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07 February 2011
Council website

 What a difference a day makes!

Look at yesterday's report on the Blaenhonddan council's website and you will note that action has been taken by the council's administrator - it is only fair to report this and to give credit where due.



Notice the difference?  The little circle has gone - that means a residents message sent in to the website's guestbook  has been dealt with.   The mystery is that it has NOT appeared and we are wondering why?   Was it too critical of the council - or was it offensive?  It seems we will never know.

However, if you have written to Blaenhoddan Council and your letter has not been printed, we will print it here, providing it is sensible and not personally offensive to any person.

This website upholds democracy and an open policy where you can fairly criticise those who control and run our council.  We cannot be fairer than that!  We must say that we hope you will be constructive in your comments.

It should be remembered that residents cannot ask questions at council meetings - but they can write in to the council's website. We just hope their questions will be answered!

Editorial Note  We think that a more interactive means of communication is required on the Community Council, and indeed the County Borough Council, in this day and age - because there are now communication facilities that can provide it.

See our HOME page where we explain 'How it all works' and the possibilities for the community council having a website that will be even better for everyone.

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