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08 March 2011
Tenant Feedback

What a welcome!

Shock those who voted YES to council home tansfer

We love getting feedback from residents, like the item below.   Our aim is to make this website interactive so that in the long term we can improve our community.

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 Letter posted today on the news item on the SWEP web site re the transfer of council houses in NPT to NPTHomes :-
"Well I agree with the last comment, what wonderful news. As a long standing council tenant, who pays full rent, I was thrilled this morning to get my first letter from my new landlord. What a bright start to the relationship. Did it welcome me to the fold? Did it give me any telephone numbers for repairs? Did it reassure me that I would be a welcome member of the new charitable Industrial and Provident Society named NPT Homes? Sadly no. It was such a shame that they could not even put my name on the envelope but I am now Tenant only and my first letter contained, surprise, surprise, a huge rent rise. In these times of austerity for all, no jobs, everything including my wages frozen, petrol rising up and up, making it nigh well impossible to afford to get to work, I get the biggest single rent rise I have ever had in one go from NPTHomes who do not even know my name. Lets hope all those who voted Yes are enjoying their welcome letters this morning. I expected mine, did they expect theirs? What a way to treat people!"

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