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saint Patrick's day down under
The following came in from my friend in Tasmania
"Nice pic Mike and lovely way to see St. Patrick’s Day in! There were green haired people and green clothes people everywhere on the streets here. The world goes mad for this celebration in Australia. They were at the beach dyed in green and everywhere you looked. I said to Brian "its St. Patrick's Day in case you are wondering why people are clad in green or painted green"
Posted by Mike on 19 March 2018
It's a well celebrated day the world over, but the Irish diaspora certainly know how to celebrate, don't they.
I had to buy a card in the cardshop last week and it was the first time I'd spotted a whole counter devoted to St Patrick's Day cards.
Has anyone seen similar for St David's Day?
Posted by Stan on 19 March 2018
Any Welsh Newspapers ?
It appears the Western Mail together with the Evening Post are printed in either Birmingham or Watford. Have they shut Wales down? Remember that community magazine that used to be distributed. I have not seen that for ages. The Welsh have no voice.
Posted by Greta G on 18 March 2018
There is a slow demise taking place with the newspapet industry and the internet is largely to blame, as it is with high street shops.
Clearly this is another example that nothing stops the same for ever.
As someone previously suggested on this website, Queen Street in Neath should have exhibition and craft shops where almost forgotten hand crafts can be revived.
The funding for these, based on charity shop costs, should come from the Welsh Assembly and, or the council.
To do nothing will see the town die before our eyes.
Posted by Clive on 18 March 2018
Agreed, I, like many other retired people in Neath, have hand skill we would love to pass on to others.
Posted by Sally on 18 March 2018
I sent several photos to the E/Post they never got printed no one contacted me as their e mails bounced back (is there anyone at home)
I used to do lot with the E/Post and found them helpful,
alas those days are long gone,
the Western Mail are just as bad no one ever gets back to you these days,
I do not buy any newspapers now and I bought the evening Post for 30 years.I think they have given up and that goes for the Western Mail as well
Posted by Mike Davies on 18 March 2018
As we know, the Evening Post is now part of the Trinity Mirror Group, who publish the Western Mail and Wales Online.

It often makes me smile when I see the outcry about the power of the Murdoch press in the UK, and that of other papers like the Daily Mail and Telegraph. Yet here in Wales we have just about one press voice - that of Trinity - and we know how partisan they are, and what political party's mouthpiece they are.
Posted by Stan on 18 March 2018
Anti social drinking in streets
I am pleased to note that certain authorities in Wales are considering £100 fines for anti social alcohol related behaviour in their areas.
I hope our council will follow suit
Posted by `Edith on 17 March 2018
St Patrick's Day
Three cheers for the Irish rugby team and their Grand Slam on St Patrick's day.
Well done to Mike Davies and his exclusive photo of the group of celebrities at the saints birth place - Banwen.
Here in Neath Port Talbot we are very backward in not promoting this - just imagine if it were in America.
The same goes for the many other heritage sites in our area. It's about time our council and full time officers woke up.
Posted by Jake on 17 March 2018
Water & Sewage charges
I have just received my annual statement from Welsh Water - the total being £5476.45.
This includes £239.69 for sewage disposal, which includes the raw sewage dumped in the River Neath.
Posted by Charlie on 17 March 2018
Barnardos - Neath
For some unknown reason, the Barnardos charity shop ar Dwr y Felin, Waunceirch has gone. The shop near the Tesco Express Store is now empty.
The premises was first leased to Ladbrokes, the betting group after being vacant for quite some time.
It is assumed that Ladbrokes allowed Barnardos to use the premises for the remaining term of the lease as the charity could hardly afford the cost.
During the years it was used by Barnardos it was very popular with residents.
The Barnardos website for this shop still appears on the internet with no mention of the closure.
Posted by Jackie on 17 March 2018
Grapevine News & Facebook comments
According to the grapevine and comments on Facebook, the Waunceirch Tesco Express Store was broken into last Sunday arounnd 3:00am.
To my knowledge, nothing was reported in the media - or on this website.
If this is correct, it reflects badly on our local paper - which is no longer an evening production as it is now printed in Cardiff and appears in the mornings to compete with the nationals at a price of 75p. making it more expensive than some of them.

Posted by Jimmy on 16 March 2018
The South Wales Evening Post is not printed in Cardiff but in England.
Posted by Greta G on 18 March 2018
Neath Railway Station
Rumour has it that the Station Cafe is to close for good this Saturday (17.318) and shortly the station will become unmanned with ticket machines only?

Has any readers here any info on this?
Posted by Peter M. on 15 March 2018
Phew! At first glance I thought the above was sent in by Peter H - no need to guess who he is. He's a regular user of the Neath Station, who I believe mentioned an upgrade sometime time ago.
Posted by Clark on 16 March 2018
International Women's Day
Only someone intellectually challenged could possibly try and argue against women being fully the equal of men, and in every way in life and society should have equal opportunity, pay, rights etc etc. There's still a way to go in some areas but things are massively different from when I was a young man in the 1970s and 80s. I've written before here that by far the most capable and impressive manager I had in my working life was a women. It's a pity in some professions they are still under-represented. In my home though it's still unequal and I'm working hard to be recognised as the equal of Mrs Stan. Sadly, it ain't ever going to happen!

Last March 8 was International Women's Day and was rightly celebrated across the world. But I find a total of 30 tweets and retweets on the day by our MP about it just a tad over the top. That's not counting reams of other tweeting in that week where IWD was not actually referred to but women's rights and equality were flogged incessantly. Sometimes, it's more productive sending a message if it's done in a more measured way. The danger in flogging something to death is just that. You kill the message in people's minds. I'm looking to see if she can top that obsessional tweeting on one topic at this year's Pride Cymru, an event she and lots of our other Wales MPs and AMs really enjoy. She got close to it last year but not quite to thirty tweets. But I'm sure she and her acolytes will have a good go at it.
Posted by Stan on 11 March 2018
Cadoxton road has become a death trap
Cadoxton road has become a death trap and a nightmare to drive through, many motorist's do not obey the 20 mph speed limit, I know it is ADVISABLE and not COMPULSORY, but surely common sense should prevail, I have just come through there and esp. by Catwg school with parking on the left on a nasty bend is a real nightmare, vehicles do not slow down or stop to allow the oncoming traffic through, they just barge past, I had my wing mirror clipped the other day on that section, another section is cars parking outside the shop op Llangatwg community school this is bad planning and someone is going to get killed on that section that has to go.
We desperately need the 20 mph compulsory signs at both entrance to the village, I know there is no money that is all they keep saying, but surely there must be money to allow for safety of life. I have seen many an accident including death on that road,
we do not want anymore,surely life is more precious than money.
20 mph signs PLEASE NOW
Posted by Mike Davies on 10 March 2018
Congratulations Dai
Well done to former councillor David Lewis for outing former Welsh education minister Leighton Andrews for bullying.
l hope that's nothing he resorted to , in his days as a cabinet member of Neath Port Talbot council.
Posted by L H on 08 March 2018
I never liked the bloke anyway. Full of himself, bumptious, arrogant and over-rated.
Posted by Stan on 09 March 2018
good deeds
Here’s a man who deserves to be called a star, rather than those whose celebrity simply feeds their own selfishness.

I’m aware that many of our most famous do their good deeds under cover; perhaps Mr O’Sullivan would have preferred this to be the same, but his activities were spontaneous, on the street, and seen by members of the public.

That doesn’t excuse those who ignore the vulnerable and needy, or – worse – those in the political arena who deliberately contribute to their plight.

A Tory politician stopping to help the homeless would be a hypocrite – unless they rebelled against their party’s policies (and there are precious few of those, if any).

So let’s take the opportunity to praise Mr O’Sullivan – and cast those others into the shade they deserve.

Snooker superstar Ronnie O’Sullivan may have endured a disappointing time at the Welsh Open, but that didn’t stop him showing his caring side in Cardiff.
As he left the Motorpoint Arena after being knocked out in the quarter final by John Higgins, he spotted a homeless man sleeping in a doorway.
Temperatures had dropped to around -10°C on the bitterly cold night, Wales Online reports.
Ronnie was so shocked to see the man in the doorway of the nearby Rainbow Casino he had to do something.
He went to the supermarket next door and bought him some sandwiches and drinks.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 07 March 2018
When a lot of people in neath were helping the homeless and needy last week , the bollinger couple were enjoying a cosy night in by the fire with a couple of glasses,(as shown on twitter) That just says it all NEATH LABOUR, haven't they got a conscience ? we all know the answer to that people voted for them unbelievable.
Posted by colin on 08 March 2018
jeffrey, Why a tory politician, There are plenty of Labour politicians who are hypocrites look no further than the labour councillors of this town who walk past them with their noses in the air.
Posted by trevor on 09 March 2018
jeffs posts
What has happened to these Attendance Allowance recipients?

I think the government needs to come clean – don’t you?

“Astonishing” figures released by the government show that the number of older disabled people receiving benefits to help with their daily living costs has plummeted since 2011.
The figures show that the number of recipients of attendance allowance (AA) has fallen from 1.6 million in August 2011 to 1.435 million in August 2017, a fall of about 165,000 (just over 10 per cent) in six years, at a time when the UK’s population of older people has been increasing.
The figures, released by Sarah Newton, the minister for disabled people, to Labour MP Chris Ruane, have caused alarm among campaigners because the growing population of older people would suggest the number of AA claimants should also be increasing rather than falling.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 02 March 2018
And it was revealed this morning nearly a quarter of people in Wales are living in poverty – the highest rate in the UK. This was from the respected Joseph Rowntree Foundation. The day-to-day deficit in the national finances has now been eliminated, but at what cost?
Posted by Frank Little on 07 March 2018
This is relative income poverty NOT absolute poverty, isn't it? It's broadly where someone lives in a household whose income is less than 60% of the median income after housing costs.
Median income is the mid-point where half the population receives income above that level, and half below it. So you could comfortably fall within this "poverty" group yet still be able to afford life's essentials but probably you'd have to drink Burgundy not Bollinger. But it does clearly show Wales has insufficient well-paid jobs in relation to those less paid. Now who do you think should carry the can for that? Got to be Maggie Thatcher, hasn't it, LOL? The sooner folk wake up to the fact that Welsh Labour has to shoulder its share of responsibility the better.
Posted by Stan on 07 March 2018
are Wales the same
This article titled “GPs offered cash to refer fewer people to hospital” was written by Denis Campbell Health policy editor, for theguardian.com on Wednesday 28th February 2018 00.01 UTC

GPs are being offered cash payments not to refer patients to hospital, in a move which leading family doctors have criticised as ethically questionable and a risk to health.

NHS bodies in four parts of England are using schemes under which GP practices are given up to half of the money saved by sending fewer patients to hospital for tests and treatment.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 March 2018
Winter snows
Winter snows, have we gone to soft in this country
Here we go again, schools closed, just in case the little darlings slip and break a leg,
I attended school at 4 years of age, I had to catch a bus to go to school and return, by bus,
I left school when I was 16, we had many heavy snowfalls, busses were laid off, ice on the play yard
and the school like many others was never shut due to a snowflake falling,
a few teachers came in with their cars, although there were not many cars in those days, and the local teachers would walk to school, we were even allowed out in the school yard to play when the snow was coming down, if we fell and grazed our legs we would pick ourselves up and start all over again not sue the school, when I was working, I walked to work and home in many a blizzard.
And never lost a day’s work, as work meant money for my family
today, trains stop for a flake of snow, schools are closed all over the country, it’s laughable we must ne the nanny state of the EU
One of my friends went to Canada and was train driver, he ran the train in a foot of snow, and they never stopped running.
better get some bread in there are 3 snowflakes falling
come on kids toughen up
Posted by Mike Davies on 28 February 2018
mikes right but have we gone to soft listened to much to governments about the homeless at these times it seems many blame them for their way they become oh dear
On Tuesday 27 February, police in Croydon reportedly moved a homeless woman onto the streets from a car park corridor where she was sleeping. According to LBC, the woman said the police told her it was because “people pay a lot of money to live in them flats and they don’t really want people… dossing in the corridor”.

“People pay a lot of money”

LBC‘s Rachael Venables spent Tuesday night with homelessness charity Nightwatch in Croydon, Greater London. While she was out with the charity, she met a homeless woman called Jo. She told Venables she had been sleeping in the corridor of the Q car park in the town when three police officers told her to leave. She said:

I was in the corridor of Q car park and three police officers kicked me out.

[They] told me that people pay a lot of money to live in them flats and they don’t really want people, like, just dossing in the corridor.

All I said to them is it’s freezing out there. So they must be nice people. And that was it. I just got up and left. But it just seems like whenever I find places like that, I do get kicked out. It’s too cold at the moment.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 March 2018
What is the world coming to> Victoria gardens locked last Thursday and I was told Skewen park was also locked Friday all because of the bad weather forecast, next thing is the parks will be locked when we have some hot weather just in case we get sunburnt in them OMG!! Health and Safety?
Posted by John on 03 March 2018
The trouble is that more teachers live some distance from their schools these days. Even if they have snow chains (I remember when these were a regular accessory, but not now) they would find roads blocked getting to or from school.

Posted by Frank Little on 03 March 2018
oh dear Richard
This is a blow against the Tories’ plans for private companies to take over the whole of the National Health Service, piecemeal.

If it is allowed to stand after appeal, expect legislation or regulation to make it impossible for such a block to happen again.

The Tories will still claim they don’t have any interest in privatising healthcare in the UK.

But we must judge them by their actions, not their words.

A High Court ruling blocked Richard Branson’s Virgin Care from taking over children’s services in Lancashire. That’s because of the “considerable cost and disruption” it would cause the NHS.

Last year Virgin Care won a contract to privatise the county’s 0-19 Healthy Child Programme. The current provider of the service, Lancashire Care and Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has delivered a successful legal challenge. In a victory for supporters of a public NHS, Justice Peter Fraser has suspended the outsourcing of the service to for-profit Virgin Care.
The legal challenge has overcome multiple hurdles. Conservative-led Lancashire County Council attemptedto lift the suspension with a claim the services would be left unmanned if Virgin Care didn’t take over. But Fraser rejected the application because the council actually has the power to extend the current contract.
Still, one more hurdle remains: Virgin Care will attempt to overthrow the challenge in April.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 27 February 2018
Motorway maintenance
Does Neath Port Talbot council still hold the contract for maintaining the motorway in South Wales? I ask because of Mike Davies's disturbing report in the News section.
Posted by Frank Little on 26 February 2018
Frank, I believe these are the people responsible.

The South Wales Trunk Road Agent (SWTRA) is responsible for: Managing; Maintaining; and Improving
Posted by Vern. on 27 February 2018
WAG for motorways I think.
Posted by Monk on 27 February 2018
I travelled along that section from west to east today and can report that it has been resurfaced.
Not before time too.
Unfortunately, it has taken a number of accidents to get the job done which I believe is the responsibility of SWTRA
based at Llandarcy.
Posted by T Griffiths on 27 February 2018
Hi Frank
I have no idea thanks for your feedback,
thankfully my twin is now home and I have not got to drive on that section again
I would ring Swansea council Frank they should know.
Posted by Mike Davies on 28 February 2018
Jeffs posts
Here is further evidence that the Conservative government is committing a covert genocide of people with long-term illnesses and disabilities.
The law requires DWP representatives at benefit appeal tribunals to provide new information in the appellant’s favour – but it seems clear that their bosses are requiring them not to do so, in order to rig the verdict against awarding PIP or ESA.

The revelation shows .... see more on Jeff' Posts (Menu)
Posted by jeffrey davies on 23 February 2018
Welsh Labour isn't working
I bleat on ad nauseam about the poor deal we get from Welsh Labour and its representatives in Westminster, Y Cynulliad and our councils. Nice to see a succinct article by someone called Ioan Phillips citing similar concerns. Can't link here so Google "Welsh Labour isn't working, CapX" will find it for you.

In case you think Ioan is some kind of out-and-out nationalist (could be though, I suppose) he's actually a Policy Assistant for the Welsh Liberal Democrats. I might join them with sense like this being talked!
Posted by Stan on 23 February 2018
Buster Crabbe
Was Buster Crabbe found in some of them ponds in in the pavements in neath town centre.
Posted by David on 21 February 2018
Fake news?
Jeremy Corbyn's son works for John Mc Donnell earning £50K
Len McCluskey's daughter works for Corbyn earning £40K
John McDonnell's son works for Corbyn earning £50K.

I saw this on Twitter last night - it's Fake News surely, lol?

They wouldn't do that, would they?
Posted by Stan on 18 February 2018
Stan what would you expect.
Posted by David on 19 February 2018
Not much different to the Councils then. If you looked at the staff lists of any council you would find whole families employed.It is the classic jobs for the boys and should not be tolerated. But how can we change it? The ballot box means nothing.
Posted by Greta G on 19 February 2018
The Tories are to blame .
Posted by John on 20 February 2018
True, John. They gave Mrs Stan the flu last week, too.
Posted by Stan on 20 February 2018
Tories??? No labour. About time people woke up and looked around them and stoped voting labour.
Posted by Cecil on 20 February 2018
I woke up tonight watching that hypocrite John Prescott on Question Time. The man that would never take a seat in the Lords - until one was offered him.

He spoke highly of Jeremy Corbyn. What he didn't tell viewers was that his son David is employed as Corbyn's Communications Manager.
Posted by Stan on 22 February 2018
dwp and valentines
A new website for those in love better not let the dwp find out they tweeted a nice valentines yesterday how quaint
Posted by jeffrey davies on 14 February 2018
A shock report has revealed that British pensioners are now worse off than those retiring in India, China or Chile.
Our state pensions are actually the least generous in the developing world, the latest research from the OECD shows.
Brits earning the average salary of £26,500 will have to get by on less than a third of that if they are relying on a state pension. They are now looking at just £122.30 a week to retire on.

And worryingly, the Government Actuary has warned that the cost of the present British pension pot is too much.
Shamefully, British pensioners would be FOUR TIMES better off retiring in Turkey or India.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 13 February 2018
And to rub salt into the wound we already have one of the highest retirement ages anyway, scheduled to rise to 68 eventually, which I think is the highest in the world.

Someone pass me the whisky and a revolver.
Posted by Stan on 13 February 2018
didn't you see the report when the waspi women went to parliament more people are dying under tory rule the figures are dropping of people living longer oh dear
Posted by jeffrey davies on 14 February 2018
The Kinnocks won't have to worry. The Sun reports that his EU pension is £87K a year. Put his MP's pension on top of it plus his income from the Lords and let's not forget he's got an Old Age pension as well and he's got to be on over £150K. That's without Gleny's bit as well. Must be close to £250K a year on top there. Labour Party and the EU been good to them. What's it done for most of those in Neath though?
Posted by Stan on 22 February 2018
crickey don't they take our monies
I just read part of my post The shocking revelation comes less than a week after Capita shares plummeted by nearly 50%, after the outsourcing giant issued a dire profits warning, knocking £1.1bn off the value of the company on the share market.yep don't they work for neath council hmm
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 February 2018
May and Macron invested £45m in security to speed up migration process
This money should have been spent on the NHS,my twin is waiting for open heart op in Morriston, he has to ring to see if there is a bed,he was called in 5 times and every day was cancelled due to only 1 theatre working
the last bed he had was in High Dependency
he told me that was the closet he got to the theatre,
I had my open heart 10 years ago, i waited 15 years, for mine as all records were lost etc., our dad never told us he had a heart condition he died at 68 the youngsters need to know if there any heart defects in the parents if so get them checked out.
Posted by Mike Davies on 10 February 2018
nah its this government saying one thing but doing another starving the ohs of its monies ready to show us the ohs is a waste of space we need to have Uncle Sam in with their way of health care insurance yet we all stand by and let them privatise our resources through stealth tactics
Posted by jeffrey davies on 10 February 2018
Oxfam's published accounts for 2016/2017 show £176 million being given them by the government and other public authorities. There'll be quite a few other big beasts in the Charity world tapped into this largesse. Nice to know the money's being wisely spent in Haiti and other troublespots, plus the totally ludictrous salaries paid out to senior personnel.

Checked into Brendan Cox's social media stuff earlier just to find out if he had anything to say on the Oxfam news story but as expected he had nothing to say. Not surprising, given the circumstances of his leaving Save the Children, plus the story being run in the Mail on Sunday today, though he has strenuously denied the allegations.

Maybe some of these millions spent on these mega-charities would be better spent closer to home, so people like Mike's brother might have to wait less time for his operation?
Posted by Stan on 11 February 2018
I see that the UK's biggest virtue signaller, the sanctimonious Mr Brendan Cox, has now stood down from various charities, finally acknowledging what many like me always thought. That he WAS guilty of inappropriate behaviour towards women.

It took a long time, and I'm sure he's only done so because there's more to come out.

Remind me, what was the political party he worked for in No. 10? I know these things have nothing to do with political stance really - it's just the sheer hypocrisy of tossers like him, preaching to us how we should conduct our affairs while all the while he's not really worthy of lacing our working boots.

I can stomach lots of things but hypocrites do really test my constitution. It's why I have such a beef with Labour. Check out my post on who Corbyn and McDonnell are allegedly employing. All aboard the Gravy Train, beep, beep! God save us!
Posted by Stan on 18 February 2018
Jeffs posts
My understanding is that the software used by the NHS – like that used by many government departments – is bought from large corporations that work on a “one size fits all” basis.

The problem? One size doesn’t fit all.

------- see Jeff's Post in Menu.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 10 February 2018
Thanks to councillor
Like another reader who wrote to this website, my wife (aged 83) was on the floor for 5 hours (7am to 12 noon on a Sunday) waiting for someone to help after a life line call (999).
It was not that she wanted an ambulance but just someone to lift her off the floor.
I must thank Cllr Chris Williams who has since contacted the Fire & Rescue Servive who told him that they can help in a situation such as this.
As far as the Ambulance Service is concerned, it was stated that they were dealing with more urgent cases.
Clearly, lifting a person who is NOT injured and NOT in pain can be done by the Fire Rescue Service.
I must again thank Cllr Chris Williams for pursuing this matter - what is basically a lifting service for an elderly non-injured person lying on the floor after a fall or slip at home.
I hope this post will be of benefit to others.
Perhaps this information should be made available to the Emergency Services so that they can active the distress call in an appropriate way.
Posted by Rhiwlas on 06 February 2018
What is the principle industry in Neath?
This a tough question,as a friend of mine in Arizona loves my images of Neath and the surrounding area, I can not think of any, can Ferret readers have any idea?
Posted by Mike Davies on 06 February 2018
Industry is defined as making things or hard work, Mike. Until I looked it up, I was flippantly going to suggest your question could be answered by "doing something connected with Welsh Labour" because that seems to gainfully occupy quite a few in Neath these days. But clearly, while they are making things - hay and lining pockets comes to mind - it can hardly be defined as hard work because the background of most of them, they wouldn't know what hard work was. I doubt they would last a week in a real job!

But seriously, Mike's question makes you realise just how much real industry has gone in our lifetime. That's the sort where people did graft, produced things of value, did a full day's work, instead of bulls**t, strategies, action plans and hot air. People should reflect on the fact that this has happened ENTIRELY under the stewardship of a "Labour" (what a misnomer) Local Authority, ENTIRELY under a Labour MP, and in the last 19 years, ENTIRELY under a Labour AM, and since 1997, 13 years have been under a Labour Westminster government. What a record to be proud of!
Posted by Stan on 06 February 2018
that a good question has neath has lost lets see the metal spinning the eagle bush the metal box fords the oil works the list could include more like camgears we even had our own pickle factory all lost yet now we have all those nice charities shops who takes a person whose on the esa sick whose deemed well enough to stack their shelves remploy another we getting back to 1800s
Posted by jeffrey davies on 07 February 2018
It is worth mentioning the packaging firm of David S Smith - an under rated firm who produces printed packets for the cigarette industry in their range of products.
David S Smith is a little talked about firm so not many people know about it.
The acquisition of the Metal Box building by the council will hopefully bring a new generation of industry to Neath - we must wait and see.
Posted by Jimmy on 07 February 2018
Makes you wonder where all the people who live in the new housing developments that have sprung up in the last 30 years or so actually work.

They can't all be on the Labour Party payroll.
Posted by Nocturne on 07 February 2018
Thanks for the great feed back
I guess I will have to tell him tourists lol
Posted by Mike Davies on 08 February 2018
There is more farming in the old Neath Rural area than many people realise.

There is also the Cemex quarry at Gilfach, but I do not suppose that employs many people.
Posted by Frank Little on 09 February 2018
Has the penny dropped? Have you got it?
Mike Davies was eluding to tourism as an industry in Neath.
Think about it. Neath has at least 4 hotels in the centre of Neath (Port Talbot has only one in the town centre).
And what has Neath got to offer tourists? Certainly more than I can mention here - Roman sites, a Norman Castle and church, canal trips, a Victorian Market and gardens. waterfalls and the bridges at Aberdulais that was once mentioned in the Guinness Book go Records.
And how about the Gnoll Country Park?
There is lots more.
Neath is a gem that has lost its shine because there is no-one around to polish it.
Neath assets are taken for granted by those in charge. It's time they realised what wealth tourism can bring to Neath - indeed it could be the top industry.
Posted by Charlie on 10 February 2018
I think there is much food for thought in Charlie's post and the tourism potential of this unique area has been sadly neglected. Correct me if I am wrong but does NPT Council even employ a Tourism manager? Isn't the role just a bit part for one of their Business Development people? This council sat on its backside while buildings key to the heritage of this town were lost. There used to be a tourist information office in Pontneathvaughan, now sadly long gone. There are no boat trips on the canal any longer and there haven't been for years. By and large these days, both canals are a mess. One thing that has been encouraging is a healthy looking private investment in some of the Neath Town Centre properties of late - Moruzzi's, Charlies, The Castle Hotel, and the Allan Leonard Lewis (the old Con Club). Maybe that's a good sign for the future - I hope so. Our Council sits on a number of artifacts that are of local historical and heritage interest - we haven't even got a building to show them off in. There are a number of valuable local historical groups and individuals that try to keep the fires of interest burning, but there seems precious little coming back from the local authority, nor has there been for years. It's all rather depressing really. However I am not one of those that thinks if we got to grips with the tourism potential we'd greatly benefit economically. The jobs it provides are usually part time and poorly paid. But jobs nonetheless.
Posted by Stan on 10 February 2018
Tourist towns are usually some of the most deprived.
The two areas of England with the lowest GDP are Blackpool and Cornwall.

Selling ice-cream and cleaning hotel rooms is never going to replace the jobs lost in coal, steel and manufacturing.
Posted by Nocturne on 12 February 2018
British Summer Time to BERLIN TIME
Brexit news: EU push for UK to switch from British Summer Time to BERLIN TIME
MEPs are debating it after an “impact assessment” of BST indicated “the existence of negative effects on human health, agriculture and road traffic safety.”

The UK Government will be able to block the move through the European Council up until the moment of Brexit in March 2019, but “Berlin Time” could be imposed if terms negotiated for the transition period mean we have to accept Brussels rules without being able to veto.

If the changes are brought in, the UK will still have to decide whether it wants to hold onto the biannual clock change.

Britain would have to ditch it in order to maintain the same time difference as the rest of the Europe.
who are you kidding MR. Hitler

Posted by Mike Davies on 04 February 2018
Fire at Neath Rail Station
It is rather odd. I think, that a fire occurred at Neath rail station only a few days after one at Nottingham rail station - and both in the ladies toilet.
It's not known if it was caused by a lady wearing hot pants.
Posted by Jake on 03 February 2018
are we mad
Posted on 01 February 2018
There's something rotten in the Bay
Posted on 30 January 2018
Car Crash Kills 3 teenagers
Posted on 28 January 2018
On cowardice and arrogance
Posted on 27 January 2018
A small step forward
Posted on 27 January 2018
Crime up
Posted on 25 January 2018
Posted on 24 January 2018
Our Stanley's 'Coming Out'.
Posted on 23 January 2018
Breaking news 21/01/2018
Posted on 21 January 2018
Plastic Waste
Posted on 16 January 2018
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