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Social benefits and crime
A thought has just occurred to me ; is there a link between the clamp down on social benefit payments and the increase in crime that has recently been reported?
I don’t know the answer, is it just a coincidence I wonder?
Posted by Charlie on 11 October 2018
Royal Wedding
I am sure that most readers, like me, are looking forward the the Queen’s granddaughter getting married on Friday.
It will be a relief from Brexit and other drab news and worth the two million pounds to be spent on security.
Posted by Jill on 08 October 2018
There have been many comments in the press about this and I suspect that behind the scenes it’s a case of treating all the Queen's grandchildren in an equal manner.
No doubt that within the royal family there is a jealously element, just like any other family, and a desire to be treated equally. I refer, of course, to the other royal wedding we had earlier this year.
Posted by Pat on 11 October 2018
School girls wearing skirts
Have you got a preteen or teenage daughter attending school?
If you have then a discussion on LBC Radio this afternoon would have interested you.
The presenter was Shelagh Fogarty who discussed school girls wearing skirts and that some perverts were attract to them.
It was also mentioned that some lads were taking up-skirt photos on their iPhones.
Listeners were asked how could this be controlled.
Is wearing trousers the answer? Surely there must be other ways to stop this? Does your daughter tell you about her have similar problems?
What do other readers think?
Posted by Joan on 08 October 2018
My concern is not about schools uniforms, which serves the purpose of avoiding competition in dress between the rich and poor, but about my 12 year daughter mixing with the wrong crowd at school.
No doubt others have a similar concern and I wonder how they coped with it.
Posted by Jill on 11 October 2018
Increase in crime
At around 4.15pm today the discussion on LBC radio was about the increase in crime.
On the railways it was stated the crime over the past year has increased by 16%. And the railway bosses are trying to get rid of guards!!
Most of the crimes were of a sexual nature and I am beginning to wonder if the internet is largely to blame for this.
The internet is said to be full of sexual images and videos.
In my opinion a security system should apply to all search sites such as Google and Yahoo.
A filter system would make it less easy for under age people, and others. to see sensitive material.
With crime forecast to increase still further we must action now.
Posted by Jean on 07 October 2018
At one time we had a board of censors for films and a certificate was shown on the cinema screen to confirm that the film about to seen had passed it,
I am not sure about present day cinemas but I should imagine the board of censors still exists to certify the permitted age of viewers.
Surely some sort of similar censorship should apply to the internet?
Posted by Jay on 08 October 2018
When I was growing up it was TV that was blamed for everything from violent crime to teenage pregnancy.
(Remember that daft old bat Mary Whitehouse?)

Censorship has never worked and anyone with even the slightest knowledge of how the internet works would easily bypass any filter.
Posted by Nocturne on 08 October 2018
Mary Whitehouse was not daft inasmuch that she upheld morals and became a sort of TV watchdog.
Perhaps someone like her should speak out today, not only about TV but about the degrading stuff on the internet.
As it is, the internet is like an open window allowing flies, wasps and other nasties to fly in.
A mesh or screen would prevent this.
Having an open window on the internet is like waving a green flag to allow everything, with nothing censored.
Safeguards ARE available now, except (with few exceptions) you have to pay for them. I reckon that they should be put on by default and a means made for other options.
If more like Mary Whitehouse stood up and made themselves heard we would have a more moral society.
Posted by Jay on 08 October 2018
The same Mary Whitehouse that objected to the word 'knickers' being used on TV and tried to get Chuck Berry’s My Ding-a-Ling and Alice Cooper's School's Out banned by the BBC.
Her organisation the National Viewers and Listeners Association, gave none other than Jimmy Savile an award for providing wholesome family entertainment.

Yeah, we really need more like her.
Posted by Nocturne on 08 October 2018
The pressure to remove guards from trains has come from the Department for Transport. It is possible that South-West Trains would settle with the unions if it were not for the minister, Chris Grayling.
Posted by Frank Little on 10 October 2018
oh frank Chris grayling the puppet of rtu ids thats dunken smith the old dwp minister who teaching this man then sent him forth to be justice minister were he duly took justice away from the poor then this person gets to play with the trains oh dear whot a Jonah he couldn't run a p up in a brewery
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 October 2018
Absent fathers
The HUFF POST todays highlights the issue of absent fathers in families.
A true convential family is one with a mother AND a father to bring up the children.
Absent fathers, that is where there is no father, leaving a mother to bring up a child on her own, creates many problems as a NPT councillor once told me.
It was stated the majority of problems with children is where there is no father in the household. Basically it amounts to lack of parental control.
One wonders if this developing trait is leading to a breakdown of society as we once knew it.
On top of this we have reductions in the police force and potential cuts in social services.
To mind it is leading to a breakdown in law and order, and recent crime figures appear to confirm this.
We should stop and think and take action before it gets worse with an increasing population.
Posted by Charlie on 07 October 2018
The closing of Police Stations is, in my opinion, contributing to the increase in crime.
Police stations are being closed all over Neath-Port Talbot, even in the town of Port Talbot.
Police Stations, and the one-time police houses, were a deterrent to crime. It now takes longer for police to arrive on a crime scene.
I remember ‘special police’ being available to control special events.
Ok. we don’t want a police state, but we do want a presence to deter crime.
And how about highway patrols? We should have greater police presence on motor-ways to try and monitor the idiots who cause road accidents.
Police cars visible on motor-way bridges would certainly be a deterrent to speeding motorists.
Posted by Jimmy on 07 October 2018
Charlie writes about children without a father hmmm well my mother brought up two without my father we had a very good childhood my mother and gran from water st who raised us well and looking around I see single mothers who do a darn good job raising their children alone without help from these fical fathers perhaps we should look at them not the mothers and children jimmy writes about police loss has a child we saw the bobby every were they had houses in between the council houses even private houses had them but this lot of government have sacked twenty thousand police officers in England how many Wales in London may allowed a private force who were paid 2oo pounds per house a month that patroled these who could afford it now this year she's allowed them outside of London not a murmer about this but its coming were g4s or the likes will be our police we heading for it to quickly
Posted by jeffrey davies on 09 October 2018
Jac O’ The North
In a long article Jac looks at the new Plaid Cymru leader, Adam Price, and mentions the fact that he is gay - openly gay, that is.
I can’t help wondering what reaction Jac would get if he wrote on this website.
It’s out of context but the following was mentioned:

Editorial Note
This has been deleted by the moderator as unfit for this website. Readers can read Jac O' The North's website and form their own conclusion.
Posted by Jake on 06 October 2018
Frank Little’s Blog (in menu)
An interesting point was raised in an item about Germany as to why do other countries dislike (hate) the English.
I hasten to add this feeling tends to exist in many countries and that is why I make a point of saying I am Welsh not English when abroad, even although I speak the English language.
Incidentally, do you remember that when the IRA was active they never bombed anywhere in Wales, at least not as far as I can recall.
Having said all this, I don’t go so far as supporting any team that are playing England like some I know.
I have many English friends and am personally not biased - but am aware that there are some in England who look down on the Welsh.
Posted by Jimmy on 06 October 2018
On the point about comments on Germany, I once worked with a well travelled person who said that the people of many countries say that the British glorify war and that all the parades like the Battle of Britain and remembrance day prove the point.
I don’t necessarily agree with this view but perhaps it does send out the wrong signals to foreigners.
I just hope that the youngsters of today will link these events with the horrors of war and be a way of preventing human beings killing other human beings - what amounts to mass legalised murder .
Posted by Percy on 07 October 2018
The BBC thought police are the worst culprits for 'glorifying war', almost every evening news manages to come up with some story relating to one of the world wars as if they were both recent events.

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the end of the first world war, surely now is the time to consign these events to the history books and move on.
Posted by Nocturne on 07 October 2018
It's not just the BBC. Look at the TV guide and you will see programmes dedicated to the Nazis, or showing world wars in colour, or analysing war planes, all on commercial channels. Conservative-supporting newspapers distract people from troubles at home by reminding them of our glorious past but say nothing of the way mainland Europe has changed since 1945.

Putin is performing the same distraction trick in Russia, boosting the Russian Army (not the Red Army any longer) and making a great show of military exercises.

I am with Nocturne. Let us work to mend our present ills and prevent future wars.
Posted by Frank Little on 10 October 2018
Alleged rape cases
I too have been listening to LBC Radio today and the subject was cases of women accusing men of rape over 20 YEARS or so AFTER the event.
This is utterly rediculous in my opinion.
Surely some sort of statute of limitations should apply, say ten years. No cases should considered beyond that time.
Ten years, or even five years, is plenty long enough to complain about any incident.
Let’s have some sense and reason in these matters.
I hope others will agree with me.
Posted by Charlie on 06 October 2018
Guards on Trains
On LBC Radio this morning there was a discussiion about guards on trains.
I did not join in with the views expressed but I would personally feel safer if there was a guard on the train.
I am not referring to one coach metro’s but those with several carriages.
I remember the time when there was a Guards Van, a coach where I could put my baby’s pram or my bicycle in my younger days.
There used to be porters on stations to help with luggage, making travelling by train a real pleasure.
The attempt to cut back on guards would lead to a further decline in service and a less safer situation.
I believe the public should support rail workers in their efforts to retain guards. After all, the travelling public will benefit and be reassured by have a guard on the train.
Posted by Judy on 06 October 2018
of course its profit driven by cutting staff while a few weeks ago traveling on a French train there was a guard to check your ticket or issue one while back home arriva trains are run by French and German railways funny old world isn't it
Posted by jeffrey davies on 06 October 2018
Theresa May be the best
Thanks to those concerned for putting Theresa May’s speech on the news page as I missed it due to shift work. Also thanks for the additional comments on diabetes, especially details of the symtoms, which can alert people at an early stage.
It was good to hear someone talking up our country instead of running it down as some people do.
Whilst I believe socialist principles I think the Conservative party are better at handling the economy because Labour have always left it in a mess. Good intentions maybe, but hopeless at management.
I just hope that May’s speech will inspire many doubters to believe in ourselves to make us the best country in the world.
Posted by Clive on 04 October 2018
lets look back Clive at the last labour gov who changed labour to little tories and made councils pay heftier wages to their top officials yes they made them greedy but looking at our figures we owed was well a lot less than this fraudulent gov who have robbed us under the guise of austerity oh whot a maybot .whot does her husband sit on a board of directors who overseer the pension fund pot that owns many a bizzness that wins contracts under may you got to be blinkered not to see that this lot should be brought before the courts but hay whot do I now im just a oap without a brain
Posted by jeffrey davies on 05 October 2018
Good Lord, how can anyone have faith in this totally incompetent woman as she blunders on without any sort of plan?
She can't even convince her own party to back her let alone the country.

As for the Tories being better "at handling the economy" there's not much evidence of this looking around Neath.
Posted by Noturne on 05 October 2018
Would you rather Boris Johnson?
Posted by Jemma on 05 October 2018
Many Conservatives understand finance. The trouble is that most of them use politics to further their own ends (see Private Eye or the financial pages of our more liberal newspapers for details). I would except the present Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, and Ken Clarke, both of whom had a business rather than financial services background. I have the impression that Hammond is swimming against the tide, though.

Just as much of a handicap is the lack of experience of local government on the government benches. Theresa May boasts of her time as a councillor but that was over twenty years ago in an affluent ward of south-west London.

There were some suggestions in speeches from the Conservative's annual rally that the cap on council borrowing in England will be removed and that central government support will be increased. But it all comes very late, still has to pass the Treasury, and will Labour in Cardiff follow suit?
Posted by Frank Little on 10 October 2018
the end
yes my English is getting worse has of yet the ferret closing its doors hmm how many will say move it to another website
Posted by jeffrey davies on 02 October 2018
It's very sad Jeffrey i suppose nothing good lasts for ever and regarding your english no one if perfect my wife and i enjoy reading your posts and Stans find it very interesting and you both have made us smile also ,Stan said it has it was and was very truthfull and that's what upset same people The Truth Hurts you have helped people with your posts because they know there are other people going through things also and they are not the only one's thanks for that .
Posted by Cecil on 02 October 2018
Information to whom ii may concern
Over a year ago the Orange network, who years earlier took over Freeserve, decided to discontinue their email facility.
The result was that many readers lost the email address of many contacts due to the fact that there was a problem in saving them.
Orange was taken over by EE, which made the matter more complicated.
It should therefore be noted we do not have contact details of anyone writing to this website.
In addition to this, and unlike Facebook, we do not store any information of readers, making this the most secure social media website on the internet.
Messages have been received marked NOT for publication - but for privacy, and the reasons stated above, we regret we cannot reply to them.
Posted by Editor on 02 October 2018
Disappointed with the BBC
I am disappointed with the BBC and I now think they are not so democratic as I once thought.
I wrote to them with an idea to cover what I thought was a glaring gap in their schedule of programmes,
Back came this reply:
“......we aren’t in a position to entertain programme ideas from the public as we do not have the resources to review ideas and enter a discussion about them.....”
Apparently a standard letter from a ‘faceless one' and an effective way to block any listeners views.
So if you got ideas about what you would like to watch then don't waste your time writing to them.
And, in any case, forget about emails, this is what they said about them:
"We do not use email addresses, this is to ensure all contacts from our audience are logged and tracked centrally, this has helped us to reduce the amount of spam we receive and improved our reporting of audience reaction to BBC personnel, including programme makers and senior staff."
So they want audience reaction but NOT new ideas.
They apparently decide what we should see on our screens. Surely this is NOT good enough when we have to pay a licence to watch it?
Posted by Joey on 30 September 2018
you got to be kidding they had ;loads of emails about themselves the bunch of self serving Torys are the bbc the tory propaganda machine but they pick the wrong masters has the Torys would rather leave Murdock take them under his wing then the they moan we lost our jobs but bbc isn't whot we the peasants pay a licence for has it goes its own merry way
Posted by jeffrey davies on 30 September 2018
Posted by Joey on 30 September 2018
hmm j can't you work it out the bbc doesn't do democratic they a bunch of self serving tories
Posted by jeffrey davies on 02 October 2018
According to Jacob Rees-Mogg most people in the UK will be able to offset any adverse negative Brexit effects with their savings, shares, bonds, inheritance and work expenses.

Nothing to worry about there then.
Posted by Nocturne on 30 September 2018
after the banisters the dodgy sales people who handle your shares. and your savings been didled out of by that fraudster who ask you did you want to make vast fortune with it oh dear don't they live in a different world
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 October 2018
I'm sure the millions of working class people that voted out have their 'shares, bonds and inheritance'to fall back on in times of economic hardship.

Posted by Nocturne on 01 October 2018
Tattoo Problem
My twelve year old twins want a body tattoo and I am trying my best to discourage them and to wait a few years until their bodies stop growing.
Am I right in doing this? They say that others of the same age have got tattoos so why not them.
They may have been influenced by David Beckham, who is something of a role model to them.
Perhaps if some readers supported me I could show them the comments.
I feel sure that other mothers and fathers have had this problem for what seems to the craze these days.
I personally think that tattoos disfigure the body and something should be done to discourage people from having them.
Experiences of others would also be appreciated, including those who now regret having a tattoo in their younger days.
Posted by Greeta on 29 September 2018
I’d agree to wait a couple of years, at least unti their skin has become sunbed seasoned. Or until they have their own kids as it’s (tattoos that is) a great way of remembering their name and date of birth.
My grandmother should have done that years ago as she was always confusing me with the dog.
Posted by Billysilly on 29 September 2018
Had the same problem with my two they are in their early thrities and they are glad they didn't have one. Famous lasts words when they were younger they would say everybody is having one we all now different not everybody is having one they are far two young to have a tattoo I'm sure it against the law to have a tattoo until they are I might be wrong my two are glad now they didn't have one because it would be with them for the rest of their lives they should make that decision when they are a lot older .
Posted by Cecil on 29 September 2018
Sorry missed it's against the law until they are 18 .might be wrong good luck.
Posted by Cecil on 29 September 2018
When a youngster says his/hers friends have got one, they may be referring to a transfer that is not permanent.
As Cecil rightly says, it is illegal for anyone to have a proper tattoo if they are under the age of 18.
Posted by John on 29 September 2018
I think Greeta needs to encourage her kids to have non tattood role models, now all he’s good for is overpriced whiskey, bad smelling aftershave and sticking two fingers up to the plebs by paying an overpriced solicitor for getting him off a speeding charge, for the second time.
Posted by Billysilly on 30 September 2018
I found this with an internet search, which may e helpful for Greeta to know what her youngsters are on about when they say others have them.
"f you are looking for temporary tattoos (fake tattoos), you came to the right place! Here you 'll find thousands of the worlds best designed temporary tattoos. Our tattoo stickers are 100% nontoxic and kids safe. Choose your favorite tribal, Chinese, dragon, heart, flower, fairy, banana, scorpion or other temporary tattoo now!”
A search on Google will reveal the source.
Posted by Glan on 30 September 2018
Who has a tattoo of a banana? Seriously?
Posted by Monk on 30 September 2018
Who has a tattoo of a banana? Seriously? a monkey perhaps
Posted by jeffrey davies on 01 October 2018
Touché, Jeff.
Posted by Billysilly on 01 October 2018
The development of Neath
Good to hear the news about the start of the Neath shopping development.
I hope it will start with work on the sewer that runs under Water Street because that is long overdue.
Also, I sincerely hope the planners are going to cater for short stay disabled car driver spaces in the new shopping area as it is NOT possible for them to walk from the multi-story car park.
As other readers have said, the future of Neath depends on car parking, and especially for disabled drivers.
Posted by Charlie on 27 September 2018
Is there a new country called England and Wales.
Posted by Politico on 24 September 2018
For statistics and reporting, yes it’s been there a long time.
Posted by Monk on 24 September 2018
Listening to the BBC national news it would appear Scotland is already independent as it's rarely mentioned in official figures.

Maybe that's why devolution has worked out far better for Scotland than Wales.

Posted by Nocturne on 25 September 2018
This is not the devolution that I thought I was voting for another con by the labour party.
Posted by David on 25 September 2018
in Wales we have that magic roundabout were vast fortunes are made Scotland the Same yet we are governd by London can't the tax payers see 3 magic roundabouts were tax payers monies are squandered yet pay for our crap paper they get it on expenses until that day the peoples wake up
Posted by jeffrey davies on 26 September 2018
It is about time the welsh people woke up and took control for themselves and stop putting the blame on other people no more excuses and be wales not England and wales.
Posted by John Davies on 26 September 2018
4 weekly bin collections
Conwy council seem ready to go ahead with this, I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before npt go to 3 weeks.
I struggle as it is, I fill both white bags every week, put out the food bin, fill the glass box about every 4-6 weeks (sometimes weekly if I have something going on), I fill grass bags, anything else I take to the tip or pay to get rid, I reuse, I mend, what else can I do? My black bin is full within a week.
Posted by Monk on 24 September 2018
On the plus point there will be an abundance of rats, which will be a great source of meat post Brexit.
Posted by Billysilly on 25 September 2018
I don't think there will be much of a chance of the public to have a share of any of Billy Silly's post Brexit supply of meat. Nor would I think they would want it.

RAT MEAT is said to be consumed mainly by Zombie's!! So I bet our Caring, Sharing Neath Port Talbot labour councillors will make sure they grab more than their share of it without any doubt. Especially if they let show their pre Brexit attitudes towards freebie's. Then our bin collection will be allowed to go to 6 weekly intervals. So that it will produce more rats for their consumption.
Posted by Dai Dust on 05 October 2018
Franklin Graham speaks out

This thread is removed due to the objections by several readers.

This is not the first time that an item has been taken down by the editorial team but it could be the last because the website will be closing down at the end of this year.

One of several reasons is the loss of support by prime contributors.

We wish to thank all those who have made the Neath Ferret a lively and controversial website over the 11 years it has been in operation. There have been 11,618 posts to this page up until today and this reflects on the interest shown during the time is has been on line.

We hope that we have brought various issues to light and given readers the satisfaction of expressing themselves on what has basically been a social media website.

No further posts will be published on this topic.
..... Editor
Posted by Jacob on 24 September 2018
The end of the Ferret? Surely not. It fills a need. Can nothing be done to save it?
Posted by Frank Little on 27 September 2018
Can this be true?
I have just read: British public to be given knife, bomb and shooting first aid training for terror attacks.
The Independent:
Members of the public will be trained to treat victims of terror attacks in the aftermath of incidents, under a nationwide programme launched by the police, The Independent can reveal.

Posted by Cadman on 23 September 2018
Should there be a limit on what the press reports?
Is it right that the press should disgrace Donald Trump, or anyone else if it comes that, by reporting what a woman says about his penis, viz:

“He knows he has an unusual penis,” Daniels writes. “It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool …

“I lay there, annoyed that I was getting f****d by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart ...

“It may have been the least impressive sex I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t share that opinion.”

I have deleted part of what was written by someone called Stormy Daniels, but the point is should it have been reported the way it was and does the press go to far?
Would you like to read comments like that from a woman who has been with Boris Johnson, who has been in the news lately with his private life?
Posted by Jake on 19 September 2018
Who cares thats all she's thinking about is £££ ,Nasty get a grip .
Posted by Cecil on 22 September 2018
Sir Vince Cable shines at conference
There is no doubt in my mind that Sir Vince Cable is the brightest light in present day politics.
I say this after listening to his speech today at the Liberal Democrat conference.
Before anyone criticises my view they must listen to his speech first.
I sincerely hope it will be put on Youtube for others to hear.
The only reservation I have is Cables view on Brexit, but I hasten to say he could be right about this.
As far as all other issues are concerned, there is no doubt in my mind that he has the right ideas for the future of this country.
He is, in my opinion, head and shoulders above Corbyn and May and what he said at the conference should be listened to.
At last we have someone in politics who is down to earth with a policy that can help those who need it, including our NHS.
Vince Cable has the power to influence people and motivate them to do their best. I just hope my words will urge readers to at least listen to what he had to say.
Posted by Clifford on 18 September 2018
The 'brightest light in British Politics' had his opportunity to shine when he was a part of the Tory/Lib Dem coalition Government in 2010.

Didn't he oversee the Royal Mail sell off?

He's past it.
Posted by Peter M on 19 September 2018
I agree with Clifford. The question is: do we Lib Dems really need to find a Justin Trudeau lookalike when Bernie Sanders showed in the States that the wisdom of years is also attractive?
Posted by Frank Little on 19 September 2018
Irrespective what the age of the leader the Lib Dems is or whom they choose, they have a mountain to climb for voters to trust them again after the 2010 coalition.

Remember Clegg and Cable shouting about the Tory Tax bombshell?

They voted with the Tories to increase VAT to 20%
Tuition Fees ?
Royal Mail?

They are/were desperate for power.

It's easy to promise anything if you don't have to deliver, which the Lib Dems (and their predecessors Liberals) have done for decades.

Now they want a 'People's Vote' re Brext? Didn't we have one 2 years ago? They fought the last ellection stating we should have a 2nd Referendum, and they were slaughtered.
Posted by Peter M on 19 September 2018
It would seem that Labour supporters have not forgiven the Lib-Dems for they way they cuddled up to the Conservatives as part of the coalition in a previous session of parliament.
But look at it this way - they were like a jockey controlling a runaway race horse.
Although they could not have all their way, as with students fees, neither could the Tories have alll their own way.
They were a moderate calming party that kept the Tories in check.
I hope the writers of the above posts and critics of Vince Cable will listen to his speech, which is now on the NEWS page of this website.
Only after listening to what he has to say, including the Swansea Tidal Lagoon, that they should make comments on this page.
It is certainly worth comparing him with Jeramy Corbin and Thersa May, as I do.
Posted by Godfrey on 19 September 2018
The speech by Jo Swinson (deputy leader) owned up that we could have done more to resist Tory impositions. We would not make those mistakes again if we were in a coalition. However, as she also pointed out, we had successes too - the triple lock on state pensions, raising the tax threshold and equal marriage. These were things which Labour did not achieve even with its huge majority, and which Conservatives before the 2010 election said would not work. Vince specifically was involved in setting up the Green Investment Bank (now disgracefully flogged off to a dodgy Australian conglomerate) and stopping the closure of post offices. There was also the pledge to electrify the main line to Swansea which was reneged on after Conservatives gained total control again.

I think our people should have pulled out of the coalition once the economy had stabilised rather than submit to Conservatives' attacks on the social state (and I said so at the time) but clearly something had to be done in 2010 when trust had to be regained on the international money markets, as other economies were crashing around us.
Posted by Frank Little on 20 September 2018
What strong leadership candidates Plaid as to the rest of the political partys have in wales. They are head and shoulders above the Labour candidates in my humble opinion.
Posted by Politico on 18 September 2018
Eluned Morgan may still receive the requisite number of nominations and is better qualified than the so-far confirmed candidates.
Posted by Frank Little on 19 September 2018
What good would a Plaid government bring to Wales? In my opinion they would be divisive for the country, they will not compromise for Example, language, Wales is 80% English speaking now if you like watching rugby with the pro 14 on telly and you don't speak welsh you can't understand what they are saying.Why is this happening? because S4C Obtained the contract from the BBC, When the BBC had it they give the viewers a choice of language S4C does not give a choice. that to me gives you an insight to how much contempt they have for non welsh speakers a few years down the line they could prove to be a dangerous outfit.
Posted by trevor on 20 September 2018
I agree with this view point. I believe that Plaid would have a greater number of supporters if it were not for the language barrier.
It is a shame that many Welshmen, myself included, should think this way because Plaid have Wales at heart.
The party must realise that the majority only speak English, a language that is recognised worldwide.
A two tier Welsh language assembly would NOT be a good thing. Plaid must realise this if they want to be a powerful force in our lovely country.
Posted by Gronfred on 20 September 2018
The only advantage in speaking Welsh is when dealing with unwanted telephone calls because the caller doesn’t know what the hell you are saying and quickly hang up.
Posted by Jenny on 20 September 2018
Plaid is for everyone in wales welsh speaking or not.
Posted by david on 20 September 2018
well if that is the case Why doesn't S4C allow a bilingual service for non welsh speakers,but the real reason is they are Anti- English it is as simple as that. And that will be their downfall. David.
Posted by trevor on 21 September 2018
what has plaid got to do with the running of s4c. I live in a area that seventy five per cent of the people of the people who voted done so for the plaid candidate I don't think they were all welsh speakers.
Posted by David on 21 September 2018
S4C Have moved from Cardiff to Welsh speaking stronghold of Carmarthen,I did not say that plaid were running S4C, the common denominator is the language
Posted by trevor on 22 September 2018
has a gap in the door so to speak let me into this s4c 4 and channel 5 all get monies from our licence fees to bbc yet these are privatised tv so tell me how is it like our railways they get out taxes hmmm
Posted by jeffrey davies on 22 September 2018
it seems to me that trevor has contempt for welsh speakers and anything that is welsh maybe welsh speakers should not watch rugby.
Posted by David on 22 September 2018
Trevor do you not have a Red button on your remote control?
English commentary is available for both Football an Rugby shown live on S4c and also major events like the Royal Welsh and the Eisteddfod.

Or are you as I suspect just an anti-Welsh troll?
Posted by Nocturne on 23 September 2018
Yes Nocturne I do have a red button on my remote but S4C does not give me a choice, look I am not anti welsh far from it but my argument is give people a choice S4C does not do this when 80% of WELSH people don't speak Welsh, I cant think of many countries where they would be allowed to get away with this behaviour. David I am very proud to be Welsh,But I was brought up to see the others point of view, And no, Welsh speakers should not stop watching rugby just allow other people who cant speak Welsh to enjoy it the same by giving them a choice which S4C are denying them
Posted by trevor on 24 September 2018
Trevor, how can you say 'S4C does not give me a choice', when it clearly does via the red button?
Posted by Nocturne on 25 September 2018
Well trevor I cant think of many countries who would allow people like you to run themselves down.
Posted by David on 25 September 2018
Nocturne you are obviously not a rugby fan otherwise you would have noticed the red button does not operate if it did we would not be having this conversation. David we live in a country where our forefathers fought to preserve our freedom of speech, well it is a good job most people have not got your attitude towards free speech.
Posted by trevor on 26 September 2018
Trevor how dare people give their children welsh names and send them to welsh schools the might want to watch s4c.
Posted by David on 26 September 2018
Nocturne Trevor's Red Button will never work on PRO14 matches and it's nothing at all to do with S4C they would love to to broadcast English commentary but they are not able to premier sports paid a lot of money for exclusive rights to pro14 and this is a clause in the contract so if you want English you will have to pay .
The alternative is to learn WELSH.
Posted by Phil osopher on 26 September 2018
Philosopher, That is a different argument,but don't run away with your statement " you will have to pay" We do pay the BBC gives S4C millions of taxpayers money yes English speaking taxpayers and some Welsh speaking taxpayers as regards for the English speakers for what?
Posted by trevor on 27 September 2018
Plaid has nothing to do with s4c and philosopher is right premier sports have exclusive rights to pro 14 .Every Welsh person I know speaks English I think we would be much better off if Plaid ran our country look at the mess we are in with Labour need to replace Leanne Wood think plaid would get more votes and replace with someone like Martin Peters .
Posted by Cecil on 27 September 2018
I think Martyn is a dam good councillor but I don't think he could be or would want to be leader of plaid he does is own thing and is very good at it and I think plaid are happy with that.
Posted by David on 28 September 2018
Someone Like Martin Peter's David.
Posted by Cecil on 28 September 2018
Sorry Cecil I agree with you somebody who the people respect.
Posted by David on 28 September 2018
Were the Tonna Community Council considered?
On Friday 14th Sept 2018, at the Barratt 'Cwm Celyn' site at Neath Road, Tonna.
Not only were the 'on site' roadside trees cut down, but the roadside Council trees were cut down, these trees were on the roadside grass bank on the outside of the 'Cwm Celyn' site fence.

These trees were planted some years ago by the Tonna Community Council.

Were the Tonna Community Council considered, and were they in agreement with this?
If not, compensation and replacement trees would be in order!
Posted by Vern. on 17 September 2018
The local councillor would have been contacted ,
Posted by David on 17 September 2018
Sad but hardly surprising Vern.It would be interesting to know what the Community Council members said when this item was discussed at their meeting given that this development was to say the least, controversial when given permission.
After all,the purchase and planting of the trees was done via public money.
Also,i wonder if the developer has been directed to plant replacements throughout the site.
Posted by T Griffiths on 18 September 2018

"The local councillor would have been contacted"
Posted by David on 17 September 2018

But was there contact? I doubt it David.


"It would be interesting to know what the Community Council members said when this item was discussed at their meeting given that this development was to say the least, controversial when given permission"
Posted by T Griffiths on 18 September 2018.

Considering that there was no Tonna Community Council meeting in August (Holiday Period) and the Sept meeting has not taken place yet, I doubt they had been contacted.
It will be interesting to hear what will be on the agenda and discussed in the next meeting.
Posted by Vern. on 27 September 2018
Maybe the Sept meeting had taken place before the trees were cut down and we will have wait until the October meeting?
Posted by Vern. on 27 September 2018
Bus station to move to train station?
Has anyone heard the rumour about the bus station at Victoria Gardens moving to the train station forecourt?
Many people will remember the Western Welsh buses that ran from this location.
I hope others will agree with me that this makes a lot of sense.
Train passengers arriving at Neath train station will have buses right outside to convey them to various districts,
Conversely, bus travellers can be taken straight to the station.
It is, in my opinion, high time we had an integrated and co-ordinated transport system here in Neath.
I don’t know if it is on the cards, but demolition of the old and empty Post Office would give additional valuable space and perhaps room for a taxi rank.
If other readers support this idea it may encourage the council to go ahead with the project..
The present bus station could, perhaps, be made into a secondary taxi rank, which would allow development to take place in the Old Market Street area,
Alternatively, it could provide valuable short term parking - and ideal for events at Victoria Gardens.
It is time that Neath moved forward with the times.
Posted by Clark on 16 September 2018
In full agreement Clark.

They weren’t stupid in times past, so let's hope it's a case of 'Back To The Future'.
When things were more orderly and in the interests of the traveller.
(Time Traveller or Present Traveller) 
Posted by Vern. on 17 September 2018
Not sure the parade and Croft road could handle that volume of traffic?
Posted by Monk on 17 September 2018
The use of Queen Street Back Road is the answer to your comment.
Perhaps the use of this road by buses would encourage the council and property owners to give it a facelift - currently there is a tree growing out of the back door of what I believe is Peacocks store.
Posted by Clark on 17 September 2018
I didn’t think of that road, that’s not a bad idea!
Posted by Monk on 17 September 2018
the only fly in the ointment that old and empty Post Office who ones it now has the post office was sold to a pension fund who now owns po do they also own this property has the po is two buildings look at it from the front and on the left is the very old po which was to the postmen a snooker room darts room and such until its demise I just wonder who owns it
Posted by jeffrey davies on 17 September 2018
I am all for this, replacing the botch job at Victoria Gardens, which is probably unlawful as far as disabled access is concerned.

Once upon a time, there would have been no difficulty. The GPO buildings and the station were all in public ownership so it would have been possible to draw up an agreed scheme incorporating a transport interchange and a modernised Royal Mail centre.

Posted by Frank Little on 19 September 2018
It should be noted that the old stone built Post Office is a listed building.
It is, however, sad to see that it is not maintained and looked after like a listed building should be.
The broken windows at the front is just one example of what I mean.
Someone, somewhere, should look into this (I don’t mean the broken windows) and restore the look of the building, which is now becoming an eye sore.
The other old Post Office next to it, the one that looks like a dirty pre-fab building and now empty, is the one that could be demolished to make extra space for a bus station.
Having said this, I believe the upstairs floor is still being used by the Royal Mail. Therefore thought should given to using the listed building next door, which I assume is still owned by the Post Office,
Of course, all this may be too difficult for the Post Office to comprehend because the whole organisation is one big shambles who put profit before the needs of society.
Posted by Jimmy on 19 September 2018
I agree with frank on Victoria gardens bus station which was designed by N.P.T council, All our Trains,Buses,Taxi's should be in the same area. The old stone built post office should preserved it could be a museum for the town? As regards to the now empty post office which again is shame, Its demise is down to our membership of the EU they forced our government to privatised the post office.
Posted by trevor on 21 September 2018
Is it a game?
I went down to Wilcos today to get a few bags of dog food being a blue badge holder the disabled car park directly outside is a godsend. When I arrived today I was faced with a new sign which read "This car park will close on the 17th Sept due to regeneration".
I also noticed that the public parking spaces from the Greyhound to the Prince of Wales drive has been turned into another taxi rank!
I really think our council are playing a game called "What else can we do to take the pi*s out of the people of Neath".
Posted by Phil osopher on 16 September 2018
Just got back from there and they are removing taxi rank signs that have only been down for a couple of days Neath is a joke !What a waste of money .
I have also seen the sign disabled parking closed from tommorow outside wilko disgusting!!!!The labour council are finishing Neath off.
Posted by Cecil on 16 September 2018
Many people I have spoken to think that Wilko is a little out of the way. Losing the disabled car spaces is making it worse.
The council must remember that we are an ageing population and that we want MORE disabled car parking spaces in Neath.
As another reader said, the future of the town depends on car parking.
Fit and younger people can, of course, use the multi-story car park.
One must remember that disabled people can only walk short distances.
Posted by Jimmy on 16 September 2018
Trago Mills for Neath?
The only way Neath will survive is to improve car parking and the shallow angle parking spaces (mentioned by another reader) is a good positive idea where the width of the road/street allows.
The other consideration is a Trago Mills type of development, making it different to other towns.
We have got the space and the cost of this type of development would be a lot less to produce than a conventional shopping centre.
Moreover - a Trago Mills development would suit the character of the town.
Posted by Charlie on 15 September 2018
Sir Samuel Thomas Evans
This great son of Skewen died on 12th September 1918. I have just been informed that St John's church is to hold a commemoration service on the centenary at 11 a.m.

Posted by Frank Little on 12 September 2018
I’d not heard of him until I read your post Frank.
Good on St. John’s for doing this
Posted by Monk on 12 September 2018
Credit also to the Skewen Historical Society. I did not make the service, but I did meet Jeremy Stuehmeyer and members of the Society after. Jeremy is a descendant of Sir Sam's grandparents and is a family-tree maker. He is following up the American connection.
Posted by Frank Little on 19 September 2018
jeffs posts
David hencke asks Since publication of the report the events at Gosport are now the subject of an independent police inquiry so I cannot take up any cases involving Gosport.
However since the report’s publication a number of people have contacted me on my website with allegations of a similar nature in other parts of the country,
As a result I have started investigations into these and would welcome other people – relatives of former patients, NHS staff or lawyers representing them- to contact me in confidence as I am actively looking at this issue.
The aim will be to publicise and investigate these fresh allegations to find out what happened to their relatives and seek explanations from the various hospitals who were responsible for their treatment.
Posted by jeffrey davies on 11 September 2018
What on Earth are you talking about?
Posted by P C on 16 September 2018
Excellent post Jeff!so sad to hear what these people have gone through and good luck with your reserch.
Posted by Cecil on 16 September 2018
hmmm were does one reply iv given you the authors name google it read it yourself pc
Posted by jeffrey davies on 17 September 2018
Jeffrey is referring to a scandal at a hospital in Gosport, Hampshire, where patients were routinely given unnecessarily high doses of painkiller which led to many deaths. A Web search on "Gosport hospital deaths" will link to the story. It is disturbing if this really is going on in Wales as well.
Posted by Frank Little on 19 September 2018
The fair
This is a controversy post.
What are folks opinion on the fair? I understand it’s historical importance and don’t want it removed, but its naff, has little of interest in the stalls apart from cheap clothes and lighters, and I doubt brings much trade to the shops.
Any thoughts? Should the council be more restrictive in what they allow to try to make it more up market?
Posted by Avocado on 10 September 2018
Spoken to a lot of traders about this , they lose a lot of custom fair week as a lot of regular customers keep away from Neath .also traders find it very difficult to park.but what can we do nothing .
Posted by Cecil on 10 September 2018
I can confirm this. My barber says he gets fewer customers in during fair week.
Posted by Clem on 11 September 2018
I don't go to that town much any more rather go to Carmarthen where I often see my councillor what does that tell you.
Posted by Neath boy on 11 September 2018
Just been for a walk around neath nice to see the old wilkos/multi car park thrown open for the fair traders to use, welcomed as usual.
Can't do it for our own.
Also the end of commercial street near Watkins welding is a dead ringer for Trecco Bay.
I must say working in the retail trade in Neath for over 50 years the fair never give give us any extra trade,quite the the opposite in fact, also in the post weeks buisness was slow because people were spent out,this money unfortunately didn't go into local tills it heads off up the M5 and M6 on a Saturday night all we are left with is a load of rubbish a bit like our council I suppose.
Posted by Phil osopher on 11 September 2018
I worked in the Times Furnishers in Queen Street for many years,and every time the annual fair arrived our takings would go right down.
The fair does not generate business for the local shops
Posted by Mike Davies on 14 September 2018
I walked around the street stalls yesterday and thought it was more like a FOOD FAYRE.
There were food stalls everywhere and often big gaps between them where stalls used to be in previous years.
Phil Saunders had his usual spot on the square, attracting huge crowds as usual.
Nothing stops the same forever and this certainly applies to the fair, at least, the street side of it.
Posted by Suzanne on 14 September 2018
It is time they built a double decker car park at Morrisons in Neath.
I had a job to get in yesterday with motorists parking there to go to the fair.
The future of Neath revolves around easy car parking
Posted by Jimmy on 14 September 2018
(Quote from Jimmy)
"The future of Neath revolves around easy car parking".

Very true Jimmy.

My suggestion to use a shallow angle diagonal parking system in Neath was dismissed with contempt when I've brought this suggestion up before.
This has proved to be a easier and safer way of parking in other places.
But then, I have a very positive can-do attitude which is as rare as hens teeth in our local administration.
Posted by Vern. on 14 September 2018
Great video of the September Neath FaIr on the front (HOME) page. Thanks Mike!
Posted by Jane on 16 September 2018
Rhos housing development
Posted on 07 September 2018
Posted on 07 September 2018
Boris Johnson for PM?
Posted on 03 September 2018
Road side eye sight checks
Posted on 03 September 2018
Burka Selfie
Posted on 02 September 2018
MOD land for sale
Posted on 29 August 2018
Though provoking programme
Posted on 29 August 2018
Aldi - see News Page
Posted on 29 August 2018
Fantastic breathtaking videos
Posted on 28 August 2018
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