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The old folks who live on top of the hill
The elderly residents who live in Rhiwlas, Fernlea Park, Cloda Avenue and the surrounding area at the top of Dwr-y-felin hill have NO Post Box to post their Christmas Cards and letters and NO bus service. They are isolated and no-one seems to care. Sad.
Posted by Clement on 15 December 2018
UK MEPs feature in the news
For once, Derek Vaughan has made the news for something that happened in Europe. It seems he was sitting in the dark in a restaurant in Strasbourg while the terrorist shootings were taking place. Up until now, the only time I have seen his name is on Tweets about the political situation in England. Another whose Tweets are on the European Parliament's feed is Sajjid Karim, the Conservative MEP for NW England. He also was caught up in the Strasbourg emergency.
Posted by Frank Little on 13 December 2018
never mind you bet they didn't pay for their meal the tax payers did
Posted by jeffrey davies on 13 December 2018
The folly in closing Police Stations
Closing Police Stations throughout Neath Port Talbot, and anywhere else if it comes to that, results in no-where to lock up yobs and drunks overnight.
This also applies to juvenile offences.
I firmly believe that a one night stay in a police cell could bring youngsters to their senses and deter them from committing a crime when they are older.
Experiencing being locked in a cell is what yobs need to give them a short sharp shock to realize what the future has in store for them if they don’t behave themselves as they should.
Posted by Charlie on 11 December 2018
I sort of agree, but let’s face majority of yobs are generational, their parents and above probably had the overnight lock up along with customary kick down the stairs and still managed to remain a yob and produce yobs.
Society needs to tackle the problem at all ages not put a sticking plaster on and blame the young.
Posted by Monk on 12 December 2018
Jeffs posts
In 2013, Age UK predicted that 24,000 older people would not survive the winter – 200 deaths per day. By the winter of 2017-18, according to the Office for National Statistics, that figure had leapt to 417 per day.

That’s 17 deaths every hour.

The total number of excess (that’s avoidable) winter deaths was said to be 50,100 – the highest since the winter of 1975-76.

Excess winter deaths in England and Wales. See story HEALTH Deaths. Infographic from PA Graphics

More than a third of the deaths were caused by respiratory diseases, and deaths were higher among females and people aged over 85.

The government – and particularly Energy minister Claire Perry – has been blamed for the increase, which charities say can be attributed to a “laissez-faire” policy that amounted to “crossing [her] fingers and hoping things will improve”.

It certainly seems that Ms Perry thinks she has better things to do than her job. Recent television appearances have shown remarkable displays of misandry (hatred towards men because they are men) and an instance in which she libelled Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC’s Question Time.

But she won’t lose her job. If pensioners die, the Conservative government record this as a “positive benefit outcome”.

To add perspective to the facts, in 2014-15 the number of excess deaths had increased from 24,000 to 44,000.

The ONS tried to suggest fears over the effectiveness of that year’s influenza vaccine caused the spike in deaths – but it seems the vaccine in fact proved extremely effective and people who died had been put off having it by government publicity.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 09 December 2018
Councils compared
A Neath solicitor (who shall remain nameless) praised Carmarthen Council administration in a recent enquiry about getting details of a past event.
I found his words to be absolutely true when I contacted them.
How refreshing it was to deal with them, unlike other councils I have dealt with. They deserve a word of praise, so here it is.
Posted by Philip on 06 December 2018
Dress Code - MP’s
Our representative in Parliament for our great town Ms Christina Rees MP was sitting next to Jeremy Corbyn in today’s PMQ’s wearing a rather fetching pair of red trainers !!

Unless she has a medical reason to do so, it’s unbelievable that our MP dresses like this in Parliament, is there some sort of dress code?

I would (quite rightly) not be allowed to wear trainers to work due to company policies.
Posted by Peter M on 05 December 2018
You can't buy class you either got it or you havnt and she obviously hasn't same with Morals . Embarrassing !!!
Posted by Cecil on 05 December 2018
You get what you vote for.
Posted by David on 06 December 2018
while you dress her down do you realy now shots happening to the people of neath her and her staff dailyhear the horrors of whot this government doing to the people of neath at the moment she is fighting for them daily yet a dap brings up a nose job oh dear me better not get into trouble with this tory gov you wouldn't want a red dap person helping you has my mp she is doing a lot that doesn't get put out there but ask the ones she's helped hmmm yet I will bow to my question is she a blairite or real labour person that I can't say
Posted by jeffrey davies on 09 December 2018
What is a real labour person? Mr Hain Mr Kinnock Mr Murphy Them so called councillors on the council? Jeff they are laughing at you.
Posted by David on 10 December 2018
David at the moment I can't fault her staff fighting for the people of neath who are feeling the warmth of tory austerity yet you mention the man before hmmm you now he was only in it for himself windy was and is a greedie one incidentally his offspring in aberavon hmmm while ours has I said hasn't shown yet to be a blaitite in other words a greedie one that we have to see has for the councils don't vote for them has I don't get to meet these ones
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 December 2018
A 98-year-old man who was critically injured
A 98-year-old man who was critically injured during a "brutal" and "senseless" robbery in his own home has died in hospital.
This is beyond words, these brave men fought for our freedom and this is his reward
I hope they capture the perpetrators and hang them out to dry
The thugs who do this have no sense of respect let’s get conscription back the sooner the better,
These so-called humans need to be taught about the right and wrong
Throw the book at them, but I suspect they will get 6 years and come out in 3 years with a lumpsum
The only answer is bring hanging back a life for a life we need a deterrent into today’s society
Posted by Mike on 02 December 2018
Totally agree with your comments Mike
Posted by John on 03 December 2018
Let’s get conscription back the sooner the better, I think not I did serve and having someone watching my back I wouldn't have liked more many I served with but hanging is and eye for a eye if they sure whose killed but this lovey dove system needs harding up so that they learn not to or the other one not to be caught
Posted by jeffrey davies on 03 December 2018
Many other countries have conscription.
Countries With Mandatory Military Service. Military service is mandatory in a number of countries. About 26 countries have made military service compulsory. These countries include Cyprus, Burma, Brazil, Egypt, North Korea, Russia, Thailand, North Korea, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Norway, and Israel among others.
Posted by Charlie on 04 December 2018
yes and look at their human rights and bombing others hmmm
Posted by jeffrey davies on 04 December 2018
UK TV Licence Review
We really must play attention to the forthcoming TV licence review for the over 75s.
The government has passed the buck to the BBC and say they should fund it. The BBC are saying it costs them too much to do this.
.The BBC want the views from the public, and we should all respond.
We should compare ourselves with other countries, look at the following:
Germany. The licence fee in Germany is now a blanket contribution of €17.50 per month (€210 per annum) for all households, secondary residences, holiday homes as well as summer houses and is payable regardless of equipment or television/radio usage.
France: Households in France are required pay an annual television licence fee, although there is an exemption for those on a low income. The contribution à l’audiovisuel public (also known as la redevance) funds the five public television channels in mainland France - France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5, and Arte.
What do you think?
Posted by Charlie on 27 November 2018
ah the tory mouth piece for the tory party why have we to pay a licence to this broadcasting company whose only goal is to support the Torys when its us the peasants who pays its wages has for a the views of the public the bbc will do has it always done charge you no matter whot age
Posted by Jeff on 28 November 2018
I have already suggested following the German system, with the tweak of making it a proportion of council tax paid, so that there would be a progressive element, i.e. people paying Schedule E council tax would pay less than those on Schedule A.
Posted by Frank Little on 01 December 2018
What benefit have we had from the EU?
The report on the NEWS page about Brexit is a real eye-opener.
I must admit i was a ‘don’t know’ bordering on Remain but after looking at the FACTS stated I now think that leaving the EU will be better for Britain.
It is evident that since being a member of the EU, Britain has been on a gradual decline with our manufacturing resources going abroad with the aid of EU grants or loans.
And one must look at what we have had from the EU. Locally it has just been the pavements down the Parade in Neath. It Wales it has been the funding tor road improvements on the Heads of the Valley Road. Both being a return of money that WE have paid into the EU.
Surely one of the biggest losses is THE METAL BOX (Crown Closures) who have moved abroad as a result of the EU.
After Brexit is settled we must make a determined effort to restore our manufacturing base and have British people say:: “Ask not what my country can do for me, but what I can I do for my country”.
Let’s help to make Britain great again - and then we will all benefit.
Posted by Charles on 26 November 2018
I believe that the decline in the UK's manufacturing industries started in the 1980's when Margaret Thatcher was PM and shifted this countries wealth creating ability from manufacturing to the financial services sector.......

Nothing to do with the EU?
Posted by Peter M on 26 November 2018
According to UKIP's senior economist, Cardiff University's Patrick Minford, a clean break with the EU will eliminate virtually all UK's industry - and he thinks this is a good thing!

Wales is a net beneficiary of funds from the EU. England has more cause to moan about money from there going to Wales.

Airbus is making wings in Broughton and Toyota brought engine manufacture to Deeside because of the EU. Both have warned about reduced investment in Wales if we leave the EU.
Posted by Frank Little on 27 November 2018
There's no chance of 'restoring the manufacturing base' that Thatcher wilfully destroyed, we're too far gone for that and no longer posses the skills and know-how required and how would we ever hope to compete on cost with the likes of the Far East and India.

Those who thought Brexit was a way of somehow turning the clock back to the 1960's are in for a rude awakening.
Posted by Nocturne on 27 November 2018
What is happening to communities?
It may depend where you live as to the extent of changes that are taking place in our society, maybe the changes are gradual, but the overall picture as I see it is not a pretty one.
Let’s look at what is happening:
Police Stations are closing in many places.
High Street shops are closing.
Homelessness is increasing.
Some families depend on food banks.
Knife crime with youngsters is increasing.
Pot holes and ruts in roads are getting worse.
Beggars are increasing,
Illegal drug taking is on the increase.
Pubs and clubs are closing.
Bus services are being withdrawn or reduced.
Elderly folk are affraid to into some towns on weekend eveinings.
And so the list goes on, and no-one stops to think about it.
As I see it, it is going to get worse.
We must give it thought now and not withdraw into our own shells - or act like an ostrich and bury our heads and pretend the dangers don’t exist.
We must think positively and work towards a better society.
Remember the only difference between being in a rut and the grave is the depth.
Posted by Jimmy on 23 November 2018
Elderly folk are affraid to into some towns on weekend eveinings. im map and aint afraid to come into town but jimmy asks lets see police may sacked 20000 in England how many Wales and Scotland yet 180000forces personal sacked over their time in office open your eyes I had come up the river on a small boat and saw a tent set up behind the metal box and river that was around 2011 two people living there it goes on but those that work we pay taxes but this lot don't want the unwashed allowed near it benefits they pinch to give big companies big tax breaks yet do the peasants shout nah they murmer whot can I do hmmm give your mp a kick into aktion start to show that they robbed you enough but leaving them get away with it nah
Posted by jeffrey davies on 23 November 2018
County’s Free Festive Parking a Victory for Plaid
I welcome the announcement of free parking in Neath, Port Talbot and Pontardawe town centres over the Christmas period.

I am pleased to see that Neath Port Talbot Council has made use of extra funding secured by Plaid Cymru through our budget deal with the Welsh Government. The extra money for Councils across Wales to implement these initiatives is only available thanks to Plaid Cymru fighting for a fairer deal for local authorities.

Town centres across Wales are in need of help to ensure they not only survive but thrive and attract new visitors. By making this money from Welsh Government available I hope to that historic market towns such as Neath and the local high streets of Pontardawe and Port Talbot will see an increase in footfall and, in turn the local businesses in these town see an increase in trade in what is always a busy and important month for the retail sector. This offer is running from mid-December and so gives plenty of time for residents to support their town centres. Neath is a fantastic town and I hope that people will take advantage of the free parking to visit over Christmas.
Posted by Dr Dai Lloyd AM on 20 November 2018
Totally agree with you Thank goodness we got plaid fighting our corner in Neath with the so called Labour councilers That's all they are concerned about is getting one over on the Ferrat SAD but people like them Hate the Truth but a Lot of people know what they are like .Well done PLAID and all the other parties that haven't got their heads in the clouds and think they are inficable NOBODY is inficable remember that,and the TRUTH always comes OUT .
Posted by Cecil on 21 November 2018
Sorry Invincible.
Posted by Cecil on 22 November 2018
Neath developments
Can any one tell me what shops are going in this new neath development seen the new plans today say jack about what shops are going there my bet is they will be empty and stay that way the new drawings dont show begging out side the shop's either.
Posted by Bronson on 16 November 2018
Overgrown trees on the highways and villages
Californian Fires warning
Surely by now the U.S.has realised that trees should be banned from anywhere near towns and villages. they should all have a firebreak between them
this also goes for our own villages here, and towns in and around Wales
the tree's along the Cadoxton main road, have not been trimmed since they were first planted many many years ago, and now they are growing over the road, so no one can see the signs, this goes for most towns and also Swansea city
who checks them—no one
where I am living they planted trees 14 years ago they are twice the size of our homes and the leaves this year has been one of the worst on record, and the roots are going into the services
who brushes the leaves up all us elderly
have we seen anyone NO
will they lop them NO
they are now blocking the light from our windows
Has anyone been up again the answer is NO
Posted by Mike on 16 November 2018
I must agree with Mike. What has happened in California is a serious warning - a warning we must take seriouly.
The UK is covered by many woodlands, which are hopefully looked after by THE WOODLAND TRUST.
But the concern by Mike and myself is the trees adjacent to roads and houses.
These and road side grass verges should be manicured by councils all over the country.
We must look after nature and not let it get out of control.
Up to now we have been lucky here in the UK, but this luck will not last forever.
There must be an organised approach to prune trees near roads and houses before a disaster happens.
We have had the warnings, now must now act accordingly.
Posted by Charlie on 17 November 2018
Christmas 2018
I notice most of the Christmas lights up in Carmarthen and also they will be having a winter wonderland this year. Is it because they have a Plaid Cymru run council and here in neath we have a very poor show is it because we have a labour council .
Posted by David on 16 November 2018
Yes is the answers to that but the people themselves are to blame to vote labour every time.
Posted by John Davies on 16 November 2018
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves this is what happens in Tasmania,
Cleaning up all those leaves Mike ...
you can ring the Council and get them to do it, in Tasmania-- what happened in Britain. cleaning up leaves would definitely be on their plan. here the council LOVES doing it as they have a big MULCH RECYCLING program going and all the fallen leaves go into this and then they turn it into compost and sell it back to the community for garden mulch!
My friend tells me
if you pick up your phone and ask them, I am sure you will find out that your council do something similar ... let me know!
“I very much doubt it” says Mike
Posted by Mike on 14 November 2018
The last post
I am looking forward to seeing who will be the last letter writer on the Readers Letters page wthen this website goes off line at the end of this year. Who will go down in history by having their final say on this social media website?
Plenty of notice has been given about the website ending and for readers to gather their thoughts.
I cannot help thinking, however, that the penny has yet to drop.
I think that many cannot bring themselves to believe that this is really going to happen. To date only one reader has made a comment about it.
Perhaps many think that there are other websites where you can express your views. No doubt they are quite right - but on how many can you go on-line and remain anonymous and express views without losing friends and also give anyone the right to reply?
Well, ss the old saying goes: you don’t miss the water until the well runs dry.

Posted by George on 13 November 2018
it is with sadness that it closes another doorway that kept me at least a little bit active the ferret is read around the world by many who come back to see shots happening in their home town yet it will close down will hurt these people to say other sites out there I can't find them so while they close the door on this blog think when passing gonna hospital is Jeff locked up in there hmmm
Posted by jeffrey davies on 14 November 2018
Problems ahead for home gardeners
The forthcoming green bag arrangement, where only 2 free bags are provided for each householder, will be a problem for those with medium and large gardens.
Currently I often put out up to 10 clear bags full of cut grass, leaves and cuttings..
I understand that in future these CLEAR bags will NOT be collected.
Like thousands of other residents I will NOT be paying a £1 for each additional green bag, which would on average, only be used once a mouth in the summer and rarely in the winter.
Posted by Phillipa on 10 November 2018
Absolutely correct. What an ill conceived policy, what arrogance, did the Authority consult with the public?

The streets are a disgrace after the collections as it is. Last Wednesday in my street after the refuse collectors had been I collected 2 empty bottles, an empty Lenor ' plastic container, a empty tuna fish can, and an empty can of tomatoes!
Obviously far too much trouble for the bin men to pick up themselves after they had hurled the hessian bags on the back of the Lorry and the above items had tumbled out of the vehicle.

Can you imagine the mess with grass clippings!!

You are correct fly tipping will soar (again).

Shame on the councillors etc who accepted this policy. Our town will look a mess.
Posted by Peter M on 11 November 2018
It could be worse.
Bridgend council charge £28 a year to collect just 2 small sacks of garden waste per fortnight. Additional sacks cost a fiver each!
Posted by Nocturne on 12 November 2018
Community RFO
What is a community council RFO and do they get paid?
Posted by Clem on 08 November 2018
Responsible Financial Officer, mostly these days it is a employed position in accordance with the 1972 Local Government Act section 151.
The scale of the payments may now be set by the assembly, as part of the devolution agreement.
Posted by Ex Tory Agent on 09 November 2018
Thanks for the concise answer which, surprisingly, I could not easily get from Google
Posted by Clem on 10 November 2018
Gnoll Walks
If you walk up to the Gnoll through the Memorial gates to the first pond then carry up the hill to the second pond you will have seen a Stone wall collapsed on the way up, well it’s been rebuilt and what a really good job it is the stonemason deservers a mention whoever it was well done
Posted by John on 04 November 2018
I agree I was. admiring the fantastic work this morning
good to see a job well done
Posted by Mike on 06 November 2018
Cruise surprise
I got a surprise answer from an elderly friend of mine when I asked why she repeatedly kept going on the same cruise. She said it was cheaper than being in a care/retirement home.
Posted by Suzanne on 02 November 2018
retirement homes I love the those words were one is plonked down to be abused by some of those who should be looking after you how quaint hay yet some like this woman find their own outlet good on her and I hope she enjoys many more but talking to those I now horror stories about how one is looked after many of these private homes you looking for someone to talk to starved of human b******r forgeting the words again but nevertheless you get the picture there is caewern were my motherinlaw is and its run well but many aint and thats more the pity myself iv been told no locking up but there again my motherinlaw has whot I got and the doors to her floor are locked b*******r it I better save for those cruises hay
Posted by jeffrey davies on 03 November 2018
politics hay
while on the bus to town a well down retired bus driver was calling corbyn a communist a lot of names that have passed me bye yet I asked him whot papers he read was it the mail sun and did he watch the tory news on the bbc to which the bus roared calling him a clot yet our papers tv do the same calling him these names yet here is a part I cut and pasted “One must admire the incredible skills the media have in manipulating the population. They’ve managed to convince many that the most passionate Anti-Racist Campaigner of the last 40 years, Jeremy Corbyn, is actually Pro-Racist and Anti-Semitic”
Noam Chomsky.
yet to me this man is middle of the road labour and needs to Harden up by ridding the party of the blue tie people in the party but then we have all got faults hmmmm
Posted by jeffrey davies on 31 October 2018
oh dear more austerity
The SNP has said millions of families will suffer a “Tory pay cut” after new analysis revealed the UK government’s latest austerity Budget will leave low and middle income families worse off.

New analysis by the Resolution Foundation today has shown that three-quarters of the £12billion cuts to social security announced by the UK government in 2015 will remain in place after yesterday’s Budget – making a mockery of Tory claims that austerity is over.

The independent analysis reveals that the overall impact of Tory tax and benefit policies will once again help the rich at the expense of the poor – with the poorest fifth of households set to be £400 a year worse off by 2023-24, while the richest fifth are set to gain £390 a year.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 31 October 2018
the ferret asks
Jeffrey has the knack of finding items that others miss. Perhaps he should reveal his sources of information as a matter of courtesy to the originator. its there the names of person who writes it unless sometimes I miss the name out but mostly I try
Posted by jeffrey davies on 28 October 2018
Well it's obvious it's been resurched and he is aware of what people are going through I know a lot of people have been through the things he writes about it's excellent. Benefit for disabled ect.
Posted by Cecil on 29 October 2018
That NDA case and Baron Hain
I am not going to name names,just in case I have the Ferret shut down ahead of time! However, it transpires that Baron Hain's statement in the Lords may not be as altruistic as he makes out. BBC News reported this afternoon (Friday) that he is a paid advisor to a legal firm involved in the case of harassment and racial abuse alleged against a well-known public figure.
Posted by Frank Little on 26 October 2018
Two evils!!!the Baron has pulled the wool over many eyes he won't do it this time that's for sure there had to be something in it for him watch this space what a con man.
Posted by Cecil on 27 October 2018
It seems to be one rich man v another rich man only the second rich man has a lot more.
Money talks or stops talks you could say!!
Posted by Phil osopher on 27 October 2018
yet we the peasants couldnt get justice through the system has grayling had this help stopped one law for them nowt for us
Posted by jeffrey davies on 31 October 2018
jeffs posts
This is very important from Pride’s Purge – but take a look at some of the countries that have blocked the UK from access to this $1.7 trillion market.

For example – the USA. Isn’t Theresa May cosying up to the States, in the hope that Donald Trump will provide succour to the UK in its years of need post-Brexit?

Here we see that country kicking the UK in the metaphorical teeth.

And the UK’s slavishly-Tory mass media have said nothing about it.

You are being betrayed by your government and by those who are supposed to hold it to account.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 23 October 2018
Electric cars - a battery solution.
As far back as 1952 battery powered trucks were used at the Abbey Margam steel works.
The American made vehicles had batteries that were changed every 24 hours.
Surely the simple solution with cars is to have a common type battery that can be changed at filling/charging stations.
Changing batteries can be done quickly, almost as quick as filling a car with petrol.
This solution is so obvious (when you think about it) that I can’t understand why it has not been considered by the motor manufacturers.
Maybe it needs governments to press the motor trade to develop and make a COMMON type of battery.
Maybe a British MP will raise this point in Parliament - and perhaps give credit to this website for presenting the solution.
Posted by Clive on 19 October 2018
There must be a reason why Elon Musk and other producers of electric cars have not thought of this. My guess is that the modern Lithium battery packs are both much larger than the lead-acid traction batteries which traditionally power milk-floats etc., and expensive. Could the average motorist afford a spare battery costing thousands of pounds?
Posted by Frank Little on 26 October 2018
No need for a spare battery Frank. Batteries are changed (exchanhged) at filling stations, which technically will be recharging stations.
Payment is made for the first battery when you buy the car, after that it works on an exchange basis for a fixed payment for charging.
A battery level indicator on the dashboard would indicate the power left in the battery, this could be calibrated into miles available before changing.
In my working days one of my jobs was to charge the truck batteries I mentioned, which at that time was lead/acid.
So in effect, what I a saying is based on vast experience.
For the system to work a common type of battery must be employed. After all. we have common batteries for torches, clocks and other similar items.
See what you can do Frank in passing the information on - it is vital for our future.
Posted by Clive on 26 October 2018
Clive, .. Ah yes! I remember it well.
I was an apprentice at the time, and one of my tasks was to go and assist to get the Tugs (as we called them at the time) commissioned.
They had arrived from America with dry Exide batteries, and Baglan Auto Electrical, where I worked, was the main Exide Dealer for the area.
We took carboys of sulphuric battery acid from Baglan to the Abbey Works, and filled the batteries before charging them.
Following a strict mandate on air emissions in California, General Motors launches the EV-1 in 1997. It is an electric automobile that requires no gas, oil, muffler or brake changes and is, seemingly, the world's first perfect car. Yet six years later, GM recalls and destroys the EV-1 fleet.
It was never sold, only Leased!
See "Who Killed The Electric Car".
But now, the Electric Car has arrived.
Most motor companies are working on this "new" mode of transport.
New Electric Cars and Electric Motorcycles are available to buy, and charging points are becoming more available as we speak.
The I.o.M 2018 TT Zero race was won with a record breaking lap of over 121 MPH for this 'Electric Motorcycle Class'.
Posted by Vern. on 26 October 2018
You are right Vern, they were Exide batteries and a chap called Doug Vaughn used to visit us from Exide to change faulty cells now and again.
We had a distillation still for making our own distilled water for topping up.
The trucks were called Skylifts and made in America as were the mills and the mill motors.
The Americians were, and still are, more advanced than us so far back as 1952 when the Abbey works started.
Battery power has since changed to become more efficient.
The other thing I’d like to mention is that another type of truck had gas driven engines powered by Calor gas bottles. And the rail locos were American made diesel electric, long before British Rail changed from steam.
Posted by Clive on 26 October 2018
> For the system to work a common type of battery must be employed
There's the rub, Clive. I do not have your automotive experience, but I have had many digital cameras and portable computers over the years and I cannot think of one model which had the same battery as another - even within the same make!

Clearly the government has to step in early to make your scheme work. Already, manufactures have different standards for connecting to charging points.
Posted by Frank Little on 26 October 2018
Toothpaste Experience - and shock
While on holiday in Turkey this year I bought a COLGATE toothpaste that I never saw before.
It was a lemon toothpaste based on natural extracts.
It was the best tasting and most refreshing toothpaste I have ever used.
I have since found this on the Internet:
"Colgate Natural Extracts Ultimate Fresh Lemon Toothpaste is inspired by the tradition of Asian ingredients for healthy teeth and gums. Exclusively formulated with natural extracts from unusual plants and minerals for everyday oral care protection.’
I went on the Colgate page on Facebook and they told me it's available in Morrisons.
I am just surprised it has not been advertised.
The shock was that it was made in China.
Yes, a COLGATE PALMOLIVE product made in CHINA.
So when you think about it, we have no need to worry about Brexit when so many products are made outside the EU - in China.
Posted by Louise on 18 October 2018
Why does it cost more to traval in the UK?
I have just come back from a holiday break in Athens where I found the cost of goods relatively cheap compared to the UK.
The cost of travelling on train and the underground was very cheap and was based on time, for an example, for 90 minutes of travelling it was 1.40 Euros.
You could buy tickets for a day or even a week. You could travel as much as liked within your time limit.
Ticket scan machines checked your ticket as you went through turnstiles as you entered and left stations and a screen displayed your remaining minutes. It was the same on buses.
I reckon we can learn a lot from other countries.
I think that train travel here in the UK leaves much to be desired.
Posted by Suzanne on 18 October 2018
yes we can Suzanne.The state owned company that owns and maintains Greece's railway network is called OSE, while TrainOSE is the company responsible for operating all passenger and freight trains.
our government prefers to give our private companies who run ours monies that we the tax payers get to supply through our taxes yet we pay a very high price to ride on them
Posted by jeffrey davies on 19 October 2018
Twitter time is back
Three cheers!!! Our hosting service has fixed the glitch, which prevented new posts.
Readers can now write in about issues they think really matter.
Posted by Editor on 17 October 2018
Thank You
Posted by John on 18 October 2018
Social benefits and crime
A thought has just occurred to me ; is there a link between the clamp down on social benefit payments and the increase in crime that has recently been reported?
I don’t know the answer, is it just a coincidence I wonder?
Posted by Charlie on 11 October 2018
Yes, a feeling that the government does not care, that work does not pay much and that there are fewer policemen and women to enforce the law.
Posted by Frank Little on 17 October 2018
oh dear nail on the head perhaps police bobbies sacked by may and co allowing crime to rise but this government attacking the welfare system have dismantled it to their liking , wether you like it or not I paid into that system so that people who needed monies had it no ,matter who they were yes it was abused by some yet it worked today many wont go to sign on knowing full well the crap abuse they get from those jcp staff yet they try to take monies away from those signing on by sanctioning them yes those who fill our pubs having a drink gets their monies from us the tax payers yet many point them out would you like their illness I think not and those on drugs if you take away their monies they will get that away they can so socialy we get to pay this bill twice has our houses get broken into may has been telling porkies not the truth they selling off everything
Posted by jeffrey davies on 18 October 2018
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Posted on 08 October 2018
School girls wearing skirts
Posted on 08 October 2018
Increase in crime
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Absent fathers
Posted on 07 October 2018
Jac O’ The North
Posted on 06 October 2018
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Posted on 06 October 2018
Alleged rape cases
Posted on 06 October 2018
Guards on Trains
Posted on 06 October 2018
Theresa May be the best
Posted on 04 October 2018
the end
Posted on 02 October 2018
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