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19 March 2011
Developer Ignoring Planning Dept?

Why is a developer ignoring planning officials?

It would appear that Waterstone developers, the firm building the Waunceirch eye sore, are ignoring NPT CBC planning officials and the instruction to move back a building under construction from a bend on a road which has a bus route and a junior primary school with parking congestion at peak times.

Waterstone are on record for having what seems a long history of deceit and bending rules.   Here are some of the things they have done to date:

  • Putting up 'For Sale' signs before planning planning permission was given for the ground to be built on.
  • The "For Sale' signs themselves were put up without planning permission, which was applied for on a retrospective basis.
  • Not consulting planning officials before commencing building on certain plots.
  • Screening off part the site where houses subject to controversy are being built - not for the public to see what is going on, until it is too late for action.

Why act in such an underhanded way? It is thought that the first two points were done to limit objections to the development - giving the impression that the plans were signed sealed and delivered.   The other points are based on deceitful building practice.

Now it seems the house on the bend are going ahead on the basis (and gamble) that NPT CBC have not got the guts to enforce their own rules.

What NPT CBC and the developers don't know is that there is a group of residents just waiting to see what is going to happen - and to take the matter to a very high level beyond the local authority.   Will NPT CBC and the developers be brought into disrepute?   We must wait and see the determination of those who are very much aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

In the meantime two county councillors, who cover the area, have been made aware of how residents feel on this matter.

Read more about Waterstone and the man behind it on Our BIG Question page

Will money talk?   Waterstone is part of the Jehu Group of companies who (laughingly) boast of 75 years of building excellence.  They have their own website:

Photographic proof of our allegations appear on the following website:-

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