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Janice Dudley
Sad news Indeed and a great loss to the community, I will always remember her smile as I did on the day of the Resolven carnival
Janice indeed will be missed
Posted by MikeDavies on 21 August 2017
Janice Dudley
This is a great loss and such a shock in what should have been her greatest year. I have made an inadequate appreciation on my blog. I am sure there are many people here who can add greatly to memories of an outstanding local councillor.
Posted by Frank Little on 21 August 2017
Read your blog, Frank and appreciated the sentiments expressed in it.

There's also a really nice tribute to Janice if you go on to The Layman, the new blogging site of Darren Bromham-Nichols. It's a site that readers should tune into.

I'd really rather not have to write this bit but I'm going to because it makes me angry to be honest. Will someone tell our Neath MP that when the NPT Mayor, our Civic Head, dies in tragic circumstances, in service of the County Borough that Ms Rees represents part of, common courtesy would be to acknowledge the fact on her website, social media, or by a public statement. She has not done so at the time I write this - late Monday evening. Jeremy Miles, Stephen Kinnock, Bethan Jenkins and others have expressed public sentiments. There are none I've seen from Ms Rees. Very regrettable.
Posted by Stan on 21 August 2017
cllr Janice Dudley
Very sad and sorry today to hear of the passing of our mayor Cllr Janice Dudley. She will be missed by the people of Neath where she has done wonderful work. R.I.P God Bless.
Posted by philosopher on 20 August 2017
So sad to hear about Janice Dudley may the angels keep her safe god bless here .
Posted by Cecil on 20 August 2017
Stan Direct
What's happened to the link to our most informed local online commentary?
Posted by Frank Little on 20 August 2017
See last paragraph of the Ferret blog for August.
Posted by ED on 20 August 2017
You'd best not take a break, Frank, lol!
Posted by Stan on 20 August 2017
Special Police
During the war years (WWII) 'Special Poice" were commissioned to supplement the regulars, my father was one because he was not in the forces because of his reserved occupation.
With the current security alerts and crime figures, I think there is again need for 'specials' - an addition to existing police numbers.
All too often we hear of cases where the police have not got the manpower to investigate minor crimes, even I had to write to the Crime & Police Commissioner about one such matter before it had attention.
It is far better for consider the use of 'specialsl' now who can be controlled and organised rather than let matters develop where viigilantes will take matters into their own hands.
The need for extra police at the Neath September Fair could very be a case where 'specials' could be used.
Posted by Conrad on 18 August 2017
This lot have started that already they sacked many a Bobby and in its place give us these special police hmmm yet in the police stations we have g4s working taking on police work are we heading down that road were each town pays for their policing can't be much further to go with the tory privitising all
Posted by Jeffrey davies on 19 August 2017
We are paying towards the police - see your council tax bill. There is an entry which specifies the actual amount each household pays.
Posted by Jimmy on 19 August 2017
Old Friends
Is there anyone on here who is from Seven Sisters which is where I used to live untill 1970 if so would love to hear from them.I have some names but too many to put on here.
Posted by Paul Blackburn on 18 August 2017
There may be some people in one of the Facebook groups (like Neath Voice for Everyone) who do not read The Ferret, so you could try there, too.
Posted by Frank Little on 20 August 2017
Meeting old workmates
I was just wondering if there is anyone on here who worked or knows some who orked at Cefn-Coed Colliery in th mid 1960s
Posted by Paul Blackburn on 18 August 2017
My late father and his brother and brother in law worked at Cefn Coed Colliery possibly in the 60's. His brother and brother in law. went from there to Cynheidre, Llanelli.
Posted by Lyn Williams on 19 August 2017
I left when it closed in 1968 and I was there for about six years.I visited my brother three years ago who lives in Neath and we drove up the valley to Seven Sisters but the estate we lived it has hardly any houses left,The pub and school have both gone.On the way back to Neath we stopped at Cefn Coed and walked around the museum.I probably will not remember them but what were your father his brother and brother in law's names.Thank's for the reply.
Posted by Paul Blackburn on 20 August 2017
Paul - if you google Welsh Coal Mines Forum, the first result gives you a website you can try, hopefully by posting your enquiry there too. I'm sure there are members there that worked the pit. Good luck.
Posted by Stan on 20 August 2017
Meeting old friends
I am trying to find any of my old workmates of when I worked at Cefn-Coed colliery in the mid 1960s which is a big ask but thought I would try.I am also trying to get in touch with any of my old schoolmates from Seven Sisters and anyone from Seven Sisters who remembers me.
Posted by Paul Blackburn on 18 August 2017
Evening Post - another step downhill
If you select South Wales Evening Post from the News Oggle menu (accessible on the menu of this website), you get Wales on Line and the same goes for the Western Mail. To me this indicates another spin in the downward spiral of news media in Wales.
The cover price of the Evening Post is 65p, more than the Daily Mirror and the Sun .
What puzzles me is that the METRO newspaper is free - and its stapled too! You don't see it around (except perhaps an odd copy at a hospital waiting room) because there is obviously no profit for newsagents.
It proves, at least to me, that advertising can pay for the production of a newspaper and tha Evening Post could be produced at a lower price.
By the way, the content of the METRO is often discussed on the BBC's What the Paper Say, as well as the on-line version on News Oggle. So one can hardly say its never heard of.
To those who say that the Internet is to blame for the slow demise of newspapers, I say that it (the Internet) can be a means of advertising their content.
Newspapers will never totally disappear but their price may deter many from buying them.
Posted by Julian on 17 August 2017
Classic Car show at the Gnoll
It was delightful to see such a large crowd at the Gnoll Grounds last Saturday , and the weather was fine too.
Visitors were charged £2 for parking their car and therefore the council benefitted from the event.
I must thank all those involved at the Skewen Classic Car Club for their efforts and giving pleasure to others, and also to video producer, Mike Davies, for filming the event and putting the video on Youtube.
It shows that the Gnoll Grounds is an ideal place for events of this kind. I hope to see many more.
Posted by Grant on 16 August 2017
Briton Ferry Doctors & Health Centre
What a stupid location for the Briton Ferry Health Centre - right outside the town and too far away for an aged person to walk.
Who ever decided to demolish the old hospital out-patients building should be named and shamed, because that was a ready made health centre with a car park.
Someone, somewhere had fingers in a pie because it was certainly a case of greed before need.
It may take time but we eventually find out what really happened here.
Posted by Gran on 15 August 2017
It's called greed it's called moving on they sold that ground for proffit and then built a new one on a old rubbish tip were gases escape daily hmm yet this hospital is rented out at a eye stopping rate it's called screwing the peasants wake up they have us fighting amongst ourselves while they screw us more oh you say just look at those poor souls signing on look at those sanctioned no monies coming in its called greed they robbing us of our rights
Posted by Jeffrey davies on 16 August 2017
Ps you get to make it to your doctors only to be told there ain't no doctors only nurses there oh dear those docks you just passed look so inviting yep they told you there's buses every 1 5 mins but have you waited for that bus that doesn't turn up hmmm
Posted by Jeffrey davies on 16 August 2017
Jack O' the North v STAN
Is (or was) Jack O' the North a role model for STAN, who gives the impression that he has lost his fizz. I know August is considered the holiday month, so perhaps that is the reason - I hope so.
In his latest column Jack writes about 'Mill Bay Homes' which reminds me about Coastal Housing in this area.
Maybe it would open a few eyes if STAN looked at Coastal Housing and any possible link to anyone on NPT Council.
Coastal Housing had a grant for the Empire Rope Walk project and many would like to know more about this and other Coastal Housing activities.
It needs STAN, or someone like him, to dig an delve into what is going on in Neath as far as housing is concerned.
Perhaps councillors cannot speak out as they would like to but they can certainly whisper a thing or two to anyone who wants to know what is going on.
Posted by Jimmy on 15 August 2017
Why dig these so called housing associations use to get 2to their 1 1 million put up they then got 2 million of government for the build this should never been allowed has we the tax payers were building houses to rent were we could rent em back for a price higher than council rents brilliant if you are the one owning these so called housing associations
Posted by Jeffrey davies on 16 August 2017
Words, words, words.
Words by Jeremy Corbyn certainly apply to a certain reader who writes in and verbally abuses others on this letter page. I quote:
“I don’t care what anyone says about me or about other people,” Corbyn said to cheers. “The levels of gutter abuse that they fell to says much more about them.
“I treat people with respect and I expect to be treated with respect in return.
“A political argument is worth having. Personal abuse is never worth having under any circumstances.”
Sometimes it takes a long time for the penny to drop, but in the end it boils down to respect with common sence.
Posted by Jack on 15 August 2017
Train Fare madness
Train fares are going up again next year at the rate of inflation. Madness - when you think that the powers that be are trying to reduce pollution by cars.
Surely the aim should be to REDUCE train fares and even attract more people to the railways.
Longer trains (more carriages) would cater for the crowds.
As it is, some of the rail franchises are controlled by foreign companies and profits are going abroad.
It is time we got things sorted and our priorities in order
Posted by Cloe on 15 August 2017
It is the wrong measure of inflation - RPI rather than CPI - and it is higher than wage rises (especially in the public sector).
Posted by Frank Little on 15 August 2017
How can it be privitly owned when the tax payers still pay out billions of pounds to these privitly owned companies hmmm
Posted by Jeffrey davies on 16 August 2017
Caster Semenya
I feel really sorry for the rest of those female athletes competing in the World Championship 800m on Sunday. It's clearly not a level playing field having to run against South African athlete Caster Semenya. She is said to suffer from hyperandrogenism which leads to excessive production of testosterone in women. Her very appearance clearly shows how this manifests itself in increased musculature, broad shoulders and slim hips. Doubtless there are other manifestations of having excessive testosterone as a female too. If you follow athletics you'll know her improved times during her earlier career were so out of this world that it could only rationally be explained by drugs. As it turns out, these are likely naturally produced male hormones. However she's been passed to run in women's athletics which makes it awfully tough for those women who have to run against her.

Caster Semenya is married to Violet Raseboya.
Posted by Stan on 13 August 2017
It must be tough for Semenya. She cannot help her condition, and it's not as if she's taking drugs to improve her performances. I enjoyed the athletics but weren't those white tracksuits of the GB Team naff?

Posted by Mrs Suttree on 13 August 2017
Neath Town Centre
Whilst driving through Neath the other day along Windsor Road, I was delighted to see the very colourful hanging baskets along its length. It really brightened up the whole road. I also noticed that they continued along the Parade,as well as other parts of the town centre. Do we give a big thank you to Neath Town Council for their efforts to brighten up the town centre? Whoever's responsible, they've done a good job. Also a big thank you must go to the owners of the Ambassador Hotel,Castle Hotel and Moruzzi's for their wonderful floral displays as well.
Posted by David Stallard on 13 August 2017
David - I think the hanging baskets are one of the tangible results of Neath's BID, where businesses above a certain rateable value within the defined Business Improvement District pay extra rates. The ultimate aim is to secure more shopper footfall within Neath, by making it a more pleasant place to visit.

There's some disquiet on other social media forums about how the BID has been run and let's just say it's transparency has left a lot to be desired. I think you'll find the businesses you refer to by name are members of Neath BID.
Posted by Stan on 13 August 2017
Resolven Cinema
Aren't councillors supposed to help the community?
If I were councillor for Resolven I would look into this and find out the possibilities.
I would go over to Brynaman and find out why the cinema there is so successful.
Councillors must take more interest in their patch and must be seen do so.
Let's have some more feedback on this.
Posted by Charlie on 11 August 2017
I would like to say a big 'Thank you!' to Mike Davies and Charlie for bringing this to our attention.

Are the local authorities going to perpetuate the folly of destroying yet another fine hall such as the Resolven Miners Welfare Hall, as they did with the Neath Empire and Windsor cinemas?

I hope not, too much of our heritage has been sacrificed for the fast buck.

As far as I can see, the one sure way that the community can preserve it, is for the community to buy it, as should have happened with the Neath art deco Windsor Cinema.
The Windsor Cinema could have been a very suitable location for a Neath Museum, with an ample parking facility at the rear, where Owens the builders merchant used to be.

As it is, Neath is heading to be a place of bland nothingness, instead of it being a place that had a visible heritage and culture as it could and should have been.
Posted by Vern. on 12 August 2017
According to Company House records, the local councillor, Des Davies, is one of the directors of the company called Resolven Miners Welfare Ltd, the Welfare is also registered through the Charity Commission.

I'd have thought that any new vision for the building, including reconversion to cinema use, will only happen through local initiatives. And the local councillor should be at the forefront of this given his current situation.

But most times I go to the cinema in the Gwyn Hall, it's half empty or worse. What chance another cinema competing for this limited market, effectively just six or seven miles up the road?

Just look at the High Definition TVs in Currys. I can't see cinema competing much longer when if you have a family, much cheaper to buy the DVD, and watch at your convenience at home with surround sound and great picture and comfy seat. Even a chilled beer from the fridge and popcorn from the microwave. Sorry - some call it progress, but for some families it's a matter of sheer economics.
Posted by Stan on 12 August 2017
In contrast, consider the Public Hall cinema in Brynaman. It seems popular with its multi screens.
I went there quite some time ago, travelling from Neath, and it was like going into a time warp. It was a refreshing touch of magic - and a change to get out of the house and away from the family for a while.
One has to admit that cinemas like this are ideal for young couples who want to be together.
Let's hope that these community entertainment places will never totally disappear.
I have to add that many old cinemas have been saved by lottery funding and are quite successful.
Posted by Suzanne on 12 August 2017
I've never been there (Brynaman Cinema) but I know people that have and speak highly of the experience.

However, my understanding is that it depends entirely on volunteers to run it, not paid staff. And examination of the most recent financial returns (2016)reveals that it's barely keeping its head above water. I'm not trying to decry what it does - I think it's great - but as a commercial enterprise I reckon it's a dead duck. I wouldn't be surprised to see it bite the dust within a couple of years, but I do hope I'm wrong. Located in Brynamman, I suppose it does have the advantage of what else would you do over there - chase the sheep?
Posted by Stan on 12 August 2017
I remember seeing the film: The Smallest Show on Earth with Peter Sellars and Bill Travers. This film was on Youtube but has now been removed for copyright reasons.
It was all about an old cinema that was taken over by enthusiasts - a great comedy.
A musical was made with the same name - the trailer for that is on Youtube.
Posted by John on 12 August 2017
LORD PETER HAIN. If I were the Labour councillor for Resolven I would invite Lord Peter Hain to view the Resolven Cinema.
Lord Hain is a millionaire socialist and an entrepreneur and would love to help a community in the form of an investment that would put him in high esteem in the public eye.
Anthony Hopkins and Michael Sheen have (allegedly) supported the Plaza cinema in Port Talbot - so why not get support for Resolven.
Oh yes, there is Max Boyce who is known for helping communities.
Surely it is just a case of making an effort and bringing it to the attention of those who will be delighted to help.
And remember, the big tax saving advantages for those prepared to help.
Posted by Casandra on 13 August 2017
What a great idea to try and rope Lord Hain in. There's a kind of poetic irony to a Miners' Welfare, built from the sweat and pennies of real working men, being saved by a champagne "socialist" whom I doubt has ever had to wash coal dust off his immaculate, manicured hands.

I would however disagree with your description of him as an entrepreneur, which is someone who risks their own money to set up a business. I think you'll find all Hain's money has come from the public purse or by piggy-backing onto businesses of others in the form of non-executive directorships.
Posted by Stan on 13 August 2017
Just mention 'Consultants Fee', and he will be there like a shot!
Posted by Vern. on 14 August 2017
Where does the buck stop at NPT?
I suppose the full time officials on Neath Port Talbot Council are quite content to sit back and let the councillors shoulder the responsibility for the running of the council.
But think about it. Where does the buck really stop? Is it the Leader of the Council - he who is appointed by the party having the most members?
Someone must shoulder the ultimate responsibility of the running of the show. Someone must be responsible to the electorate. There must be times when someone has to give the deciding vote - who is it?
More accountability is called for and better communications must take place..
A Press Officer should ensure that the council's website is up to date and contains the latest news.
The council must move forward with the times.
Posted by Cliff on 11 August 2017
Suggestion for STAN
Sorry to note your blog site has not been active for quite a while, I enjoyed it so much.
However, I am pleased to read your short and chirpy posts on this page.
May I suggest you copy and paste these to your website and have them all under one umbrella. This would apply to posts and and not replies, because a reply refers to the thread of someone else.
Copying and pasting from this page wii mean double exposure, good for you.
Your posts would have the advantage of remaining on your website and not going into the archives on this page like all posts eventually do.
Above all, it would keep your blog site fresh and up to date - and more interesting.
All just a thought to maintain your presence here and on Google.
Posted by Eddie on 11 August 2017
Interesting. Google 'STaN' and there it is at the top of the page.
Should be kept going.
Posted by Jimmy on 11 August 2017
Thanks for the suggestion, Eddie. It's something I might well take up.

I don't know that Finbarr would agree with you that my posts are "short and chirpy" though. I do tend to get carried away when responding to he who calls everyone else a bigot and yet can't see the irony that his published responses over many years make him a prize one himself! He's been quiet this week though. Let's not speak too soon - I can almost feel those blood vessels throbbing in his skull as I write, ha, ha. It won't be long now.......
Posted by Stan on 11 August 2017
Talking (or rather writing) about blogs, I note that in his latest entry Frank Little writes about 'Bizarre programming languages'
This made me smile when I think about NPT Councillors who now have Apple iPads. But how many can use them effectively?
I have no complaints about the cost, each one cost the taxpayer around £350, for the simple reason that it could save the authority thousands of pounds in paper saving in the long run IF (a big IF) they were used as they could be.
First, councillors should receive lessons on how to use them effectively.
Each iPad has WiFi which means a councillor can receive an email when away from home. Therefore, there can no longer be an excuse for a slow response.
It is, indeed, a pity that Frank Little is not on the council because with his computing knowledge he would be a great asset.
Posted by Charlie on 11 August 2017
What is more interesting Jimmy is when you Goggle 'David Lewis' up comes the STAN website.
Posted by Jake on 11 August 2017
But what would Carwyn say?
I thought I'd check out the views of the Shadow Secretary of State for Wales on the quite awful Welsh Language debate on BBC Newsnight on Wednesday evening, 9 August, involving Julian Ruck and one woman who couldn't even speak our native language. Her twitter feed was predictably enlightening, with a "Happy Birthday @AlbertOwenMP" and some retweeting about the Women's Rugby Team at the World Cup. No doubt she needs to check in with Carwyn first and see what he thinks about it.

"And some have greatness thrust upon them," as my first boss used to say about people promoted beyond their ability.
Posted by Stan on 10 August 2017
March 2017 - a good month for troughers
I get an email when the latest House of Lords expenses come out. Today we had the latest month's claim - March 2017. I wrote recently that Hain can grab over £4k some months. Better revise that. My favourite quartet of hypocrites managed the following:

Hain £5,100 plus £889 travel expenses
Kinnock £3,900
Kinnock's Mrs £4,500
Prescott £5,550 plus £1,038 travel expenses

While many people may be relaxed about these sums, I find it quite sickening. These people are already rolling in it courtesy of the public purse. To think they then top up their bloated pensions by that amount per month. £8,400 into the Kinnock's house, tax free, in one month on top of those UK and EU pensions. It's obscene.
Posted by Stan on 09 August 2017
Stan, I have just read an article on mrs kinnocks earnings and pensions. She is currently receiving a salary of £83.275 as a minister, as she will be 65 this month she will be receiving a further £48.000 EU pensions additional voluntary contributions which she has paid into for 15 yrs,she is receiving her teaching pension of £2.568. She will be in receipt of her old age pension,her £4.500 from the Lords, and of course she will get a pension from her ministers job. and you can roughly double this amount with her hubbys wages as well.
Posted by Trevor on 11 August 2017
Thanks Trevor. That article you read is almost certainly a good few years old off the internet because Glenys is now 73 and "retired" to the House of Lords. So she gets all those pensions you said about. It will be interesting to tot up what she and the Windbag had from the Lords over the tax year ending March 2017, maybe compare it to Hain and Prescott. I'll have a look and post again with the figures, probably in a few days.
Posted by Stan on 12 August 2017
crumbs we live off the uppercrust well they want it all its called greed
Posted by jeffrey davies on 13 August 2017
Juncker's Junkets
We are bombarded with pro-EU media articles and campaigns by the likes of Labour Party mandarins for a further referendum before we actually leave the EU. If any Brexiteers are starting to waver go straight on to Guido Fawkes' website today and read the incredible amount of expenses built up by Juncker and other EU Commissioners over just a two month period in early 2016. No wonder people like Neil Kinnock were won over by the rotten bureaucracy that it is. Quite disgusting.
Posted by Stan on 09 August 2017
Being on the E.U 'Gravy Train', they soon become very addictive to the 'Gravy', and come hell or high water they'll do anything to stay on board.
Posted by Vern. on 09 August 2017
Breakfast Club
I wonder if there are any "breakfast clubs" in NPT Council similar to those uncovered by internal fraud investigators in Swansea Council? Two were recently uncovered there - but how many more might there be? Staff would clock in (Fridays specifically it seems) then instead of working, buzz off for a cooked breakfast somewhere. Blimey - it's getting like it used to be in the steelworks where people would be clocked in then b*gg*r off to the Top Rank so I'm told. The penalty for getting caught in Swansea - an informal disciplinary letter reminding the culprit you shouldn't do that.

Imagine getting caught pulling that trick In lots of private sector jobs. You'd probably be sent home immediately and have a dismissal letter sent to your house before you could eat your tea.

But another way of looking at it is this. These people see the fat cats in the councils swanning around doing sweet FA most of the time. It's the people at the bottom generally put in the hardest graft for the smallest reward. I certainly wouldn't want to collect the rubbish, empty bins of dog muck, work on a waste site, or deal with the detritus (needles as well) left by Neath's addicts and so-called homeless. So maybe a Friday breakfast should be written into these people's contracts? Just a thought.
Posted by Stan on 08 August 2017
At the mention of the 'steelworks', I couldn't help but remember another beaut of a scam, when the popular purchase of a barrow load of sand for sixpence (2½ new pence) was authorised to go out through the gates with a receipt for sixpence payment for the sand.
It was only when the stock of new wheel barrows had disappeared that it dawned on someone what was going on! (Chuckle)
Posted by Vern. on 08 August 2017
> Imagine getting caught
> pulling that trick In lots
> of private sector jobs.
It does happen. The larger the organisation, the more scope there is for such fiddles.
Posted by Frank Little on 09 August 2017
like our government who do it daily
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 August 2017
Gnoll Park has had its chips
Today there was a widely advertised children's event at Gnoll Park - the chance for the kids to get up close to and stroke a variety of animals, large and small. The event was put on for free, and predictably as it's the school holidays as well, it was packed to the rafters. News of the event was advertised on the Ferret.

Except by just after 1.30pm the long queue of eager customers and hungry children in the cafeteria were told "we've run out of chips". The excuse was the delivery lorry couldn't make it with the quantity of vehicles that were parked up. Strange - how did people enter and exit the Park in that case, and let's hope other accesses were useable should there have been an emergency requiring an ambulance or fire engine. Either it's a case of poor planning by someone responsible for the catering there, using a delivery as an excuse, or vehicular access was genuinely compromised which is potentially a very serious matter indeed. Who runs the catering there? Is it privately contracted out or under the remit of NPT Council? And perhaps more importantly, who oversees the parking on these big events?
Posted by Stan on 08 August 2017
Hain grabs another earner
Lord Hain has just added another source of paid employment to his portfolio in the House of Lords Register of Financial Interests. He is now an Adviser to a little known organisation called Government Knowledge, a body that organises training and publications in government and business affairs, a large part of their work seemingly being the public sector/civil service. This brings the number of jobs registered as providing him with an income to eight. Let's not forget as well he has Old Age pension, an MP's pension that is probably substantially more than a working teacher, a Minister's pension on top of that, plus the take he's having from his sinecure in the House of Lords where some months he pulls in over £4k. Plus the income from his role as an author, plus he was on the after dinner speaking circuit, if you recall.

A man that clearly doesn't let the grass grow under his feet. Or on the cricket and rugby grounds of the UK at one time.
Posted by Stan on 07 August 2017
smoke more come on
Drinking has a benefit of £6.1 billion to treasury coffers
Smoking helps out the public purse to the benefit of £14.7billion.
It spends £3.6billion on smoking-related diseases and £1billion on collecting cigarette buts and putting out fires related to the vice.
But the government saves £9.8 billion in premature deaths through pension savings and benefits. A further £9.5billion is brought in through duty in tobacco.
Drinking has a benefit of £6.1billion with obesity costing the taxpayer £2.5billion.
Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: “Smokers, drinkers and those who are obese actually provide a net benefit to the public finances, so vilifying them is futile in the quest to address increasing costs to the NHS.”
“As a whole these reports debunk the popular belief that costs will fall if people live healthier and for longer.
9.8 billion pounds it makes that make your eyes water oh yes some will say disgusting habit but think 9.8 billion if all give this up then its you and I who be made to pay the short fall in their taxes smokers smoke more save me from paying this tax oh dear jeff3
Posted by jeffrey davies on 06 August 2017
Bigotry,respect and All That.
There’s a fascinating coming together around a number of articles on this web site over the past days and months.

A ‘Josh’ guided me to the July Blog by the Editors. They focus on my use of a number of words including bigot. ‘Jo’ in the current page makes her case for not respecting people who use such words about readers and the Editors.

I am well aware that there are some who, erroneously, see the use of the word bigot as almost being fouled mouthed. In fact, however, it is a word with a simple meaning and function in the English language.
The dictionary defines it as :- a bigot is “one who regards, treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance”. Readers will know that Our Stanley has openly admitted to a pathological hatred of Labour and on a daily basis he will construct any excuse to pour his vile hatred on Local and National Labour Politicians. Now, that’s a bigot, sensu stricto!

Continued in menu.......
Posted by David lewis on 06 August 2017
You really don't see yourself ! I totally agree with what the editor said, we are having on opinion on things we actually know is right thats why you get annoyed with stan and we get the abuse from You . We live in the real world and have morels unlike you True Labour. have you started growing your beard yet, and i think you need to read again your response to the letters on these pages.
Posted by colin on 06 August 2017
Yet another rambling, shambling, overlong tirade from ex-Labour Councillor Lewis that really adds nothing to what we have heard from him before. He chides me for a "page long post" (it wasn't) in response to his five liner, and yet the editors have had to provide a separate menu for his posts as once he goes off on one he just goes on - and on - and on. He could bore for Wales - in fact he probably has done in some of his previous council roles. I'm not going to slavishly rebut each of the many errors in his latest rant, it's just not worth the effort. But I see that my descriptions of him as an ignoramus on the subject of ethics and animals, and describing him as a "White Welsh geriatric" have stung, though doubtless he would deny it. The truth can be cruel. Then he has the temerity to lecture myself and others on bigotry. This from the mouth of the man who for years has described the followers of the Ferret as cranks, idiots and worse, just for voicing opinions he doesn't agree with. Who called respondents to Jac o' the North's blog "morons". This is the measure of the man. By all means, disagree. And strongly. But that air of smug, intellectual superiority and abusive descriptions of contributors to the Ferret and other websites permeate his every reply like a bad smell. They reveal the kind of man he is. I am told that someone once said to him, "The trouble with you, Dai, is that you've been educated beyond your ability." Ouch! Give that man a medal because it sums up this irascible, old git to perfection in my eyes.
Posted by Stan on 06 August 2017
For someone who can't say a good word about the Neath Ferret, the editors and the letter writers, why does David Lewis bother? At one time he seemed to enjoy goading people on here. He called it therapy for him. Nowadays he has said he doesn't even get that. So if everything about it seems to irritate him, why waste the valuable time you have left at his advanced age getting involved?

My name is not "Wobert" as David Lewis unfunnily mentioned before. A cheap and unnecessary jibe as was the pathetic attempt to link my earlier comments on the slaughter of animals to racism.

I have also noticed that Mr Lewis is fixated on "our Stanley" these days. Perhaps the two of them should get a room.
Posted by Rob Davies on 06 August 2017
Ha! Well spotted, Rob. I didn't say it myself but I was beginning to feel like I was being stalked by Old Finbarr, who can hardly write a sentence these days without referring to "Our Stanley".

I think I'll pass on your suggestion of getting a room though. But I did pass a sign in Skewen advertising white collar boxing, lol. I bet there's more than a few well fed Labour councillors would pay handsomely to see this event. In fact, it could outsell McGregor v Mayweather!
Posted by Stan on 06 August 2017
Councillors and their iPads
All NPT Councillors now have Apple iPads supplied by the council - they all have WiFi, that is, they all have access to the Internet.
Now, at long last, there is no excuse for any councillor not to know what is on this website and how residents feel about civic matters.
Any councillor ignoring this website is plain silly (putting it a nice way) - rather like an ostrich burying its head to avoid seeing the obvious.
I am pleased to note that this website is now going to highlight councillors for residents to know them beyond their name.
It could be refreshing start to a more positive administration. We must wait and see.
Posted by Charlie on 05 August 2017
Facial hair on men
I wonder how many readers have noticed the current craze for men to have hair on their face.
There could be several reasons for this, it is just that I am wondering if there is a common one.
Is it a matter of sexual awareness and to show that one is not Gay or is it some attraction to the Muslim faith and they just want to copy?
Another reason is that they think they will be more attractive to women.
Of course it could simply be vanity and a way of attracting attention of others.
Perhaps a reader has the answer, because quite honestly I am puzzled.
Posted by Grant on 04 August 2017
I think it's a combination of things, Grant. Different strokes for different folks. But some are influenced by the trend these days for well known personalities to sport facial hair, now usually full beards. I can remember the days when nearly every young man sported a moustache. Some never grew out of it and you'll see today men in their 70's who never could bring themselves to remove it.

The editorial talks about bearded councillors in NPT, and there are quite a few. There'd be quite a few more, but I have been told that lots of the female ones have a Gillette Mach3 at home.
Posted by Stan on 04 August 2017
At least many councillors, Labour included, now have a claim to fame - they have had their photograph in the Neath Ferret.
Nice one Ed, at least it is one way to highlight them!
When is the NPT council going to publish profiles of councillors on their website?
Posted by Jilly on 04 August 2017
Well, it's one way of getting to know your councillors, that is, putting their photo on this website. What great mug-shots!
It has made me, and possibly many other readers, aware of who our councillors are. To many, they have just been names on ballot papers, so is it possible to have more photos on this website?
It would certainly be interesting to see our lady councillors, and this would be of particular interest to 'ordinary' women.
In my opinion it is time we got to know more more about our councillors and for them to take more interest in this website.
Posted by Geof on 05 August 2017
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