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About The Neath Ferret

The Neath Ferret was established in 2008 and is run by a group of Neath residents (including a former resident who has the town at heart)) with the aim of highlighting the needs of the community.

Included are two ex-councillors who are aware of how party politics work.   This website, however, puts party politics to one side with a balanced approach to issues of concern.

Readers are the reporters who can take advantage of free speech on the understanding they must be respectful to others.   Terms and conditions are given on the HOME page.

The right of reply is given to all letters sent in to the website and to any reports on the NEWS page.

Links to blogs are included in good faith and on the understanding that no responsibility is accepted for the content.

The Editorial team believe that they are providing a service to NPT councillors and the full time officials by highlighting the thoughts and concerns of residents - the grass roots of the community.   All this is done in good faith and should br accepted as such.


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