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Jef's posts
This year's wildfires in California have been devastating. But even as these fires and the drought that fuels them rage on, Nestlé continues to remove and bottle tens of millions of gallons of water from California’s San Bernardino National Forest. What's more, as firefighting budgets run dry, Nestlé takes this water for free.

This week, we expected to hear the results of a state investigation into Nestlé's shaky claim to this water. This ruling could make or break the company’s operations in the forest, and we were told it would be released days ago—but we’re still waiting...

The Water Board’s investigation would not have happened without the dogged dedication of local water defender Amanda Frye, as well as the Story of Stuff Community, which demanded1 earlier this year that Nestlé prove its water right. But until we hear the results of the investigation, we can’t rest.
think all those asking for two three pounds to keep that well open when this mammoth takes water and sells it back to you
Posted by jeffrey davies on 14 December 2017
Is he doing the right thing?
Whilst the decision of Carl Sargeant's son to put his name forward as the Labour candidate is understandable, I don't think it's a good idea. The Sargeant family must still be in the throes of working through its grief and making life changing decisions is not the best thing to do at such times. Jack Sargeant is 23 years old and a graduate engineer. He is local to the Alyn and Deeside seat. But surely it's almost inconceivable he would be picked as Labour candidate at this point in his life unless he had been incredibly active in local politics and community work up to now. There is no evidence this is the case. Choosing Jack would leave him and the Labour Party open to accusations that he was picked as he was his father's son. Nothing new here, of course. Just look who Aberavon got. But time to change the record, in my opinion, and I can't help feeling that in the longer term it would be best for the Sargeant family as well.
Posted by Stan on 13 December 2017
Thought for the day on recycling
Neath Port Talbot council have as we all are aware issued the following to house holders, Wheelie bins,
1 Hessian Bag for Cardboard, Hessian Bag for plastic and metal, plastic box for glass, plastic box for paper an green box for food waste.

Many pavements in the area are only approximately three foot wide; Tonna is an area which comes to mind with me. therefore my question is this, when all these are placed out on the pavement in the evening ready for collection the following morning, if a person should fall over any of these in the dark and injury themselves, who is liable?? The householder or the Council who “instruct” us to place them out on the pavements, because it is inevitable someone is in the future going have an accident possibly resulting in a serious injury.
Posted by John Calvin Lewis on 12 December 2017
That's a good question, John, one that has crossed my mind on more than one occasion. I'm not a lawyer but anyone claiming would have to prove negligence in my opinion. That means proving they were owed a legal duty of care, that duty was broken and they incurred damage as a result. The pavement is the council's. It is them that have the duty of care to keep that highway in a fit and proper condition, including not obstructed. They allow temporary obstruction, it seems, for bins to be collected. They expect bins to be put out after a certain time the evening before collection. Residents should remove the empty bins to a safe place as soon as is reasonable after collection. I would say if someone takes a tumble, first port of call would be to the council. You'd have a heck of a job winning a case in my opinion, though if you were blind it might be easier. I am not sure how a resident's house insurance policy would provide cover against a potential claim. Policies usually provide a third party liability cover but again, any accident would not be on the insured premises so I reckon your house insurers would say you are not covered for such events. An interesting hypothetical conundrum though.
Posted by Stan on 13 December 2017
If you look at the waste section of Neath Port Talbot website it will inform you that your recycling should be put out by 6 am on the day it is due to be picked up. So anyone putting out their rubbish the night before is in fact fly tipping and responsible should anyone fall over it.

Secondly, isn't it about time people started taking responsibility for the destruction all that packaging is causing.

Personally I feel the hessian sacks and solid boxes to be a good move. Enough plastic is going into landfill and into the sea without adding more every rubbish collection day.

It makes me wonder though, how people are being asked to clean up the oceans and rivers, but there is never any talk of stopping the production of plastic packaging.

It is also clothes made from polyester, which is plastic, that are causing major problems to wildlife yet no one talks about this either.

How selfish are we going to become?
Posted by Greta G on 13 December 2017
Interesting extract off RCT Council website.
Put your bins out for collection anytime between 7.00pm the night before and 7.00am on the morning of your normal collection day.
Place bins on the kerb side, ensuring where possible that bins do not obstruct walkways or drop kerb access points."

I reckon you are right there, Greta. The best way to reduce the plastic problem is to package our foods and goods in an environmentally friendly way, if they need so much packaging at all in many cases.

Posted by Stan on 14 December 2017

Please let me explain i at no time have stated that i am against recycling but surely you must agree that we the consumers are not the cause of the problem, the problem lies with the suppliers, manufacturers, and this and past governments failing to sort out the problem but of course any government who attempted to stop the production of plastics would be on a loser because of the people being put out of work, we did not have this problem of plastics when I was young

Allow me to make the following points You state that the recycling should be put out before 6am on the morning of collection, who on earth is going to get out of bed at 5-30 in the morning to carry this out

As far as the hessian sacks are bags are concerned yes they are a good idea as long as the house holder lives in a detached, or semi detached house but for the majority of people who live in terrace houses the thought of dragging soaking wet hessian bags through ones kitchen, living room, and hall to place on the pavement is inconceivable and unhealthy

I have on many occasions i criticised the council for is the huge amount of our money wasted each time they have changed the system over, in the past years it must run into the millions of pounds, it makes one wonder do they have shares in these companies.

I have friends who live in the Warwickshire area, here they have one bin for general rubbish another for reachable items which when taken away is sorted out by the council thereby creating employment i agree totally with you this world is being destroyed through selfishness and companies who are only interested in making money
Posted by John Calvin Lewis on 14 December 2017
Taxed to death
"Nothing is certain except death and taxes". An old adage but how true is that these days?

We were chatting tonight about how much we as individuals pay and in what areas and it's really quite incredible. Income Tax, National Insurance, Council Tax, VAT - on goods and services, including on our massive energy bills, Insurance Premium Tax when we want to insure ourselves or our possessions. Tax if you buy a new car (VED) then tax you on an annual basis to keep it on the road - plus your annual MoT. Landfill Tax if you want to dump stuff over a certain amount. Stamp Duty (Land Transaction Charges) when we sell our house, plus Land Registry fees. Capital Gains Tax if we have made a few bob on assets. Air passenger duty if we try and fly away to get a break from being taxed. Probate charges for someone to administer our estate when we snuff it. Currently our funeral packages are actually zero-rated but for how much longer? A headstone after the event will have VAT applied. Then Inheritance Tax if you have enough to leave your kin after the money-grabbing government have fleeced you all of your life. Tax, tax, tax - the long suffering squeezed middle. Earn megabucks or be outside PAYE you may have chance to avoid some of it. Be poor and you'll avoid a lot of it too. Otherwise you'd best suck it up while they squeeze every penny out of you.

Posted by Stan on 11 December 2017
Concern about the NHS
A few months ago, at 10am I suffered a mini stroke in the front room, having had a mechanical mitral heart valve replacement 9 years ago, my wife tried to get in touch with the local surgery in Neath which took 20 mins + to get through, eventually she spoke to the receptionist, my wife explained that I had a mini stroke, and no sight in both eyes and he has a mechanical heart valve only to be told the doctors are very busy, but he can see the practise nurse at 4.30
I did not want to get an ambulance as I am a very independent person who gets on with life,
And have had enough of hospitals,
She rang Boots in Neath and when I walked in with a walking stick swaying like someone on drugs
The optician saw me within 3 mins and told me that I was in a bad way,
He tested my eyes which he found pretty good for my age at 74 (I do wear specs for reading)
That I did have a mini stroke, and there was as a clot in one of the arteries leading to the brain,
He wrote to Singleton hospital right away and told my wife he was posting it off pronto
7 weeks passed—nothing, my wife went into Boots, they were shocked, they rang Singleton-- no they had received nothing, he then faxed them, they rang back to say they had received the report,
I was seen within 2 weeks after that, my appointment was for 10am I left at 5.30 yes, I did have a stroke, the following afternoon I had to attend a brain scan in Morriston, the consultant was fantastic and sympathetic a young chap but very approachable
He found that because I have a mechanical heart valve the edges are ribbed unlike a normal heart valve which is smooth, and the blood clot could not pass,
He prescribed yet another tablet that I take in the morning along with the many I already take,
Thankfully I am still with the living and intend to for many years to come.
As for this system we have today something drastic has to be done before they have a death on their hands.
I am a private person who keeps these sorts of things to myself, but this episode should be told and thankfully my sight has returned but still have no feeling in my right side of the head.
Mike Davies Cadoxton Neath
Posted by Mike Davies on 11 December 2017
Mike. Firstly I am really glad you are still here, not just for you and your family and friends, but also to tell us about how bad things have got with regard to the NHS. But I'm going to be really critical of you here and I am sure you will have heard this off others. You and your wife both seemed to be aware you'd had a mini-stroke and you were showing quite severe symptoms, thankfully your eyesight now returned. No way should you have messed around with a GP. No matter what aversion you have to hospitals, that was the proper place for you. In my opinion you should have called 999 or whatever it is these days and at the very least a paramedic should have called to you urgently. Please don't do this again if you suffer a recurrence - get to the hospital ASAP. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do so - and no-one else takes decent weather photos either. Here endeth the lesson.......

Mike and John's stories are a worry for us all though. Neither got the service that patients are entitled to expect, and the GP response to Mike's predicament might even be professionally negligent IMO. Let's take politics out of the NHS and those election time arguments of England NHS v Wales NHS. The fact is it's falling down across the board. I too remember the days of cottage hospitals, local facilities, more district nurses, decent Home Help as they called one service, doctors who would make housecalls - even at night. We are throwing money at the system, far more than in those days, and yet the perception is that we are more poorly served. What's the answer, folks?
Posted by Stan on 11 December 2017
firstly rid our selfs of these parasites whose only goal is the sell off of our once proud nhs they taking it so far down the private road its only got them to say nhs failed we better go private has for mike d hes like me stay away from hospitals its a crime whot they doing under the covers just look at branson pickles no silly not them but that famous self made one whose only goal is to get has many nhs services under his belt so that he can sell them of thus making him a really tidy profit whots left is a skeleton of whot it was
Posted by jeffrey davies on 12 December 2017
We need to be careful whoever is in charge doesn't start to prune a very expensive part of the NHS and that's caring for us old gits.

The average 85 year old costs the NHS 5 times what a thirty year old costs. And it's no good us saying we've paid in all our lives. That money was used to keep the NHS going when we paid it, not set aside for our dotage.
Posted by Stan on 12 December 2017
I Like everybody else want to preserve the NHS and do not want it privatised,But While everybody labour especially are calling for more money to be put in the NHS, I would like a top notch independent accountant to go through the staffing at the managerial end and the buying end within the NHS and also the shortage of beds situation. to me this does not make any sense they keep saying they have to put off operations because of the bed blockers yet they closed the cimla hospital and turned into offices does that make any sense?
Posted by trevor on 12 December 2017
A worse case was when a student fell down outside steps at Cardiff Unversity and broke her ankle.
She was on the floor for FIVE hours in the open air waiting for an ambulance which never arrived.
In the end fellow students put her in a car and drove her to the Cardiff A&E.
Posted by Jilly on 13 December 2017
An old woman fell on the badly maintained pavements in my street. It was dusk and our street lighting is poor in this area. Her finger was broken so badly it was bent at almost 45 degrees from straight. Her head was split open and bleeding quite badly and she was in quite a state as you can imagine. Poor dab didn't know where she was. We dialled 999 and it took over an hour for a paramedic to come, followed eventually by an ambulance. We were told not to move her, so she lay on a cold pavement all that time. We provided blankets and water and compresses for the head wound and tried to keep her calm. She had emergency surgery on her hand, head wound stitched and made a full recovery. Despite the pavement being in an appalling state and the fall witnessed by my husband, the council denied any liability and as far as I know that was the end of the matter. To this day the pavement remains like a badly maintained farmtrack.
Posted by Mrs Suttree on 13 December 2017
news not shown on our tv

Jeremy Corbyn was awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize along with Noam Chomsky and Japanese anti-military base activists, yet the award received no coverage in the British media. It was International Human Rights day today. Corbyn made an outstanding speech in Geneva, but the UK media unbelievably appear to have vetoed what ought to have been headline news.
So it's been left to independent journalists and writers like me to report this event.
Sean McBride Peace Prize awarded to Jeremy Corbyn for his relentless efforts for peace and against nuclear power
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 December 2017
Funny that. They reported on Martin McGuinness when his name was put forward and I don't think he even won it.
Posted by Stan on 11 December 2017
Jeffrey Davies
One must admire reader Jeffrey Davies for his contributions to this website in spite of the fact that he says he has dementia and some sort of dyslexia judging by his short posts.
What he copies and pastes to 'Jeff Posts' is word perfect - as it should be as it comes from outside sources. Here again Jeff must be commended for his search for what is often hidden news and comment.
It is a pity that his self written short posts are sometimes unreadable. It is a pity he does not write in 'Word' and use the grammar and spelling checker and then copy and paste to this page.
Jeff must again be praised for his use of the computer. Going a step further and using 'Word' would certainly benefit him.
I know that Jeff will appreciate these comments from someone who suffers from a mild form of word blindness when writing and is trying to be helpful.

PS.... Copying and pasting from 'Word' is a useful tip for others too.
Posted by Jake on 09 December 2017
there is the crux of the matter dementia doesn't will not will not do whot iv learnt today if I actually do is gone tomorrow has for what you say use hmmm if I could perhaps one day they some sort of cure but for now I'm at least surviving on a little pill that restores some normality for me and word isn't that part of micro office old bill wants to rent that to you
Posted by jeffrey davies on 10 December 2017
britain under the tories
This is the reality of the Tory policy on benefits that MPs like Wendy Morton simply refuse to face, and it’s easy to understand the reason.

If they actually admitted their policies were causing huge unnecessary misery to people who deserved peace in the last days of their lives, they would have to admit some rather uncomfortable facts about themselves.
And we know Tories can’t stand to face the facts.
A cancer patient died before he was able to appeal a DWP ruling that he was “fit to work”.
Phillip Balderson’s heartbroken family will now challenge that decision at a tribunal.
The 46-year-old had worked at a Lake District hotel, but was diagnosed with terminal oesophageal cancer in 2013.
He also struggled with psoriatic arthritis , anxiety, OCD and a number of mental health problems.

Despite his difficulties, the Department for Work and Pensions summoned him to a health assessment in February 2017 and ruled he was no longer eligible for Employment Support Allowance.
They told him he had to look for work.
Mr Balderson, originally from Burnley, Lancashire, began appealing the decision.
But sadly died on June 5 before he could see the process through.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 09 December 2017
Bloody disgusting. Anyone classed as terminally ill should not have to jump through any hoops at all for support from the State. Even the handbook that is the "bible" for advice for those who carry out assessments says "There is no requirement for terminally ill claimants to participate in any form of work-related activity." I should think so.

There are also other special considerations set out for the terminally ill and the Citizens Advice Bureau, Macmillan etc are all aware of these. Shocking that this so called safety net seemed to fail in the case of this poor chap.
Posted by Stan on 09 December 2017
but its happening every day this lot has turned the dwp jcp offices into cruel places never helping but penalising you has you look for work or want to sign on the sick the tory mantra its like that of that person who started the 2war they that bad people aint waking up to this they listen to tory lies but truth one day will come out with whot they done
Posted by jeffrey davies on 10 December 2017
NHS - Feedback - Breaking News
It is only right and fair for readers to know what is happening right now.

My wife fell at home last night and was unable to get up. I could not help because i just had a hernia operation. My wife pressed her lifetime button and this resulted in a telephone assessment. Following this, my wife was on the floor for four and an half hours waiting for the paramedics to arrive.
They said that the delay was because eleven ambulances were in a queue at the A & E unit at Morriston Hospital. The time was 4:00am.
Perhaps closing the A & E unit at the Port Talbot Baglan Moors Hospital was NOT a clever thing to do
Posted by John on 08 December 2017
I thought the paramedics provided a service by car as well but obviously not in this case? That's awful. Is there someone you can complain to? I hope your wife is OK after all this.
Posted by Brian S on 08 December 2017
The queues were reported on WalesOnline and it said exactly the same thing happened this time last year. You can probably write the headline for this time next year. I hope your wife is up and about now.
Posted by Mrs Suttree on 08 December 2017
That's terrible i totally agree with you should re -open full a&e in neath & port Talbot my son had on accident a couple of weeks ago and waited 6hrs in Morriston as neath was closed it's frightening.
Posted by colin on 08 December 2017
Politicians from both parties are to blame for the mess we have with A&E in all our hospitals, When Labour was in Government they gave the GP doctors a huge pay rise and no weekend work thus encouraging people to go to the hospitals A&E.
Posted by trevor on 10 December 2017
Many thanks to all those who have kindlly responded - now for the follow- up to complete the saga.
The following day my wife could not get out of bed, saying her back hurt, presumably after lying on the floor for over 4 hours waiting for help.
A doctor, district nurse a carer and someone from a respite home were in attendance (all on a SATURDAY morning) and my wife was taken to a nursing home - it was either that or a hospital A&E.
So in the end, when all the stops were pulled out, attention was received, for which I am grateful.
I know this is going to cost me money - but what matters is that my wife i(aged 83) is in good hands and being looked after.
Thanks again to all those who responded to my post. I thought it only right to make others aware of what is happening around them - after all, it could happen to any
PS.... The nursing attention will be free - it is the food and accommodation I have to pay for.
Posted by John on 10 December 2017
that should be free to one but todays bandits in power forget that they in power for all not the few leaving us to suffer and pay the bill I hope she recovers and that one hasn't to pay that price for her care
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 December 2017
A sad story indeed John but thankfully a happy ending
it is disgraceful these days, bring back the Annexes I can well remember if one had a big op in Neath a few weeks they would be transferred to the annex in lower Cimla
this is where the problem is they should have never been closed.
one can not blame the nursing staff or the doctors it is this Govt who is penny pinching and we are just numbers. not human beings who have worked all our lives and paid the NHS and our taxes.
Posted by Mike Davies on 11 December 2017
lastest figures out shows under the tories we dying younger read Jef's post they screwing us rotten
Posted by `jeffrey davies on 15 December 2017
proposed new car parking charges in NPT
Readers might like to note that NPT are consulting on new car parking charges throughout the council's area. At Gnoll Country Park, you can currently park for a daily charge of £2. They now propose that you pay £2.50 for up to 4 hours and £4 for the day. The season ticket for the Gnoll would rise from £40 to £52 - that's an increase of a staggering 30%. Everything is going up - basic charging in the car parks around town, and permits for residents' parking. The Devil is all in the detail - see NPT's website. And just you wait until you see next year's council tax bill.
Posted by Stan on 08 December 2017
I see they are proposing to bring Pontardawe into line with arrangements across the Council. You currently park for free in Pontardawe for the first hour. Then if I read it correctly, the first hour you pay for in Neath car parks rises from £1 to £1.50. How can these outrageous percentage increases be justified? This will just drive people away from the town centres into the supermarket and shopping malls where you don't pay a penny. The only people to park soon will be those for which there are no alternatives, and those so well off that it won't matter. So I expect our car parks soon will have just 10 cars in them - those of the Council's bloated Cabinet.
Posted by Stan on 08 December 2017
Disgusting I've heard about the new council tax bill also, and who voted on it and i think we all know it was labour the one's that enjoy their bollenger the crachach.
Posted by colin on 08 December 2017
It would appear that this council are determine to grab as much money as possible out of the public of Neath and destroy the town, just look at what to me is a vindictive move when at a cost of thousands of pounds they painted double yellow lines on both sides of the “road to nowhere” approximately a half mile of road i.e. the Millands road leading down to the site of the now closed “Metal Box” to prevent the parking which has gone on for years without any problems, there can only be one reason for this which is an attempt to force drivers into the adjacent car park.
Posted by John Calvin Lewis on 10 December 2017
Denis Healey denied saying "I want to squeeze the rich until the pips squeak.” This council of ours wants to do the same to all its residents. They'll blame austerity but long before it we were always stung for the biggest council tax and rises. Those double yellow lines John spoke about are a classic example of sheer spite and bloody-mindedness that people could park up for nothing, and walk a bit further into town. They won't stop there.
Posted by Stan on 10 December 2017
britain under the tories
This Writer has been meaning to look into this information, and how it ties in with other sources of information that condemn the way ESA is administered by the Conservative-run Department for Work and Pensions.

In the meantime, here’s the Disability News Service piece:
“Shocking” NHS statistics have revealed that almost half of the people claiming the main out-of-work disability benefit in England have attempted suicide at some point in their life.
The figures, showing rates of self-harm among claimants of employment and support allowance (ESA), were published by NHS Digital in September 2016, but have apparently never been reported by the media.
Although only one in 15 adults (6.7 per cent) in the general population had ever made a suicide attempt, that rose to 43.2 per cent for ESA claimants, and as high as 47.1 per cent for female ESA claimants.

They also show that two-thirds of ESA claimants (66 per cent) had thought of taking their own life at some point, compared to 20.6 per cent in the overall adult population.
The levels could now be even higher, because the survey was carried out three years ago, before a further series of social security cuts and reforms, including new cuts of nearly £30 a week to new claimants placed in the ESA work-related activity group that were implemented in April.
The report says the figures indicate that ESA claimants are “a population in great need of support”. vox political
Posted by jeffrey davies on 06 December 2017
Truly shocking statistics, Jeffrey but people need to be very careful indeed as to how they interpret them. If people had mental health issues sufficient for them to be unfit for work they would likely have ended up on that ESA. It's entirely possible many chronic sufferers will have thought of suicide, even attempted suicide, or self harmed in some way probably before they ever went onto the allowance. It's not being on ESA that necessarily has driven them to this. What I would say is that there is woefully insufficient support for the mentally ill under the NHS and patients are suffering and dying as a result. I never saw this epidemic when I was a younger man and it strikes me that something has gone completely haywire in our society that is causing this.
Posted by Stan on 06 December 2017
What they are putting young adults through is disgusting and they don't known which way to turn .some adults with disabilities they were born with them, i supported a young adult having a interview and it was heart broken he was finding it hard to get through a day and having to go for a interview was horrendous for him they really need to realise what they are doing topeople that have disabilities they just want to be normal (what ever normal is) very sad they should never have to go through all that and it does
Posted by Colin on 06 December 2017
Years ago if you had difficulties in school when you left there were apprenticeship , brick layers, carpenter, plumber, hairdressing etc not any more you now have to go to college there's a lot of theory instead of mostly practical that's what's gone wrong the last ten twelve years sad.?
Posted by Colin on 06 December 2017
stan when we were young we had a nhs that was great now under this lot they privitised so much of it its ready for them to say the nhs has failed you we go the American way get your insurance policies ready but remember this was all started when maggies gov invited Unum a big insurance company over to show them how to change our system even blair used them thuss allowing them to quietly change it that initself is a crime yet on it goes has for figures has stan been sleeping go that facebook find out how many died found fit to work under these criminals oh the figures are higher than whot they show but then has for mental health tonna is a fantastic place for treatment I should now I met a small lovely doctor who brought me back to some sanity by issuing me a small pill that helps your brian to work dementia doesn't take but prisons you
Posted by jeffrey davies on 07 December 2017
When we were young the UK was vastly different to what it is now, including our lifestyles. In 1970 there were 55.66 million people in the UK. Now there are 65.64 million. That's 10 million more people for the NHS to treat. Many of these are elderly. Life expectation in 1970 for a man was 68.7 years. It's now 77.8. Women it was 75, now it's 81.9. Back then people didn't use the NHS to have boob jobs. Varicose veins often went untreated. Was there much IVF treatment? Cancer patients died earlier, people were less overweight than now so less diseases to treat like Type 2 diabetes. How the NHS has managed to stay afloat is a miracle, for which we can thank in part the wonderful people who work in it. But the system cannot possibly go on as it is. I'm not advocating privatisation here. I'm just stating the obvious that with an increasing population, and it's predicted to rise sharply the next few decades, you will not solve its problems by constantly giving it more money (well you might alleviate them but they'll soon need more and more). I'm privileged to have seen the healthcare provided in several other countries, who use different models to our own. These seem to work equally as well, if not better.
Posted by Stan on 07 December 2017
Sorry, I should have used this statistic as a comparison.

If you think 10 million extra people to deal with isn't particularly a lot, well it's about the combined populations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. No wonder there's a waiting list and targets can't be met.
Posted by Stan on 07 December 2017
My mother says that when she was young in the 1970's there didn't seem to be many old people about and when you visited an old peoples home there were hardly any old men in them because they had all died off through hard work. Now the lounge is full of them though there are still more women in them.
Posted by Rob Davies on 07 December 2017
but they aint giving it more monies but their mates branson is one sucking on the teat of the nhs you listening to much to these gits in power who infact lets look at it another way we pay into a pot they don't they squirm if they loose a pound yet they steal monies from the pot we the peasants pay into and they give breaks to these companies who wont pay their taxes or the right wages then you state you seen it better other places yes the tories have starved the nhs of monies nurses and doctors ready for sale of the centuary Unum being one who want to sell you that policy which they would not pay out on just like good old America were they got banned ouch
Posted by jeffrey davies on 07 December 2017
Jeremy, in the last 60 years to 2015 our population increased by a massive 14.2 million (0.4% per year). But spending per capita on health increased by an average 4.1% over this period, so real spending per head has increased by 3.7% (IFS figures). Now this spend rate has slowed down since 2010 I grant you, but so has what we spend in other areas of public service - by considerably more.

Yes, it looks like the government are out to privatise more and more bits of the NHS, but if you look at the relative public/private spend in many other developed countries, we are neither the best nor the worst. Every country apportions the spend between the public and private sectors and I dare say as efficiencies have to be achieved will look towards what is the best bang for their buck. I have no love for Branson, I have no love for the Tories. I have no love for any of them come to that. But you have to accept, surely, that our care right now is as good, nay better, than 30 or 40 years ago? Lots of problems, true, but just look at those life expectancy stats I quoted earlier in this thread.
Posted by Stan on 07 December 2017
It's at breaking point now, Stan. No way will the system cope with the demands that will be put upon it as the population gets older. We shall all have to work until we drop and then they'll give you a pill and say thanks for that.
Posted by Billy W on 08 December 2017
I just read under this lot we the peasants are dying younger
Posted by jeffrey davies on 08 December 2017
Will we get a proper Brexit or will it be so watered down it will be like eating a full English with Linda McCartney sausages, battery hen eggs, Lidl's baked beans and no Black Pudding on your plate? I'm of a mind to say to the EU, that's it, we are not wasting our time negotiating any longer! Who would EVER join a club where the rules are so complicated, devious and punishing should you want to resign your membership that you wonder whether it's worth all the effort. It's worse than the Sunday Times Wine Club, FFS!

Just to rub salt in the wound you get people like old Derek Vaughan pumping out their delight on Twitter that the UK's negotiations are coming to nought. And that Orange guy (no, not Captain Beany) who once represented an area that clearly voted OUT, working his socks off (well that's a first!) to subvert the process and frustrate the democratic will of the people. Even Baroness Bollinger has seen fit to pontificate on it, retweeting DV's predictable utterances, and praising the Orange for a recent interview. Those on the Gravy Train want everything to stay the same. Can you blame them?
Posted by Stan on 05 December 2017
Who would have thought that Ireland would prove a stumbling-block to a smooth Brexit? Well, the late Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness and the former Taoiseach Enda Kenny did, months before Mrs May triggered Article 50 talks.
Posted by Frank Little on 06 December 2017
The fact the referendum was held without it seems anyone having the slightest clue what the full implications were proves we are ruled by idiots, right to the very top.

Whatever the outcome you can be sure the rich and privileged will continue to get richer and the rest of us will see our income and living standards plummet.
Posted by Nocturne on 06 December 2017
Who is going to rescue the country? The Tories have shown themselves incapable of running a chimps' teaparty, then waiting in the wings we have Old Man Steptoe. A decent,principled bloke but look what he will bring to the chimps' party with him. Then look at Wales. A First Minister on his way out or if he clings on has lost all respect. Leanne is too concerned with wimmin's ishoos to focus on reality, my God, RT Davies seems like a political Colossus in comparison to these. What a thought.
Posted by Stan on 06 December 2017
northen Ireland hmmm once the squardies watched these roads fields but border oh dear they walk from oneside to other without showing their passports but then they use any excuses to stop us getting out I wonder will we ever get that corner shop ham were it was left out on a marble work top while the shopkeeper picked it up without gloves and sliced you that quarter of ham might sound rough but by god was it delicious if ones leaving why oh why do we pay for it has we buy more of them than we sell but hay ho it looks like the tories want to stall us getting out
Posted by jeffrey davies on 07 December 2017
latest Tory wheeze
This piece of news was reported in the Bristol Post yesterday. Care UK, the private healthcare provider, which runs some services on behalf of the NHS in Emerson's Green in Bristol, was sending out material to GPs, including price lists of operations up to £9,000. The company was hoping to encourage them to get people to go private for a number of simple operations, so that they could jump NHS waiting lists. The paper noted that there was a long waiting time at Emerson's Green for operations.
This naturally outraged GPs and organisations dedicated to preserving our embattled NHS, and much of the article was comments from them attacking this latest attempt by private enterprise to run down the Health Service. Those defending the NHS and protesting against Care UK's actions made the point that this was very much part of the general 'direction of travel' that the government has been following in its policy of privatising the NHS.
Mike put up an article a few days ago reporting on the latest Tory wheeze to privatise GP services, using much the same trick. This involves a special line you can use, where, for £40, you can jump the queue to be seen by a GP. Mike stated, very clearly and entirely accurately, that this was against the principles of the NHS, and was about setting up a two-tier health service.
Of course it is. All these private services violate the founding principles of the NHS that healthcare should be universal and free at the point of service. Maggie Thatcher wanted to privatise the NHS completely, but was prevented by a cabinet rebellion. She did, however, have the goal of making 25 per cent of the British population take out private health insurance. Peter Lilley and John Major introduced the Private Finance Initiative, because they wanted to open up the NHS to private investment. Meaning they wanted private enterprise to run hospitals, clinics and so on.
As did Tony Blair and New Labour - the right-winger in the Labour party, who are now telling you that Jeremy Corbyn is too left-wing and unelectable. And David Cameron and Theresa May have been just as determined to privatise the NHS. Under the terms of Andrew Lansley's 2012 healthcare act, the secretary of state for health is no longer responsible for making sure that everyone has access to state healthcare. And the Tories have deliberately arranged the reforms to allow healthcare providers to charge for services. Again, this is a violation of the fundamental principles of the NHS.
Enough's enough. It's time the Tories were thrown out of government, and parasites and profiteers like Care UK out of the NHS. Jeremy Corbyn has promised to renationalise the NHS. If there was only one reason why Britain needs him and Labour in government, this is it.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 05 December 2017
First Minister - is he still sane?
That's it now. Carwyn has proved to me without any shadow of a doubt that he's not playing with a full deck. Three inquiries set up, Sargeant's inquest still to come, old RT has put more darts into him that Phil Taylor has put into the treble twenty, Daran Hill has called him out as a liar on Twitter, and Leighton Andrews as good as - tweeting for Carwyn to repeat remarks he made in the Senedd today outside of parliamentary privilege. Then what does the hapless buffoon go and do? Only give a prime time TV interview with Nick Servini and openly discuss the Sargeant affair. What's he got inside that big skull of his because it's clearly not brain cells? Remember now - this is the guy chosen by Welsh Labour as the creme de la creme. Just think for a moment how bad the others must be then.
Posted by Stan on 05 December 2017
Totally agree with you, idiot he needs to go like a few other labour councillors.
Posted by colin on 06 December 2017
just another Blairite greed one
Posted by jeffrey davies on 06 December 2017
Matt Greenough is Carwyn's senior SpAd and he hasn’t tweeted a single thing since 3 November when he retweeted this one of Carwyn’s:

“Proud to announce my new Ministerial team, which balances experience & stability with new drive & energy”.

On 31 October he was tweeting a photo of Carwyn and Theresa shaking hands on the steps of No. 10, with the tweet saying:

“Carwyn Jones wants action on sex harassment”. Looks like he got that in spades because only 3 days’ later Carl Sargeant had been hauled in and sacked.

In the press report accompanying that photo Carwyn confirmed he had received no direct allegations concerning AMs, but he did say that there are always rumours in politics. In my opinion a witchhunt mentality was developing by then in his office, in fact the whole political world seemed gripped by a hysteria that everyone with a pair of bollocks was a closet rapist. When you look at the timeline above, on 31 October, no “allegations” but referred to “rumours”. I wonder if such rumours concerned poor Sargeant and in that 3 day period someone was encouraged to turn them into allegations sufficient for Carwyn to think he had grounds to get rid of him?

I've thought since the start of this that it will be the end of charismatic Carwyn. I wonder what odds you can get with Paddy Power.
Posted by Stan on 06 December 2017
Carwyn he must go with the rest of his cronies they deviously destroyed one man now they must pay the bill for whot they did to him and Carwyn has said there isn't a case to answer for we must be mentle here in wales to allow this man to reign
Posted by jeffrey davies on 07 December 2017
We must be mental here in Wales to have put him there in the first place.
Posted by Stan on 07 December 2017
Super moon over Neath
Extraordinary shot, Mike.

Should be on next year's Neath Town Council Christmas Card. Well done on getting a clear sky and a memorable image.
Posted by Stan on 04 December 2017
Photo-shopped surely?
The moon is lower in the sky than the hillside behind it!
Posted by Nocturne on 05 December 2017
Thank you Stan
Posted by Mike Davies on 06 December 2017
Yes it is photo shopped , but good picture.
Posted by colin on 06 December 2017
Organ donations in Wales
Wales' opt-out system for organ donation has not increased the number of donors in the two years since it was introduced, a study has confirmed.

This has been reported today in the media. If you read it, it's interesting to see in the comments on the article the number of people who said, I used to be a donor, then when the state brought in presumed consent, I withdrew it. Just as I did.
Posted by Stan on 04 December 2017
yet can you tell were your organs go has this lot will sell them to highest bidder not whot was meant to those living here
Posted by jeffrey davies on 05 December 2017
The moment I realised my organs might be harvested with presumed consent and could end up in the body of Peter Hain or his ilk, that was it for me. I'm now aiming to peg out with every last one of them used to the max. I never want to have to look down from Heaven and see someone with my ticker, kidney or liver walk into a polling booth and put a cross against you know who. And my Labour friends will be happy to know I'm giving it a fair old bashing, lol!
Posted by Stan on 05 December 2017
Inside news from outside sources
Furious campaigners have accused the government of “cruelty” amid revelations that terminally ill people are assigned “work coaches” under Universal Credit.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been forced to defend the situation, described as “outrageous” and “beyond the pale” by end of life charity Marie Curie.
SNP MP Drew Hendry is now leading calls for changes to the way Universal Credit handles the claims of terminally ill people.

It comes as campaigners told HuffPost UK that people with terminal illnesses such as cancer, motor neurone disease and dementia face a raft of
“thoughtless” regulations under Universal Credit.

Posted by Jeffrey Davies on 03 December 2017
Sorry...... it appears a letter as been deleted in error - either that or it has just disappeared!
Posted by Ed on 04 December 2017
No post box to post anything
We are much the same I live in Cadoxton and the nearest post box is by Cadoxton church a good 25mins walk, not far you say but when one gets older and its hammering down, that's a different story, the next box is by Llangatwyg School, the other side of the village, I forgot we also have a 3rd box by the Caewrn Post Office an 84-year-old neighbour has an invalid wife he does not drive he cannot walk far, so he gets a taxi into Neath to post his mail and then a taxi back we have asked for a Pilar Box on my estate, we even had the Welsh Assembly involved and were STILL refused
name and address supplied
Posted by Mike Davies on 02 December 2017
I remember the time when there were TWO deliveries of mail each day.
In my home town of Brition Ferry there were TWO Post Offices and mail collection boxes everywhere - there were at least three in Hunter Street alone.
It was little effort to post a letter, now you have to walk a long distance to post one - often up a steep hill.
It's sad and a shame that the Post Office cannot see the folly of their ways.
Posted by Charles on 02 December 2017
owned by some yanky pension running company how on earth can they sell the queens head off but these cul;prits did speaking of which were did that lovely loot from the sale go to has we never get to hear about that hmm isn't mays husband sitting on one of these boards that runs these pension funds oh dear
Posted by jeffrey davies on 02 December 2017
Charles, you can thank the EU for the demise of our post services they forbid the government from subsidising any firm,Mind you the Labour government at the time did not raise any objections or fight for the sub post offices, Nothing like the noise they are making now I would not trust Labour
Posted by trevor on 03 December 2017
Daniel Corneille
Daniel Corneille - google him and check out the video. With 55 previous convictions and once jailed for five-and-a-half years for stabbing a man, he violently and without provocation shoved a traffic warden about to ticket his car so hard the poor man broke his shoulder when he fell. He then assaulted him when he lay helpless and injured on the floor. His sentence? Two years. Out before Christmas 2018 then? Let's have a system where the public are properly protected from these violent thugs by sentences that keep them banged up.
Posted by Stan on 01 December 2017
Morally bankrupt?
There's something extremely unpalatable about this Damian Green computer business and for me it's less to do with whether he viewed porn on his works computer but more to do with the actions of the police. When his private office and home were raided nine years ago it was to look for evidence he had leaked a Home Office document. The Labour Party were in power then. The raid caused a furore on all sides of the House, quite rightly. This is when the alleged pornographic material came to light first, but it was not a kind that would lead to you facing criminal charges. It seems a high ranking copper, possibly bearing a grudge because the police raids faced huge criticism, took it upon himself to copy police files before they were destroyed, then release them in 2017 which is where we get to today. Who is the more tainted by this story, Damian Green or the police individual? Who is the more morally bankrupt?
Posted by Stan on 01 December 2017
morally they all corrupt by their actions they rob the tax payers they rob the weak the poorest all to line their own pockets look at blair he went both ways sold his soul like the rest of these corrupt lot even coppers can be corrupted
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 December 2017
Plod has crossed the line yet again here though. They are there to deal with law and order, to investigate crime, not potential disciplinary matters between employer/employee. If there was nothing criminal found as a result of their raids then that should have been the end of the matter. This is looking like the Andrew Mitchell affair again when they are going beyong their lawful remit and dangerously straying into political affairs.

I don't trust politicians. I trust the police even less.
Posted by Stan on 01 December 2017
jeffs posts another starving man
BILLIONAIRE Sir Richard Branson has successfully sued the NHS over missing out on an £82million contract. Virgin Care failed to win the three-year continuation of a deal to provide children’s medical services in Surrey. Instead the contract was given to a consortium of NHS providers and a social enterprise. Virgin Care is not without its critics.
The mum of a severly disabled child spoke out in Wiltshire, when her daughter stopped getting appointments when the NHS lost the children's services contract to virgin Care!
Virgin Care has a further 400 contacts in England. In each of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership areas (developing into Accountant-led Care Sytems (ACS)) where a contract has been awarded to Virgin Care, the company has a seat on the Programme Board. The Programme Board is the entity which is planning how the integration of social care and NHS services are organised for that footprint. All private providers of all types to the NHS and Local Authority social care commissioners, as well as NHS Bodies themselves (CCGs, Hospital and Ambulance NHS Trusts and NHS England), are represented with a voice on this Board. Do we want 'partners' like Virgin Care, in the NHS? How can free and fair discussions go on, if there is a threat from one of the 'partners'? The settlement, which was awarded in secret, is split between the 6 CCS, NHS England and the Local Authority involved and rumoured to be more than £1m .
But nurses have suffered the longest wage freeze in history.
At a time when GP surgeries and Hospitals are closing, clinics are shutting their doors and CCGs are asking patients 'We are likely to forecast a deficit, what can the NHS cut?,' this is an outrage
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 December 2017
Why all this fuss on the BREXIT payment?
Why all this fuss on the BREXIT payment?

It is normal business practice to pay on production of a bona fide invoice for products or services rendered.

As far as I can see, this bona fide invoice has not been produced, which is not surprising considering that we are dealing with a bunch of bullying gangsters who have never issued a auditor's report of the E.U accounts.

So, until such time that we are given a bona fide invoice, we pay nothing.
Posted by Vern. on 01 December 2017
but our lustrous windy and wife become millionaires from this magic roundabout
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 December 2017
Yes Jeffery, Al Capone would have been proud of them.
Posted by Vern. on 01 December 2017
The negotiations so far have been about what items should appear on the invoice. Those items have only just been agreed as I understand it.
Posted by Frank Little on 06 December 2017
The trouble is Frank, is that there isn't an invoice.
Negotiations seem to be carried out 'on the fly', with the E.U side endlessly saying, "That is not enough", until such time as they believe that they have squeezed our pips out, and our weak negotiators are allowing them to do this.
They are gutless, I'm sorry to say.
Posted by Vern. on 07 December 2017
They have not been discussing money, they have been discussing what items we are due to pay for.

One must admire May and Davis. They wanted to get into trade talks before nailing everything else down, and the EU 27 refused. But it is the EU 27 which has backed down over the Irish border.
Posted by Frank Little on 13 December 2017
is this coming to neath
Council proposes £1,000 fines for homeless sleeping in tents
Stoke-on-Trent council called ‘callous’ for proposing penalty notice in city centre followed by court appearance and fine.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 30 November 2017
What's the point of fining a genuinely homeless person? Haven't these poor people got enough to deal with? And how will they pay it? One penny a week out of their universal credit? I'd suggest the council would be using its resources more wisely giving these people a leg up not a kick in the goolies. Different if they are scammers like the ones reported today in Cardiff, catching a train in, then going home at night after some lucrative begging work.
Posted by Stan on 01 December 2017
Where is the SALVATION ARMY? I note their begging advert on ITV.

From Wikipedia:
"The Salvation Army is a Protestant Christian movement and an international charitable organization structured in a quasi-military fashion. The organisation reports a worldwide membership of over 1.5 million, consisting of soldiers, officers and adherents known as Salvationists. Its founders Catherine and William Booth sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their "physical and spiritual needs". It is present in 128 countries,[3] running charity shops, operating shelters for the homeless and disaster relief and humanitarian aid to developing countries."

ALSO ..... I note in Google that they are advertising for jobs. Why not offer these jobs to the homeless in Neath?
Posted by Jimmy on 01 December 2017
if one follows the money then one would find the salvation army taking in a homeless person then getting paid by gov to house them in their dingy rooms then the salvation army rents out these poor souls to another charity were they get paid again its becoming more like America chain gangs were they all want a homeless slave oh dear
Posted by jeffrey davies on 02 December 2017
NPT Rights of Way Improvement Plan
I am sure those actively involved with access to our wonderful countryside in these parts will know of this, but NPT are currently consulting on its future Rights of Way Improvement Plan. Comments have to be in by 12 December. They can be made online - for the link, go to NPT Twitter account and check out the tweet dated 29 November.
Posted by Stan on 29 November 2017
Does this mean that the Npt are looking at ways to take back some of our right of way in the countryside? another underhanded way of this council,and typical labour ploy.
Posted by trevor on 30 November 2017
By no means Trevor.
Positive contributions from the public should push the council to improve the public path network.
For instance,do you know of a footpath in your locality which appears to go nowhere but by adding a further section it could then be a pleasant circular walk.
Additionally,a path which is unusable at present could be opened if the public demand it.
Stan is perfectly correct to ask people to get involved in order to further enhance our public path network.
Posted by T Griffiths on 30 November 2017
The cheek of it!
There's a wonderful photo on social media of a band of Labour bruvvers and sisters outside Next in Neath, taken a couple of days ago. One of the group is holding a placard that says "Households better off with Welsh Labour". Really? My council tax is the second highest in Wales. And wages in Wales are among the lowest in the UK, I thought. I recognise several in this group as people who stood for NPT Council and were rejected by the electorate. Households that are definitely better off with Welsh Labour are those in which one of their number is a Labour councillor or have secured some appointment through the corrupt practices of nepotism or cronyism. There's an awful lot of them though, and many, many more looking to jump on the gravytrain.
Posted by Stan on 29 November 2017
Our political system is so badly thought of that I wonder if it can ever recover. Having said that, when you look around the rest of the world it seems nothing is very stable at the moment. Germany, Spain, Southern and Northern Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, USA and lots more. Upheaval and discontent everywhere you look. Not a bad time to be an anarchist but if like most people you value strong government then these are unsettling times.
Posted by Rob Davies on 30 November 2017
Christmas Tree in Angel Square
That is a great picture by Mike Davies on the Home Page. Sadly, by the time it was posted the area had already been vandalised, according to the Neath Voice page on Facebook.
Posted by Frank Little on 28 November 2017
its disgusting the mindless vandalism on this square by yobs but there are cameras so hope they catch those who did it
Posted by jeffrey davies on 28 November 2017
Prince Harry compared
This page would not be complete until someone started a thread about Prince Harry.
Personally I like the chap who I feel is a bit of a rebel, but what strikes me most is the similarity to Edward VIII - the Duke of Windsor.
As is well known, the Duke was a German sympathiser in the 1930/40s and in 2005 we find Prince Harry dressed in a German uniform at a so called fancy dress ball.
Also, his choice for a wife is remarkably similar, both being Americans AND divorced women.
It only goes to show how times and attitudes have changed, however, I can't help wondering what would been the attitude of the establishment if Prince Harry was next in line for the throne.
Posted by Garfield on 28 November 2017
I can't get over his resemblance to James Hewitt!
Posted by Stan on 28 November 2017
Garfield there is no comparison, Edward the eighth was heir to the throne,Harry is sixth in Line, attitudes have changed but it is hypothetical it is not going to happen.
Posted by trevor on 28 November 2017
There are differences. Meghan Markle has been divorced only once, but she has a mixed inheritance which could well have been too much for the Establishment if, as Garfield says, Harry was second in line to the throne.
Posted by Frank Little on 28 November 2017
A cynic might suggest the timing of this wedding will help distract us peasants from the unfolding disaster for all that is Brexit.
Posted by Nocturne on 28 November 2017
We talked about this in the house last night. The fact this woman was mixed race was brought up in numerous press articles and we heard it on TV. I can't believe it's even brought up by the media because does anyone really give a monkey's this day and age?

Personally, I just found it annoying the main news led on this for a quarter of an hour. "Son of biggest spongers in UK to marry American mixed race divorcee". Oh, the horror.
Posted by Stan on 28 November 2017
A cynic might suggest the timing of this wedding will help distract us peasants from the unfolding disaster for all that is Brexit. there is that may puts bad news out under cover but to harry good luck and hope he doesn't muck it up like his father charley boy stan this morning on bbc news around five a woman was bringing up this why the bbc doesn't report the news fairly but only the tory news
Posted by jeffrey davies on 28 November 2017
I suppose it goes to show that we are a tolerant society when we take the goings on in the Royal Family for granted.
In my younger days I was told to look up to the Royal Family and consider them as role models.
Role models? Look at events with the Queen's children.
I know these things happen in 'ordinary' families, - but the Royals are certainly not role models we can look up to.
Are we, the man in the street, to blame for accepting all this nonsense?
Posted by Charlie on 29 November 2017
Funny you never hear anything of Prince Edward these days. You tend to forget about him so I was shocked to see Wikipedia photos of him. I cannot get over how much he has aged.
Posted by Billy W on 29 November 2017
on the tv this morning news about piousness water in Iowa and other states lead found in the drinking water so are dishing out bottled water the government must be worried about this it seems the yanky way isn't good making profits and saving pennies isn't good for those who use their goods
Posted by jeffrey davies on 28 November 2017
Why pubs are closing
Just a few thoughts, in no order of importance.

Cheap drink 24/7 in supermarkets
Smoking ban
Business rates
Increasingly selfish, insular way of life. Would be punters stay in and order pizza and tinnies
Traditional landlord/landlady replaced by boring, wannabe get rich quick merchants
Conversation in pubs losing out to 24/7 TV and music
Decline of heavy industry, a traditional customer base for pubs of old. Hard physical workers need to unwind (and rehydrate)
Poor people just cannot afford price of drink in pubs
Bars being ripped out to provide eating places for punters more able to afford a few more quid so loss of ambience

I have noticed that our Labour councillors continue to enjoy wining and dining in the finest hostelries, however. Money gives you choices denied the plebs.
Posted by Stan on 28 November 2017
You are unfair on pub landlords, Stan. The ones I have met have been genuine people. Those that are obviously trying to squeeze every last penny out of customers are probably feeling the pressure of a greedy public house company (Pubco) to whom they are beholden.
Posted by Frank Little on 28 November 2017
Yes, in fairness Frank, there's still a few of the traditional ones left. I have encountered quite a few in my time of the description I made. They haven't lasted long and you are often left wondering what on earth attracted you to running a pub? But there's not many pubs I haven't frequented in my time, lol.
Posted by Stan on 28 November 2017
oh dear down the prince for a quick cider rough scoot up to apple tree for another one say hello to Bernard who could be drawing someone on a fag packet across the road into the albert then up to Windsor bugger they all closed gone then we had the smoke rooms snugs and the lounge all made into one now you cant sit down to no music or draw on thar fag
Posted by jeffrey davies on 28 November 2017
Too good to waste
It's been ages, I know. But tune into STaN's column, which you'll now have to find under JUST BLOGS in the menu to the left, since the editors took my link down. When you go onto there, look for JUST STAN, then click on Latest Column.

My apologies it has to be so long-winded but it's too good not to share with you, in my opinion.

ED Note........
Welcome back! You are now restored to the menu now that your blog is active. Why not copy and paste (CC) some of your tweets sent to this website so that they remain visible longer?
Having them all in one place would be icing on the cake!
Posted by Stan on 28 November 2017
Thanks, Ed. Much appreciated.

I don't think I'll have the time for the longer, research based articles of old, but that needn't stop the punchier type, like that just posted, I guess.
Posted by Stan on 28 November 2017
parking eye
Posted on 26 November 2017
may pointing fingers at russia
Posted on 25 November 2017
Jo Hale, NPT Councillor
Posted on 24 November 2017
Black History Month
Posted on 24 November 2017
Posted on 23 November 2017
Call this justice?
Posted on 22 November 2017
Posted on 22 November 2017
No Title
Posted on 20 November 2017
Kinnocks caught by camera
Posted on 20 November 2017
dwp under pay
Posted on 20 November 2017
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