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07 December 2010
The silent hard core


 Councillor Speaks Out

Unlike the silent hard core of councillors who read this website and say nothing, there is one councillor who is brave enough to speak out and express his own opinion on our Readers' Letters page.  We think he has the democratic right to do this.

Perhaps the hard core are afraid of being accused of bringing the council into disrepute.   The councillor who has written to us has not done this - he has just stated his political opinion, which is his democratic right.   He has also invited residents to speak to him about what has taken place in the council chambers - bearing in mind that the public can sit in the public gallery and hear it first hand.

If the hard core do not wish to respond to our readers' comments, they must be compared to the proverbial ostrich who buries its head when it sees danger.     Residents must therefore put their voting cross in the right place when the time comes in order to have councillors who react to public opinion.

It must be remembered that councillors are elected to represent residents (our readers) and should therefore be accountable to them.

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