater for up to 64 seated customers.

Mr M Ali & Partners said they had visions of an up-market restaurant in an out of town area where couples could have a romantic meal in comfortable surroundings.  A glass of wine costing £3 and a bottle of beer costing more would only attract responsible customers, they said.

Concern was raised at the Licensing Committee by Councillors Janice Dudley and Tony Wyn-Jones (the only councillors to question the application) about the way alcohol may be served - especially with the bar being so near to the door.

Both councillors were not allowed to express their concern over parking and the possible congestion on the main road, because it was not a matter for that particular committee.

The area is already known for youngsters congregating in the evenings and the new restaurant may make matters worse.

Gangs of youngsters in the area could deter customers visiting the new restaurant - especially the older age group who feel intimidated by their presence.

We feel our community should be more concerned in providing facilities for youngsters where they can have a soft drink or a cup of coffee - it would appear that they have no place to go in the evenings.

Residents will be asked to monitor the area in an attempt to evaluate the effects of the restaurant.    It would appear that the local authority planning officials have little vision for the future and catering for the younger generation.

Why is the Bar so close to the door?

We don't know the answer.   When our representative asked the councillors present about this, said it was a Planning matter.  Maybe the position of the bar will give the wrong signals and encourage casual drinking to those not having a meal? Councillor Tony Wyn-Jones said all drinks should be sold in glasses which should not be taken off the premises.

NOTE   Do you know that the rent for the shops at Waunceirch is said to £15,000 per year - that is before council tax, water rates and electricity charges?   No wonder some shops have been empty for over two years!   No wonder why the council approved change of use for one of the premises to be an Indian food shop - much to distress of an existing shop owner who says he has been let down.


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