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05 February 2011
Council Web Site

 Community Council Website

More updates pending?

We must give credit and say that an attempt has been made, at last, to update the Blaenhonddan Community Council website. Perhaps a step in the right direction?

However, we note that there are letters or comments waiting to be published - presumably from residents.  How do we know?  It is easy to tell - look at the top right hand corner where it says 'Log In' (which is only for administration***) and you will see a small circle.   This indicates letters waiting for attention.   The clerk of the council also gets notification by email when something needs attention.

When running as it should be, the website will be a valuable asset for the community and should save work for the clerk of the council.

FOOTNOTE   We hope that when you look at the council website, pictured above, that the little circle will have disappeared - which means that action has been taken.

Click on link to find out: www.blaenhonddan.co.uk

*** Councillors can 'Log In'  - if organised.  Just as matter of interest, the council's website can be arranged for councillor's to log-in and give their own reports.   The same facility allows our reporters to log in on this website - which is very much a team effort. 

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