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13 February 2011
Inside Information

Concern of an Employee

The following report speaks for itself.   Information like this should be made public in an open and democratic society.  We publish it in good faith and, as always, are prepared to print any statement from an official source to explain or clarify the situation:-
"As an employee of NPTCBC and a UNION rep on the housing section I am deeply concerned with issues regarding The Council Housing Stock Transfer and the renegade approach being taken by the new management. The proposed Transfer date was Monday 14th February which has now been apparently delayed a week at the grace of WAG following the most bizarre week of events. On Wednesday all 366 employees (who transferred) were issued with new uniforms and all vans over 2008 were rebranded with the new NPThomes logo. On Friday we were all told that we cannot now take out the vehicles or use the new clothing on the 14th as there was a bitter dispute with the council and NPT homes over service agreements regarding vehicles, fuel, insurance, office accom, heating just to name a few. Considering the Council has spent £6.7m on this transfer and NPT homes has a £500k+ designate to its vast newly appointed upper management and also had nearly 3 years to get this running this more than states my concern for staff and tenants and the future of NPThomes."
We question, like many others, where the money is coming from to fund this operation.   The answer of course is rather obvious.   What worries residents is that all this being done at the expense of more essential services.
See “The BIG Question” (Menu) which looks further into this issue – including the alleged salary of £102,000 of the relevant Chief Executive. 

Please Note that we copy and paste reports, which means they are published as written.   This is a partly an automated system with no editorial involvement.   All reports from external sources should be read with this in mind.

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