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31 October 2010
Centre name should be non-political issue

 Is this photo sending out the wrong signals?


There is no doubt that their intentions are sincere, but those pictured in the above group photo could be sending the wrong signals to their political opponents.   The proposed change of name of the Owain Glyndwr Community Centre should not be a political matter - and it is wrong to make it appear that way.

The name SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED for the simple reason that it is established and residents have long accepted it as a name of distinction - apart from the fact that all users have the name on their posters and leaflets.  Besides, it would cost council-tax payers money and cause confusion.   

It should be nothing to do with politics - it is just a matter of plain common sense.

NOTE  We have yet to meet a resident who favours a name change.   See our readers letters that say that the name SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED.   


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