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01 March 2011
Cllr Tony Wyn-Jones annoyed

Councillor Shot Down In Flames

Meals at new cafe to cost over £75 ?

Plaid Cymru County Councillor, Tony Wyn-Jones, says he was shot down in flames by Labour councillors over what is a matter of plain common sense.

It appears that Labour councillors would not accept the obvious problems arising from a pending foreign food cafe opening adjacent to the Tesco Express Store at the new Waunceirch shopping complex.

Currently there is a limited waiting period of 20 minutes in the car park with a penality of £75 for an overstay.   Cllr. Wyn-Jones claims that no-one could order a meal and eat it within 20 minutes and without incurring the cost of the penalty. 

The over-flow parking problems, which are sure to occur, could also effect the access road - a bus route road with dangerous road humps that have already caused near accidents.

The matter is all the more serious because the owners of the cafe have applied for an alcohol licence.

The matter could backfire on agreeing Labour councillors when residents apply for a reduction in their council tax because they consider the area will be degraded with anti-social behaviour by visitors from outside the area.

Cllr. Wyn-Jones said it was NOT a political issue - but just a matter of basic common sense relating to an area that he lives in.

Ed Note.  Cllr. Tony Wyn-Jones was previouly reported as saying the A3 classified premises would open over his dead body.   We are wondering if some Labour councillors are taking bets on this?    Seriously, this is a matter that residents are concerned about.

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