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01 December 2010
A council that does not listen?

Councillor's Dead Body ---

Read what a county councillor has to say below.

Councillor Tony Wyn-Jones is on record as saying that any change of use for an empty shop at the Waunceirch shopping centre would happen over his dead body!

It has just been reported that the NPT CBC has now agreed to the change in classification to allow yet another take-away food shop.

The owner of Piper's Fish Bar, next door to the Tesco Express store, says he is disappointed with the decision because he leased his shop on the firm understanding that it would be the only one in the A3 classification.

It appears that no notice was taken of the petition that over 1,000 residents signed saying that they did not want to degrade the area with a foreign food take-away.

The question arises over legality of the issue in view of any agreement that may have been made when the Piper's Fish Bar signed their lease.

Cll.Tony Wyn Jones (picture left) has made his voice heard and he is unlikely to let the matter rest.   We feel sure that there is a question over the democracy side of the matter because of the  concern that the council are not listening to the residents they serve.

We would like your views on the matter on our reader' letter page. 

Please note that Cllr, Tony Wyn Jones has replied on our Readers Letter Page,     What we want to know is why the council at large has gone against the wishes of residents?

Is it because Labour councillors want to show that they are in control and are making it a political matter?   Is it a show of power?     Do political views and opinions override what is best for residents?   Again we say that in the end all political bigots will have their days numbered.    We will not allow memories to fade.   We will remind residents of what has been done - it is only fair and right that we should do this in the interests of democracy.  

If the political shoe was on the other political foot we would say the same thing.  As far as we are concerned - residents come first and certainly before political parties, who ever they may be.


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