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03 February 2011
Why did the Neath and PT Guardians disappear?

ITV Wales have got the ball rolling - will they take it a step further?

Why did the Neath and Port Talbot Guardians cease publication?

The more we look at the facts, the more puzzled we are.  It must surely be a case for investigate reporting - right up the street of the ITV Wales team - we think.

If done, we feel sure it would be a case of balanced reporting - as we have endeavoured to do with our limited resources.   Maybe a mole or two will come to the surface - because the truth always comes out in the end.   Perhaps ITV Wales will make it happen sooner rather than later.

Any prospective moles should be aware that we do not divulge our sources of information in the true spirit of investigative reporting.

See our MENU for our two reports on the matter.

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