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Heroin Use Neath - Western Mail
Yesterday's Western Mail magazine ran a full lead article on Neath being the Heroin 'capital' of Wales. It is a disgraceful advertisement for our town.

Where are the local Police? Surely they don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to catch these users and dealers, I see them openly using drugs when I walk around the town in the mornings with my grandchildren.

The leader of NPTCBC is an ex police officer himself, can he use his influence and put any pressure on the local police to attempt to actually address this problem?

There must be a consequence for the local head of Neath Police if this isn't addressed, it seems such a straight forward problem to rectify.

Arrest these people !!!

Posted by Peter M on 24 June 2018
Politicians in Wales misread Brexit?
There's a very interesting article on Brexit in WalesOnline, with politicians from the Remain campaign saying things like, "we didn't listen enough to people". Clearly, but they also made other catastrophic errors in Wales, including fronting the Labour campaign with Lord Peter Hain, and launching it with that famous picture of him with a smirking Lord Kinnock and Carwyn Jones, telling us staying in was in our interests. Talk about a death wish! Personally, I still have doubt I'll ever see the Brexit I voted for, as the Establishment are pulling out all the stops to scupper it and have done so for the last two years.

The Conservative MP for Monmouthshire, David Davies, is quoted thus, about how he believes many people in jobs that relied on "the system" stayed mute because of fears of voicing an opinion:

“The Remain campaign are just surprised because they didn’t realise just how many people are deeply unhappy because they won’t talk to them, and the moment they do hear a view that they disagree with they’ll denounce it as being racist or xenophobic or whatever but they don’t hear that view".

Now where have I seen that exact same attitude recently?
Posted by Stan on 24 June 2018
We'll keep a welcome .......
There's a very interesting article in the Daily Mail (online) about a pub near Bangor, North Wales which had a bad review on Trip Advisor because allegedly customers resorted to speaking Welsh when some English customers came in, then put the Juke Box on. They went to the pub next door in disgust. The landlord's reply is a gem - because there's no other pub in half a mile of him. And he writes a cracking response about how he had the same trouble when he went to pubs in Hungary, France, Italy (or somewhere anyway) speaking Welsh, and the cheek of it - the customers and landlords spoke in Hungarian, French, Italian etc. Worth a read because his reply is much better than I've told it.

Sad to see though are the replies to the article from our friends across Offa's Dyke and the bitterness, even worse, towards us. I don't mind this, and the vast majority of English people I know are great, no problem at all, and are brilliant company. The reason I don't mind the bad attitude in the Mail is it will only hasten the day when we decide to be our own masters. Who would want to be in a Union where you are regarded as unpleasant, ignorant and sheep sh******, some of the milder criticisms of us expressed in the Mail?
Posted by Stan on 22 June 2018
A few years back an English guy called a Radio5 phone-in about the Welsh language to tell us, he had once gone into a pub in Wales and everyone started speaking Welsh once they heard his English accent.

The presenter then asked him 'where in Wales was the pub'.
After a long pause the caller replied, 'er.......Port Talbot'.
Posted by Nocturne on 23 June 2018
Giant rat near hospital
I was waiting for the traffic lights to change at the entrance to Neath Port Talbot hospital when the biggest rat I have ever seen crossed the road.
This makes me ask if rodent operatives have been reduced with council cutbacks.
I sincerely hope not as this is a heath and safety matter.
In some areas grass on road sides is not being cut and this can attract vermin.
Any reader noticing rodent activity should report it and write to this website as I have done.
Posted by Cloe on 22 June 2018
With the current spell of warm weather I have noticed an increase in snake activity - again a factor with uncut grass.
Walkers should take extra care with footwear, especially wearing sandals.
Being alert to this can avoid a nasty surprise when out walking.
Posted by Sam on 22 June 2018
Are you sure it wasn't Boyo Kinnock out for a jog, Cloe?
Posted by Stan on 22 June 2018
Love Island
Well it's certainly not the UK at the moment. I have never watched a single episode nor am I likely to but it's getting phenomenal viewing figures and already in Series 4 is it? Where are we going? If this is the kind of drivel people are watching on TV then sharing on social media and in discussions over a coffee, then I think it's all up on us as a civilisation.

Things were far better in my day when we had 'Til Death Us Do Part and Love Thy Neighbour. Chubby Brown in the Grand was good entertainment as well.
Posted by Stan on 22 June 2018
Minimum alcohol pricing
I'm sure many disagree with me but I'm not in favour with minimum alcohol pricing now to be implemented in Wales. I'm all for increasing public awareness of the dangers of excessive drinking, and we all see the unfortunate effects of over-imbibing on the streets of our towns and cities every weekend particularly. Yet, current evidence suggests that lots of people are now drinking less and many do not drink at all - very encouraging. But how will this thing work? Significantly, no price has yet been set by the WAG but presumably it will echo Scotland at 50 pence a unit. I reckon those who go out of their way to source maximum bang for your buck and pick the strong, cheap drinks just to get drunk will simply find a source of cheap alcohol from elsewhere, or as some charities have predicted look for a hit from more dangerous sources, maybe drugs. The genie's out of the bottle in the UK now but I thought the Queensland, Australia model was good when I went there. If you wanted to buy alcohol for consumption at home you had to go to a bottle shop - effectively an off licence. Supermarkets and general stores there are not allowed to sell alcohol. It's way different to here but seemed to work fine.

I don't think the minimum pricing will significantly effect me but I really do wonder if this thing is necessary and if it will have the beneficial results on people's drinking and health that the Assembly predicts. Can't help feeling it's old Nanny State interfering in things it shouldn't.
Posted by Stan on 20 June 2018
Continuaion of thread - Condell and FREEDOM
The thread on Pat Condell continues
with a two part post from Stan and response by Huw:
Posted by Ed on 19 June 2018

Replies should continue in this section and kept to a maximum of 250 words.
Posted by Ed on 20 June 2018
Part 1
Oh, I do apologise for offending your acute, liberal sensitivities, Huw. So I'm a shameless racist for watching Condell speak and stating I don't take issue with much he says about Islam in the video on this website? There's a great deal of deflection in your latest tirade, by accident or design I'm not sure, but nevertheless I'll try and respond in a positive fashion.

Just to try and put you straight, I have no "deep sympathy" for any "ultra nationalist and racist agenda" and if you knew events in my life over the last few months you wouldn't have made such a ridiculous statement. What I hold dear, and always have, is the right for people to express opinions that others might find extremely uncomfortable and unpalatable- but within the law. I'd have thought this is a stance that fair minded people in a supposedly free, democratic country would also support, but clearly from what you and others have stated on this entertaining thread, not everyone does. Now if Condell has strayed beyond this, and I don't think he has, there are laws a-plenty to bring him in line. I'm sure you and many other self-appointed "racist-finder generals" like Peter Hain would be falling over themselves to have these invoked.

I know full well how the main victims of jihadi terrorism have been Muslims in the Middle East. You don't have a monopoly on the ability to understand world conflicts because you are of a particular political persuasion. I'm sure you don't need reminding there have been other innocent victims in the West too, people of all faiths, in the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany etc etc. And you won't need reminding about who perpetrated those terrorist atrocities. You neglected to mention them but I'm sure they are not forgotten by you, are they? I'm sure you'll soon remind us of those committed by lunatics on the extreme Right in this country and abroad as well. Before you jump the gun again let me state that these are equally abhorrent and reprehensible.

No, I didn't get on a coach to London to march against the Iraq War. I'd suggest to you neither did about 65 million other people in the UK. What do you want, a Blue Peter badge or a medal? Lots of people who didn't march opposed the war, and even more people were sold a pup by Blair and his Cabinet and went along with it. Do you realise how holier-than-thou you sound with comments like that?

Part 2

You have your opinions, I have mine. You want to suppress the right for people to listen to certain opinions, I want to hear them. You call people who agree with anything that Condell says racist. Some will be your stereotypical, knuckle-dragging neo-Nazis, I accept. But in my opinion many will not be. Including me. But you know what? Personally, I don't give a rat's proverbial what you think of me, just so you are left in no doubt. So carry on with your sanctimonious, self-righteous, bigoted moralising to your heart's content, Huw. It won't make one iota of difference to me, but if it makes you feel happier and fulfilled as a human being, then who am I to stand in your way? Because unlike you - I respect the right for people to voice views I strongly disagree with.
Posted by Stan on 20 June 2018
Thanks to the Editors for sorting out the problem I had with this post. Apologies for it being overlong but I am grateful for being given the full right of reply.
Posted by Stan on 20 June 2018
As I wrote earlier the casual and not so casual authors of racist statements on this website really don't like to be called racist.
Condell and similar writers are openly racist and apparently have been banned from youtube..you seem to be happy to have that racist stuff widely seen .
I don't believe in giving a media platform to racists or neo nazis on this website or anywhere else
Your indignant huffy and puffer doesn't begin to impress me. Over the years I have seen and read far too many racist and fascist posting on the Neath Ferret which I mentioned in an earlier posting.
If you don't like to be lumped in with the neo nazis and far right thugs stop giving them the sympathetic publicity they seek.There are plenty of racist writers and agitators out there but the end result is an attack such as the murder of NEATH shopkeeper Mohan Singh Kullar in 1994 and the vandalism of a Islamic Study Centre in Neath together with a physical assault on two neighbours who came to investigate three years ago.
Posted by Huw on 20 June 2018
Oh, not again! Don't you ever shut up on this subject? You are making the same point over and over, man.
Posted by Stan on 20 June 2018
Posted by cecil on 20 June 2018
If the moderator of this website cleaned out the casual and overt racism on this site I wouldn't feel obliged to respond.
However, when I read inflammatory posts I think it is important to respond.
Two years ago I had the unpleasant experience of watching the swastika covered far right attempt to march through Swansea. It is not something I would like to see repeated but the racism I read here and occasionally elsewhere gives a certain legitimacy to their thuggery. Only last week one of these racist thugs was found guilty of encouraging attacks on Muslims. Last year a dentist in Wrexham was almost killed by a deranged far right activist and in Newport and Cardiff some neo nazis are daubing swastikas on school walls.
By your words and company you keep you will be judged..don't be surprised if you get criticised and found wanting.
Posted by Huw on 20 June 2018
To Cecil
You appear to be shouting. I can't change your racist Islam phobic opinions....you semi to far gone for that.
But I would point out to you that the murders and acts of terrorism were not committed by the billions of Muslims in this world. You were committed by relatively small numbers of killers.
Surely , you wouldn't blame all Christians for the religious influenced killings in northern Ireland or all Buddhists for the mass murder in Burma?
Also , and possibly finally for me at least you responded with the word UNBELIEVABLE when I pointed out the historic contribution Islam has made to the cultural life of Europe. WHAT exactly did you find unbelievable?
Posted by Huw on 20 June 2018
You are twisting everything that people are saying you don't know these people and you don't know me. a lot of people go through terrible things in life and they have opinions of what they have witnessed nothing wrong with that , why can't they speak out there's a lot of suffering in this country and a lot of people see it on a daily basis you have no right in putting people down for having a voice.
Posted by cecil on 20 June 2018
Huw, You were quick to say that the video on the front page was made by the BNP, but when corrected by the originator you have made no apology - and the same goes for those writing to this website.
Let me remind you what the originator said:
"Hi all: I'm the guy that shot this video...Let me explain....I was invited to eat curry lunch with a friend of mine who was living in London. She suggested Southhall, knowing I love spicy curries....I always travel with my camera. I was fascinated by the number of Asians there and decided to do some shooting with no particular plan in mind. When I returned to Hawaii, I decided to edit and upload to Youtube. I didn't expect such an amazing response, positive and negative....Let's keep it positive guys OK? Before you get too critical, spend some time in Asia, know the people, enjoy the sites, then go to Southhall and visit, with an open mind..."
Huw, won't you ever admit when you are wrong?
Posted by Chris on 20 June 2018
"the racism I read here and occasionally elsewhere gives a certain legitimacy to their thuggery".

Balderdash! The day I see someone banged up for a racist crime because of reading the Neath Ferret I might form a different opinion. Thuggery or worse against innocent people, of whatever religious or other persuasion, can have no legitimacy in my eyes.

Posted by Stan on 20 June 2018
I've listened to Jeremy Corbyn's speeches and find myself in agreement with a number of things he has said. Does this make me a socialist?

I've enjoyed reading about Winston Churchill and found myself admiring a lot of what he did. Does this make me a Tory?

I've watched Leanne Wood on the box and occasionally like what she says. Does this make me a nationalist?

I like seeing attractive women and better still, meeting them. Does this make me a sexist?

I sometimes see guys parading their muscles and think I wish I was that fit. Does that make me a homosexual?

I've enjoyed going into churches and listening to the occasional service. Does this make me a Christian?

I've watched some of Pat Condell's videos and to my everlasting shame have even found some resonance in what he has said. Does this make me a racist?

Don't bother answering that one, Huw. I think I know what it will be.
Posted by Stan on 20 June 2018
Reply to Chris
The film referred to near the start of this thread was made by a convicted Br it ish National Party member ..probably now a former member. He live in a South Wales and was in the news several years ago for attacking a young man who objected to his racist language.Last seen threatening people on the so called white Pride March in Swansea a few years ago.
Just a few days ago dozens of trade unionists , academics and other people in the wider Labour movement issued a statement warning about the growth of the violent far right in this country. It is a growth that has to be confronted.
I have mentioned several awful incident here in Neath and Swansea where racists have been active ..The casual and not so casual racism on this and other websites makes the racist far right ever more confident.
Posted by Huw on 21 June 2018
This post seems to have degenerated into a 'is Stan a racist discussion'. I think Huw is right about Cecil bring too far gone, and I don't think he sees it as a criticism anyway.

Whether are not you think you are racist Stan, your words (and more importantly Pat Condells words) are, in the context the current global political climate lead to an increase in racism, Islamophobia and the rise of fascism.

Watching Trump defending the separation of babies from their mothers is the closest we've seen on mainstream media of a move towards the kind of policies that a fascist regime would enforce. (I'm not saying Trump is a fascist, that's a different thread, but this type of policy paves the way for more extreme actions to become acceptable).

Defending the likes of Pat Condell or Tommy Robinson using the principle of free speech will ultimately lead to free speech being denied for all. This is clear from the rise of fascism in the 1930s. You know that to be true, so why do you defend them?

Either, you are so principled in your belief of free speech that you are willing to risk seeing it destroyed in a farcical failure to learn from previous mistakes of history. Which surely you can see is foolish.

OR you are a liar and are simply hiding your racist sympathies behind the veil of free speech.

Personally I don't care which because I will challenge anyone who is being naive as they defend/promote racist arguments inadvertantly, just as i will challenge open racists and fascists.

Which is why I will be in London on July 13 to welcome the World's #1 Racist, Trump. And July 14 to oppose Tommy Robinson and his Nazi Scum supporters. Buses traveling from Swansea and Neath for anyone who wants to join me.

Posted by Alan Thomson on 21 June 2018
Huw, please read my post again.
You have not answered it. Maybe you may have misunderstood it.
Posted by Chris on 21 June 2018
No i don't care what you two guy's say about me , I know more about life than you will ever know you crack on .Only The Truth Hurts.good luck with your trip i wish you well.
Posted by cecil on 21 June 2018
Thanks for your contribution, Alan. No, I don't share your views that upholding the principles of free speech necessarily mean it will be denied for all. When we talk about "free speech" we still have laws, quite rightly, that curtail just what can be said, and people can be held accountable for stepping beyond these, a point I made previously.

If you've followed the Ferret long enough, you'll recall I argued it was wrong for the odious Nick Griffin to be allowed a seat on Question Time. Hain wanted to stop it. The shallowness of Griffin's thinking was starkly exposed, he was humiliated. It was probably the single most effective hit on the NF I can recall - far, far more effective than any protest march.

I won't join you on the bus to London in July but do say hello to Donald for me if you get chance.

This thread is in danger of disappearing up its proverbial backside, the same things repeated over and over again, but my final comment for you to chew on is this, by the great George Orwell

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

Something I am proud to have followed my whole life.
Posted by Stan on 21 June 2018
Mea culpa. On the Nick Griffin QT issue - I missed a word out, hence giving it the exact opposite meaning. I argued it was wrong to STOP him appearing on Question Time. Peter Hain and some others wanted to prevent him appearing. I reckoned he should appear, not because I was a NF (or was it BNP by then) member or sympathiser - but IMO the guy had a right to be heard. This is where we fundamentally differ and will continue to do so.
Posted by Stan on 21 June 2018
This thread started by asking if anyone has heard of Pat Condell. Well they have now.
Pat Condell is a self confessed heathen and has no time for religion - all religions.
He has offended those of all faiths, including Christians. He even asks if Jesus was Gay, on the basis that he had twelve men friends.
He looks at Islam with disgust on the way the treat women, children and gays
He condemns their aim to covert the world to the Islam faith.
So far as religion is concerned he presents a balanced viewpoint.
What he says is based on fact and possible truths, depending on how you look at the point in question.
It is up to others to present an alternative arguement and endeavour to prove that he is wrong.
As for me, I think of Robert Powell (who played Jesus in a film) who when asked in an interview did he believe God, he pointed to his forehead and said: 'God is in your head" and that I can accept.
Getting back to Condell, he reminds us that if anyone burns a copy of the Koran they can be jailed - burn a copy of the Bible and you will not.
This proves to me that we are not living in a fair and balanced society.
Posted by Jon on 21 June 2018
This has been one of the longest exchanges I have seen on the Ferret. I have heard of Pat Condell and seen him on You Tube. He has not been banned from it but censored I think. He has a recent video called The Curse of Cultural Marxism on it that I hesitate to recommend in the light of what has gone before but I reckon it sums up to a T the stance taken by Huw and Alan. Watch it if you dare but don't dare admit to the progressives that you have.
Posted by Rob Davies on 21 June 2018
Well, I thought I'd had enough of this thread but I have to thank Rob Davies for the up to that video of Condell's. I didn't know whether to laugh at the absurdity of "the progressives" case, get angry at how they have impacted on people's lives including their rights of free expression, or weep in frustration. Any more, Rob?
Posted by Stan on 21 June 2018
I thought others would appreciate it. The Ferret has already put the video on the News Page section so I thank the editor for that.

If I spot any other good ones I can write in again.
Posted by Rob on 21 June 2018
Watched them all EXCELLENT! !!!
Posted by Cecil on 21 June 2018
The rise of Fascism is not a joke.

We can pontificate the rights and wrongs allowing them a platform to spread their hateful views all day long.

I think I'll spend my time convincing people that it is not a good idea to watch them gain power... Fortunately there are millions of people who agree with me already.
Posted by Alan Thomson on 22 June 2018
Red Alert, Red Alert! The Neath Taliban are on site again. God help us if these self-appointed Thought Police ever crept into power. There wouldn't be enough rope in the country to make nooses for the rest of us.
Posted by Stan on 22 June 2018
No doubt all those following this debate will have noted the silence of Huw since someone mentioned the Youtube video: The Curse of Cultural Marxism.
The undisputed points put over by Pat Condelll no doubt touched a raw nerve.
Let's be honest, the truth hurts those who adopt an ostrich attitude to the points presented.
Understandably, the answer is a long silence when no words can be found to present a counter argument.
It must be admitted that if you like Condell or not, and I believe he is not a likeable person, his words provoke thought and get people talking, or rather writing in this case.
Posted by Jake on 24 June 2018
Disgraceful behaviour!
A Neath Labour councillor has called on Plaid Cymru to apologise to the people of Neath for scaremongering. Councillor Mike Harvey launched into Plaid on his Twitter following the presentation to the Welsh Assembly of the petition about Neath Railway Station's future status. Supporting Harvey was someone called Mair Francis, whom I suspect is the spouse of Hywel Francis, former Aberavon MP. Those that have followed my ramblings in the past will know that she was employed by Hywel on a salary of between £40K to £45K a year -a jolly nice earner for the Francis' on top of his MP's salary of over £70K. Mrs Francis threw her oar in with, "Yes Plaid Cymru you should apologise. Disgraceful behaviour". Employing your own wife on the public purse at a salary most workers can only dream of is not "disgraceful behaviour" of course. Well, not if you're the Labour MP for Aberavon, clearly.

Also "liking" Harvey's call for an apology was Mrs Harvey, as you'd expect. Then predictably into the mix came fellow bon vivants, the Bollinger family, with the Baron, his wife and this time even their heir apparent getting in on the act.

So it looks like all the usual suspects are as one with this. In their eyes, Plaid are guilty of a heinous deception played out on the public here, while the local Labour Party presumably fell asleep at the wheel - or I reckon more likely at a dinner table. Ooh, I can sense that smug air of faux-indignation right up the valleys. I don't think this bunch of socialites has been so upset since the last champagne bottle of the evening proved to be corked and an uninvited guest made off with the duck pate on bagel croutes. Oh, calamity!
Posted by Stan on 18 June 2018
They thing their something, reality check they need and apologise to Plaid! Disgraceful !!!!
Posted by cecil on 19 June 2018
Bed cuts
Just wondered if many people are familiar with an ABMU consultation currently running until June 27 on plans to cut local hospital bed numbers by more than 100?
Among the hospitals affected will be Neath Port Talbot, Singleton and to a lesser effect Princess of Wales (the latter which will no longer be ABMU from April next year).
Among the areas affected are elderly care. Oncology beds are also mentioned in the consultation however ABMU has said they are only planning to close ‘overflow’ oncology beds.
ABMU say they can afford to lose the beds due to better ways of working but I think most people who have waited for a bed will know they are in short supply and community resources simply can’t cope with extra demand.
I hope as many people as possible read the plans at ABM.engagement@wales.nhs.uk and reply in time, you can also do this on ABMU Facebook and Twitter too.
Posted by Agatha on 16 June 2018
Thank you very much for that excellent link, Agatha. Fascinating reading and hugely informative consultation document.

I think the idea of getting older people cared for in their homes rather than occupying beds in hospitals is fine - providing they can get the appropriate level of care in house, and that includes being regularly checked by qualified medical people - not just care workers.

But the most startling statistic in the document was surely this:

Our NHS area has to deal with more elderly admissions into mental health beds than any other in the UK. The UK average is 174 admissions per 100,000 people over 65. In ABM - it is an astounding 1,019 admissions per 100,000. Now the reason for that huge difference is surely worth a doctorate or two. Anyone any ideas?
Posted by Stan on 16 June 2018
yes Stan 19billion was cut from the nhs up till 2014 by these in power so much has been privatised stealthly by these tory and has we now underfunding local councils of millions of pounds so that they can't afford to look after any person the list goes on but billions been cut from the nhs ready to show us that is a better way forward by having a yanks system in place its nearly there with a company called unum waiting to flog you that insurance try looking for mo stewart she done a good write up on these Torys
Posted by jeffrey davies on 17 June 2018
Why are we closing hospitals like the cimla only to turn them into offices for the NHS, Then they they say they have a bed shortage, It doesn't make any sense?
Posted by trevor on 17 June 2018
Exactly what Mrs Stan said, Trevor. Closing these satellite hospitals has been a backward step in my opinion.

In Wales the NHS is the responsibilty of the Welsh Assembly and has been since 1999 - 19 years now. They fund the Health Boards and the NHS here, not the Tories. Some of the "improvements" and efficiencies set out in that consultation paper are obvious and one wonders why it is only now that these things are being addressed. It's the same with local authority services - there were and still are many areas where savings can be made but it seems only when backs are right up against a wall does anyone do anything to address the waste.
Posted by Stan on 17 June 2018
- and there are still health experts claiming that the way forward is fewer, specialised, centralised hospitals.

This may be fine for well-paid metropolitan consultants but what about the travelling for less well-off patients, visitors and staff?
Posted by Frank Little on 20 June 2018
Totally agree Frank Little. There used to be a bus service directly from Neath to Morriston Hospital but this got stopped a few years ago. Now relatives and friends visiting patients (without cars) need to get a train and a bus or two buses. With a car parking is also a major challenge in itself at sites and just adds to the stress people are already under when visiting hospital. I don't understand, if ABM is claiming they want to change things for the better, they don't prioritise things that would improve patient experience rather than rolling out some strategic vision imposed by management and possibly the Welsh Government.
Posted by Agatha on 23 June 2018
Watch it - unacceptable words
It should be noted that our system has now been programmed to reject a whole post (he full letter) when unacceptable words (i.e., bad language) is used.
In the past certain words were 'blue pencilled' but in future the whole post will be deleted.
It ha never been our policy to edit letters but we now feel that we must respect our readers by taking this action.
Posted by Editor on 16 June 2018
The end of Yellow Pages
The end of Yellow Pages (see NEWS PAGE) will be good news for independent local directories.
YELL, the name of the company that ran Yellow Pages, have no consideration for older folk who have no computers.
Will the BT telephone directory be the next thing to go?
BT, in my opinion, is on a downward spiral and has been poorly run for quite sometime. Their advertising with special offers for a limited time leaves much to be desired with often no mention of the cost that follows.
Their ratings in the consumer magazine, Computer Which? is way down the list, whereas they should be at the top going by their claims.
There have been some hairy stories from BT customers resulting in poor satisfaction ratings.
Posted by Charlie on 15 June 2018
Universal credit - can we have more people complaining, please?
Tweet from our MP, Christina Rees:

"Anyone having UC issues please contact my office on 01639 630152 or by email at christina.rees.mp@parliament.uk. I am concerned that constituents are suffering in silence as my office has not seen the avalanche of cases that we anticipated".

In other words, for Gawd's sake can we have as many people as possible moaning about what a complete cock up I predicted it would be. Why do I get the feeling she and her lot were wishing it to be an unmitigated disaster, just because it's being implemented under a Tory regime?
Posted by Stan on 15 June 2018
its because its only single people it was doing has its such a cockup by these crooks in power it a stick to beat the peasants with let say you are working full time your partner part time and claim child tax credits or tax credits of any kind opens your partner to be pulled into the local jcp were you be asked whot are you doing to get off benefits such is this cruel uc
Posted by jeffrey davies on 15 June 2018
Period poverty
I’ve been reading recently about Rhondda & Merthyr Councils providing free sanitary (tampons & pads) products in schools. Are there similar plans to do this in Neath? Who do I get in touch with to bring this up?
Posted by Angharad on 14 June 2018
Hi Angharad. I’m the councillor for Neath South. Myself and Jo Hale (Bryncoch South) proposed a motion to NPT Council last week for the provision of free feminine hygiene products across schools in NPT. I know Rachel Taylor (Labour in Taibach) has also been extremely vocal on this issue within her party. The meeting was cancelled unfortunately, but there was a report given to cllrs on the education committee yesterday. Everyone in the committee broadly welcomed the report but most of us (cross party, Plaid Cymru, Labour & independents) agreed that it needed further work and asked officers to write back to Welsh Government asking if we are able to use money ringfenced for machinery on the products themselves. It was a largely positive meeting, however the Labour cabinet member for Education, Skills and Culture told the committee that period poverty “isn’t a massive issue”.
Posted by Jamie on 15 June 2018
For the avoidance of any doubt, the Labour Cabinet member for Education, Skills and Culture wouldn't know the meaning of poverty of any kind as he has been the highest remunerated councillor in NPT for yonks - until Rob Jones took over from Ali Thomas last year. "Reverend" Peter Rees has, courtesy of the public taxpayer, enjoyed an income in his retirement from his jobs in the public sector that few can dream of even when they are working full time. As a man well into his 70's I assume he's well qualified to speak on matters of the costs of menstruation. When was the last time he had to buy STs or tampons? Someone ask him if he knows what a box of Tampax costs and how many you need a month. Now I've tipped him off, he'll probably do a crash course on it!
Posted by Stan on 15 June 2018
How odd is that? I assume Rhondda and Merthyr have both established there is a problem worth tackling and have done something about it. These are both deprived areas, not unlike Neath Port Talbot, I would have thought. So how come it "isn't a massive issue" here but it was in these other areas?
Posted by Rob Davies on 15 June 2018
This has all stemmed from Elyn Stephens, a councillor in RCT, who in 2016 proposed a motion to Plaid Ifanc (the youth wing of Plaid Cymru) conference in Swansea in April last year, upon getting elected in RCT the Plaid group were quick to present a motion to RCT Council to provide free products in schools across the county. It has since been picked up by the Scottish Government and many councils across South Wales.
Posted by Jamie on 17 June 2018
So it's a Plaid initiative originally then. Well done on them. It might explain why it's not yet been adopted here in that case. Mind you, if it ever does get off the ground here, you'll find the credit will be claimed by others. Like any improvements that will now be made to Neath Railway Station.
Posted by Stan on 17 June 2018
Suicide with farmers
Does any reader have a theory why so many farmers comit suicide?
Its not only in this country with India high on the list.
I wonder is it linked the fact that they breed animals and perhaps develop feelings for them? Or is it loneliness, living remotely from communities?
In the USA it is said that the high farmer suicide rate exceeds that of war veterans.
This is worrying me because I know so many farmers.
Posted by Glan on 13 June 2018
Isolation may have something to do with it, but a major factor is that farmers have the means ready to hand in the form of legally-owned shotguns.
Posted by Frank Little on 13 June 2018
Quite right, Frank. Most of the farmer suicides I can recall involved a 12-bore. Unlike an overdose of pills, you don't get a second chance. Do farmers shoot their partners more than other professions incidentally?

I think if other jobs had such easy access to an efficient and brutal killing machine we might have seen high suicide rates in them too. Did I read once that vets have a high suicide rate? Was that access to drugs that are used to euthanise animals?

I'd surmise there's a lot of stress in farming, unlike the romantic image townies have of running a smallholding or farm. Financial pressures, at the mercy of the elements which can break you in a bad season, increasing bureaucracy following numerous food scares in past years, and surely it's a 24/7 job - hard to take time off, unlike most other jobs.

Are we the only animals that commit suicide? I'm dismissing lemmings!
Posted by Stan on 13 June 2018
Whilst I agree farmers have the tool ready to end life there is more to the plight of farmers than people realise. As a child I grew up amidst farmers and it is there that I became conscious of waste and the environment.

It is the pressure of money that is destroying the traditional farming methods. Money now controls everything whereas 50 years ago our farms were judged by their ability to survive and feed people. Many young farmers today wish they had been born a century ago when they could have farmed as they know they should. Today they are controlled by outside forces and the need to balance the books with interference as never before. They are told to run cattle on what they know is sheep land or they do not get their subsidies. They can no longer grow what they feel traditionally would benefit them but must adhere to EU rules. Do you remember the tomatoes we used to buy, they came from Jersey and Guernsey, when did you last see a tomato from the Channel Islands?Jersey potatoes have lost their flavour due to EU directives. It is meddling and changing tradition which is destroying farming as we once knew it, and don't the farmers know it too.
Posted by Lyn Williams on 14 June 2018
Thanks to everyone for their response. I am glad I brought the subject up because of the underlying factors that have now been revealed.
I remember Neath when it was a true market town and the weekly activity at the cattle pens which are now covered by shops.
A relation of mine kept the Market Tavern (Market Vaults) where farmers enjoyed a drink and a weekly get together - there were hardly any farmer suicides in those days, at least I did not hear of any.
Now those days are gone and the farming community is not what it was.
Let's face it, we all have to eat and we should value farmers more than what we do.
As it is, the supermarkets screw the farmers to make the maximum profit and we have come to the situation where milk is cheaper than bottled water.
My grandson is currently doing a course at an agricultural college and I just hope his future will be better than what I see now.
Posted by Glan on 14 June 2018
farmers have a very hard life animals raised then sent to slaughter can and will have affect on anyone but farmers had to change their methods of farming yet survive it they have has above Tesco and the likes have battered the farmers prices breaking away from these dreaded supper markets is hard to do yet I remember when we had mad cow my mate a farmer was crying he just lost his prized bull oh dear I said rodders I sais look at it this way you can now pick a bull up for buttons at this he smiled realising it wasn't that bad a thing yet we the older people remember the vic the welsh bard were hearts lights and other animal parts offered in news paper for shillings you could stock up your freezers but then most only had that cold pantry no fridges then
Posted by jeffrey davies on 17 June 2018
Species in danger
Shocking research results have announced one in five UK mammals are at risk of extinction. The red squirrel, the wildcat, and the grey long-eared bat are all facing severe threats to their survival. not at such risk but still under major threat are the hedgehog and water vole which have seen their populations decline by almost 70% over the past 20 years. However, the otter, pine marten, polecat and badger have all seen their populations and geographical range spread - encouraging news in an otherwise bleak picture for our wildlife.

Of course, Hedgehog, Squirrel and Water Vole (Ratty) are all characters we have loved over the years in stories by the likes of Beatrix Potter and Kenneth Grahame. They are part of our childhood and their decline and potential loss would be a national tragedy. I can remember hedgehogs in abundance as a young man. Now, it's quite unusual to see them, and even the number of road kill hedgehogs seems to have declined massively, which is testament to how few there are. Our roads have probably been a major factor in their population decline.

The Red Kite was brought back from the brink. Let's hope successful plans can be implemented to save these others, though I am not optimistic.
Posted by Stan on 13 June 2018
encouraging news in an otherwise bleak picture for our wildlife. yet these Wonderfull people the antis have released into our wilds a killer amonsgt killers the dreaded mink who will kill all above that swim in our rivers canals a ticking time bomb but has Stan writes there are those that have been brought back we now have those bird of prey nesting amongst us
Posted by jeffrey davies on 17 June 2018
That's how Neil Mcevoy described Jeremy Miles' behaviour today when he snubbed his own constituents who had travelled to the Senedd to present the petition about the Neath Railway Station. Here's Neil's tweet verbatim:

"Jeremy Miles (Labour) AM, walking away from his constituents who travelled to present a petition to him. Appalling behaviour".

There's a video of it on Neil's Twitter.
Neil's hard work and campaigning, often against the establishment machine, puts the likes of Miles to shame. Let's hope those snubbed constituents spread the message far and wide about the contempt Labour's representatives have for those who dare raise issues they find uncomfortable.
Posted by Stan on 12 June 2018
Apologies. The title block was left out above, I assume because it was posted in "quotes"? It read "Appalling behaviour" for those in any doubt - including the exceedingly rude and overbearingly arrogant Mr Miles - should he tune in here.
Posted by Stan on 12 June 2018
Incredible Stan. Thanks for posting. Over 300 more people have already watched Jeremy "Forrest Gump" Miles do a runner than watched his appeal for the Westminster Government to fund the Swansea tidal lagoon. What a plonker. Tremendous stuff.
Posted by Rob Davies on 12 June 2018
Excellent about time people see them for what they are the truth always comes out thats for sure.
Posted by Cecil on 12 June 2018
And they have the cheek to put leaflets with people from skewen about labour in caewern. The same ones that Martyn trounced in Longford.
Posted by Alan on 13 June 2018
Lovely picture of the three Leeches ! on twitter in caewern it speak's for its self. WELL DONE PLAID and all the other parties involved.
Posted by Cecil on 13 June 2018
Labour Party hypocrite alert
I see Shami Chakrabarti or Baroness SC to give her the full title, was singing the praises of comprehensive education on Question Time last week, saying it did her no harm. In that case why send her son to a fee paying school costing over £20K a year? I love the way that some of these politicians lecture us on what's good for us and our children - then do the exact opposite - because they can afford to. If comprehensive and state education is so damned good then how come Boyo Kinnock, Dianne Abbott and Emily Thornberry all bought their kids' education then? Yet tried to do it on the QT. Bunch of hypocrites!
Posted by Stan on 10 June 2018
Come, come now Stan, it's the Labour Party, do as I say , not do what I say, isn't that right Jeffrey?
Posted by Ex Tory Agent on 11 June 2018
My days of voting labour have long gone. I have not voted labour at local elections for twenty years and have given plaid my vote.
Posted by John Davies on 11 June 2018
yes about right ex t. but getting rid of these very greedy blairites is a hard task they use any method to stay in power yet rid of the lot of em is the way forward blairites are the worst kind me me me but until they voted out then nothing will change has for children schools well thats up to their parents but then putting that cross next to parents name hmmm or not
Posted by jeffrey davies on 12 June 2018
If there was local elections next week plaid would sweep this so called labour party out.
Posted by David on 12 June 2018
Jeremy miles
Let's say it louder for the plaid activists at the back. Neath station is staying on the mainline thanks to Welsh labour ?he's deluded Thanks to PLAID does he really think we are that stupid neath counsellor's might be we are not Thanks Plaid for letting us know what was going on, and the petition.
Posted by Cecil on 07 June 2018
Hear, hear. Let's make no bones about it. The Plaid inspired petition drew attention to ideas circulating WITHIN LABOUR RANKS in Swansea that unless brought out into the open might have had serious implications for the future of Neath Railway Station. Miles is so p***ed because neither he nor his lousy Party could ever organise a public reaction that would get over 10,000 signatures so swiftly - unless it was to see the back of the carpetbagger himself. But my word, haven't the bully boys and girlies in Liebore had a field day with their faux indignation about this?
Posted by Stan on 08 June 2018
whot do you expect from a blairite
Posted by jeffrey davies on 09 June 2018
Ah, that explains the hangers on and sychophants he has locally then. The sort that would vote Tory in the Shires but around these parts that won't get you on the Gravy Train, so they join Labour instead.
Posted by Stan on 09 June 2018
How can Labour insist that the Neath railway station story was fake news when it came from the Welsh (Labour) government funded feasibility study under Mark Barry, his proposal to make Neath a branch station under the south east Wales metro plans and thereby have a direct line from Swansea to Paddington to save 30 minutes travel time.
I think it is Thanks to Plaid
For derailing them.
Posted by Phil osopher on 09 June 2018
Is there a coach park to be built in neath for all the tourists that are to come when the town centre is finished.
Posted by David on 09 June 2018
David by the time Neath is finished we won't be riding around in coaches it will be space ships.
Posted by Cecil on 09 June 2018
The Labour party said the town centre will be finished so it must be the truth.
Posted by David on 09 June 2018
That's what a lot of people think I'm afraid, that's why people keep voting for them,
Posted by Cecil on 10 June 2018
Nice play on words there, David. The town centre's been finished for some years.
Posted by Stan on 10 June 2018
The petition will be handed in to the Assembly tomorrow afternoon at 12:30. While the campaign was spearheaded by Plaid, we've had support from Lib Dems, Tories, and even Labour supporters! But it's the people of Neath and south west Wales who have made this happen! It's had a fantastic reaction and we have seen so many people stand up for Neath! You are more than welcome to join us outside the Senedd tomorrow!
Posted by Jamie on 11 June 2018
I understand from Bethan Phillips' Twitter that it's going to be debated in the Senedd on 19 June. Well done to all involved in this for raising its profile and for getting out there and engaging with the public of Neath and its tributary towns nd villages.

When the local Labour politicians and their councillors are slagging you off, you know you've touched a nerve.
Posted by Stan on 11 June 2018
Stan Mason
I have been contacted by a gentleman who wishes to get in touch with Stan Mason (former councillor for Margam). What can I tell him?
Posted by Frank Little on 06 June 2018
Have PMed you, Frank.
Posted by Stan on 07 June 2018
Tattoos - disfigurement or decoration?
Most of the tattoos I have seen on people are repulsive, at least to me.
It displays a weird form of vanity - a disfigurement of a lovely human body.
I would certainly shy away from any girl who has a tattoo and consider her as sort of common - again my opinion.
OK, I concede that every person has the right to disfigure themselves but parents should show an example and deter their children being burdened with something they will have to carry for a lifetime.
I am fully aware that some children like to rebel against parents to show that they have a mind of their own - this should be kept in mind as it is often a question of attitudes.
It should be pointed out that having a tattoo is a painful experience. I know that some enjoy having pain - now that alone is rather weird.
I would be interested to know what other readers think.
Posted by Jerry on 06 June 2018
Joan Collins I think it was once said, "when I was a girl you had to go to a fairground to see tattooed men and fat ladies. Now you just walk down any high street".
Posted by Nocturne on 06 June 2018
They don't bother me. Of all the girlfriends my son had (and that's quite a few!) the one I wished he'd settled down with was heavily tattooed but the most down to earth, genuine, lovely lady. True beauty is much more than skin deep.
Posted by Stan on 06 June 2018
I think rebelling against their parents would be to not have a tattoo.
Posted by Monk on 07 June 2018
No smoking in hospital grounds
Good, I hate the smell of tobacco smoke and I am glad it is now banned in hospital grounds.
I firmly believe there should be more NO SMOKING ZONES including the bus station at Victoria Gardens.
There is nothing worse than standing by a smelly old smoker.
I only wish smokers would realise how offensive cigarette smoke is.to non-smokers.
As it is, smokers are selfish people who only care for themselves - they have no thoughts for others.
I am aware they pay tax to the Government but we must remember what it costs the NHS to give treatment to these people.
I feel sorry for those trying to give up smoking, on the other hand I strongly applaud those who have given up the stinking habit.
Posted by Julie on 04 June 2018
hmm yet do you now that smokers put 14.7 billion into the chancellors taxes would you like them to stop has I would say light another one up if they all give up you now they find that loss of taxes then they come for us all to fill that loss nah light another one and I can keep my tax a little lower sorry I aint a smoker but we stop them smoking in public houses onto the road while those in parliament get smoke rooms
Posted by jeffrey davies on 05 June 2018
ps am aware they pay tax to the Government but we must remember what it costs the NHS to give treatment to these people. j said but did she realise these smokers don't cost the nhs that amount has through their taxes extra tax they paid their stay
Posted by jeffrey davies on 05 June 2018
I agree with Julie.
The tax aspect is no reason to justify smoking.
More should be done to stop people smoking - starting with doubling the price of fags
Posted by John on 05 June 2018
If we were meant to smoke then surely we would be born with a chimney on the top of our heads.
Does it relate to dummies - having something in your mouth?
I wonder how many smokers realise how stupid they look blowing out smoke?
Posted by Clam on 05 June 2018
you all missing the fact 14.7 billion would be lost from the treasury that means they would look to recoup this large amount back from the rest of us crikey 14.7 billion would mean less monies for us
Posted by jeffrey davies on 06 June 2018
What's the price of pure fresh air?

Posted by Clem on 06 June 2018
The price of pure fresh air is oil. Don't forget the dirtiest air in the UK is Port Talbot. Is that the Port Talbot smokers? Until the oil, gas and petrol industry is altered drastically we will have no fresh air.
Posted by Greta G on 07 June 2018
Every one has to go - but where?
I am rather surprised to see no comments about the item on the NEWS page regarding urinals in Neath.
Toilets are a basic need and I hardly think the people of Neath are satisfied with the councils efforts.
It was so different to years ago when there were attendants at the toilets at Victoria Gardens.
There is no doubt about it, our standards are dropping and the sad thing is that nobody seems to care.
Posted by Cliff on 04 June 2018
oh they care when that tap on the shoulder means a fine but you right lets see ones behind the parade closed vic gardens well they were down stairs with attendants who kept their toilets sparkling the ones by the old corn stores right by the side of the old town hall crikey we could go on but spending a penny could bring you that fine
Posted by jeffrey davies on 05 June 2018
Where are our Councillors?
I look around Neath and see nothing but decay, what I mean by that is, Empty shops, dirty streets,derelict buildings,
no hope of investment in the town no sign of a recovery for the town. on the social side of the town most of the clubs have closed with the canterbury public house closing,the working mans club is struggling. The town needs people with a get up and go attitude. I can see the town is dying ,We can see the town is dying, Why can't our council see this unless they are deliberately trying to kill off the town, We have to question our councillors commitment to Neath but I think this is self evident judging by the state of our town and lack of debate or action by our councillors. Its all about their bank balance.
Posted by trevor on 02 June 2018
Lobour trev they are living the dream fine dining and drinking bolenger and laughing at the people that voted for them and trusted them.
Posted by Cecil on 02 June 2018
The local Labour Councillors need competition, as do the local Tory Councillors in a place like The Chilterns.

In every marginal constituency in the UK the people are served better than all dominated constituencies whether they be Labour, Tory or Lib Dems.

In Neath we desperately need to oust some of these long standing councillors and show that the electorate are not being taken for granted, which sadly manifests itself it the state of our town.
Posted by Peter M on 03 June 2018
Nothing wrong in Neath Port Talbot mun. At least, not if you're an ex-copper now pulling in well over £40K a year on top of that fat police pension! Council leader, Rob Jones, is quoted on NPT Council's social media as saying about trimming councils down in Wales:
“As a sovereign council we continue to deliver so I say ‘Hands off’ - Neath Port Talbot does OK thank you very much.”

I think he ought to spend more time in the real world, not the one inhabited by the champagne socialites on the Council. Things for Mr Jones and his grossly well rewarded Labour cabinet might be OK. They most certainly are NOT for many, many others.

How many of those privileged Labour Party cabinet members are drawing bloated public sector pensions on top of their council salaries, then preach to the plebs that they are in touch with our needs and feel our pain? There's something morally repugnant about it IMO.
Posted by Stan on 03 June 2018
I can understand criticism of councillors in receipt of inflated 'wages' however, you describe Rob Jones as receiving a 'fat Police pension', which is one he would have contributed 11.5% of his wages for over a 30 year service so don't criticise him for that.

Sounds like sour grapes.
Posted by Peter M on 03 June 2018
Not sour grapes, Peter. More a sober reflection on one of the totally unsustainable public sector pension schemes. A contribution of 11.5% of salary would NOT fund retirement on 2/3 pension at 55 or earlier in any world of economic reality that I've ever known. You didn't mention the employer's contribution was in excess of 24% in the old police pension scheme. Who paid that 24% then? The chief constable him/herself!?? I don't think so.

I've had young coppers thirty years of age moaning to me the scheme's changed and they can't retire on 2/3 salary at 55 or even 50 anymore and have to wait until they are 60. My heart is bleeding for the poor dabs.

Posted by Stan on 03 June 2018
I feel sure than an advertising agency could use the windows of these empty shops to promote products.
Shop windows could be made colourful and exciting with the right approach.
Come on councillors, use your imagingnation, brighting up our town - it can be done.
Posted by Phillis on 04 June 2018
No peter it's called greed there's another neath labour ex police retired at 55 then got another job with police think it was security and pensions, was a conservative and was promised a safe seat as a lobour councillor and look at the state of neath come on see it as it is !!!!

Posted by Cecil on 04 June 2018
Whenever I get the chance, I'm ranting & raving about the town centre. I've come in for stick on the town council for stating that they need to be more forward thinking (which in fairness most of them have done so in recent months) Leanne Jones, Jo Hale, Wyndham Griffiths, Alun Llewelyn, Martyn Peters, and John Warman have all spoken up about the town centre.
Posted by Jamie on 05 June 2018
How long have we got to wait jamie? Neath has been in a time warp for 22 years now, It is action we want not words other towns are planing investment projects but not a dickie bird about any investment for Neath, I am beginning to think if its time to abolish local councils and go for something else not sure what but anything has got to better than this load of expensive rubbish.
Posted by trevor on 06 June 2018
shopping hmm
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been colluding with Sainsbury’s to spy on welfare claimants and disabled people.

The DWP: in bed with Sainsbury’s?

In its “CCTV use & requests” privacy policy, Sainsbury’s states:

Sainsburys privacy policy

Twitter user ‘NoDPI sigma’ spotted the clause
Posted by jeffrey davies on 30 May 2018
Is there a disaster plan for a buried giant?
I refer to the South Wales Gas Pipe Line running from Milford Haven to Gloucester.
It operates at the highest pressure of any gas pipe line in the world; i.e: 94 bar (1.363 pounds per square inch).
Many have said that this is a time bomb and that it is only a matter of time before a disaster happens.
Experts say this in view of the jerry way it was built and this is highlighted on the PIPELINE TWITTER website - its easily found on Google.
The public should be made aware of its route and information should made available about blast zones.
Any earthquake or tremor in the area could produce a fracture with horrific results.
There is no intention of scaremongering but just making people aware of the pipeline and having an assurance that the rescue services have route drawings and plans to deal with emergencies.
Posted by Phillip on 28 May 2018
Do you remember the Flixborough disaster when an explosion killed dozens of people in the little village?
I was living in Baglan at the time and the chemical works there was a matter of great controversy, so much so (and with Flixborough in mind) my family had packed suitcases for a quick getaway if need be. This is absolutely true.
My cousin in the police force told me that there was a disaster plan for the area.- this was not generally known.
Thankfully the chemical works has gone following pressure by community groups, this was after I moved from the area.
As far as the South Wales piplline is concerned, Nation Grid lack experience with pipe lines.
The main concern is the extreme high working pressure, which can be compared with a power jet washer.
Remember, nothing stops the same for ever and the LNG pipeline will deteriorate with time - we must be aware of this.
Posted by Clive on 29 May 2018
Look on Googlle YOUTUBE at what happens when you put water on LNG.
Posted by Geof on 29 May 2018
National Grid has sold the , gas pipeline along with the national grid in this country to China and Qatar. The LNG pipeline was built for Qatar, and now they own a big part of it also. So should there be an accident it is not National Grids worry is it.
Posted by Greta G on 29 May 2018
This is a very worrying comment and all the more reason why the Welsh Assembly should look into the implications.
Remember there were warnings and concern about the Aberfan coal tip BEFORE the disaster and nothing was done about it.
Men with high qualifications have expressed their views - we should listen to them.
Posted by James on 30 May 2018
Phillip, this is very worrying. I recall that at the time of the Cilffriw planning permission (which was found to be flawed as a result of judicial review) it was said that the pressure would be *lower* than the norm because of the proximity of the transfer station to Cilffriw village and also the instability of the ground where the pipeline crossed the Tawe valley.
Posted by Frank Little on 30 May 2018
The pressure of the LNG pipeline can rise to one of the most powerful in the world. There is an emergency plan should anything happen at the pressure reduction station in Cilfrew. No emergency agency is allowed to pass Llangatwg School in Cadoxton until given permission by the owner for safety reasons. This effectively abandons over 900 people living in Cilfrew until it is deemed safe to enter the village. Cilfrew pressure reduction station is unmanned and controlled from Warwick. I just hope they do not have to send for someone from China or Qatar should anything happen.
Posted by Lyn Williams on 30 May 2018
The more I read about the high pressure gas pipe line the more worried I get.
From information from the internet, including highly qualified experts with no axe to grind, it is evident that it could be root of the world's biggest disaster - and I do not exaggerate.
We must remember that anything man made can go wrong and a major fault at the Cilfrew pressure reducing plant could result in a fire ball that could wipe out the village of Cilfrew.
The owners of the pipeline will be operating the system at maximum pressure to make maximum profits.
With money being the driving force it is possible that safety is a secondary matter.
With a lack of information concern is growing and an effort should be made to give people reassurance. That's all I ask for - reassurance that safety is of prime importance.
Posted by Jenny on 31 May 2018
I agree - fear of the unknown is the worst possible fear.
Posted by Chris on 31 May 2018
An explosion resulting from the rupture of this pipeline will make the Grenfell Tower fire look like a firework.
Posted by Charlie on 31 May 2018
There are buried gas pipe lines feeding homes all over the country - but these are low pressure gas lines.
The concern of readers on this website is the extremely high pressure of the South Wales pipeline - the highest pressure of any gas pipeline in the world: 94 Bar which is over 1363 psi.,
Just compare this with 2.4 Bar in your car tyres - WOW!!
Posted by Jimmy on 31 May 2018
New Petition to Save Neath
The petition that Plaid Cymru activists organised recently about Neath Railway Station potentially becoming a branch line instead of main line has an astonishing 10,390 signatures on it. This is a testament both to the hard work done by those who kicked it off and have campaigned publicly, as well as to the feelings of the people of Neath about any ideas to downgrade us here.

I am thinking of starting one myself now, to have Neath Labour Gravy Train Station not just downgraded but closed down. If you think the anger and bitterness about the Plaid petition from local Labour travellers on it was strong, expect this one to get many, many times worse. A bit like comparing a firework to the Hiroshima bomb. After all, some very influential people in our community are riding on this train, and quite a few have First Class season tickets on it. Well they would be First Class, wouldn't they? ALL the seats are First Class. This is a train for the chosen few. Oh - and their families and mates, of course, who generally can be found occupying a carriage or two. Is it true that the buffet car serves champagne instead of coffee, and canapes instead of steak and kidney pies? I'd love to know, but of course, I'll never be in the queue for a ticket.

Right - time to think of how to word it now.
Posted by Stan on 27 May 2018
Adult tantrums from Jeremy Miles and Mike Harvey, image how the rest of the parties feel when they are trying to do their best for Neath Plaid etc ,and Mike is going to stand by Jeremy for obvious reasons! !! Go for it Stan we will all support you.
Posted by Cecil on 27 May 2018
I cannot wait to sign Stan. It is about time this gravy train was derailed once and for all.
Posted by Greta G on 28 May 2018
There was a story in the Sun today 1-6-2018 stating that the platform in the Neath railway station is to short for the ten car intercity express. Is this another excuse to down grade Neath station? lets hope our councillors are on the ball on this one.
Posted by trevor on 01 June 2018
Apparenly Neath isn't the only station with platforms too short for the new trains. As stated on the report on the news page of this website, each carriage is longer, making the whole length of the train longer.
The blame lies with the planners who gave no thought to the length of platforms.
Maybe it hasn't occurred to the railways to use less carriages and run more trains.
A more frequent service would be better for many reasons.
Posted by Clem on 03 June 2018
Tommy Robinson
I'm no lover of the Far Right in the UK, or the Far Left for that matter. But something has occurred this week that has me wondering just what the UK is coming to. Tommy Robinson, the well known and controversial founder of the English Defence League was livestreaming a report on Facebook from outside Leeds Crown Court where a trial is underway involving child grooming. I guess I'm not allowed to say those on trial are allegedly from the Muslim community, so I won't. This is probably why Robinson was there. He was surrounded by a phalanx of burly police officers, arrested for breach of the peace, put into a van - and has already been sent down for 18 months. Today in Downing Street a large protest took place involving his supporters. But I have seen nothing at all on the BBC, not a word, of the arrest or the protest. Several things here - TR has a suspended sentence for similar things, I understand, but much shorter than 18 months. They want to make an example of him, it seems to me. It's obvious all those closer to Robinson would pick the story up quickly - but why are us, the general public, not being told by an organisation we actually pay a big licence for to provide us with news and impartial reporting? And they accuse TR's lot of fascism!
Posted by Stan on 26 May 2018
iv said before Stan bbc is just a tory propaganda machine incidentally we pay a licence for tory news how quaint while they our elected get it free
Posted by jeffrey davies on 28 May 2018
The Guardian newspaper on Saturday had its front page splattered with Weinstein and Chelsie Clinton. Both Americans. It is as though the UK is being downgraded to an outpost of the US and we are losing our identity big time. However if there is a media ban on the reporting of any protests re fracking in this country I wonder what else it extends to. It appears to me that we are being kept in the dark as to what the people of this country would call their NEWS. This is no longer a democracy and I am seriously considering getting rid of my television. I don't want to be fed propaganda and lies by omission.What is happening in this country is far from fair and right.
Posted by Greta G on 28 May 2018
64 Ostriches in Neath Port Talbot
Bury your head and pretend the danger does not exist. That appears to be the case with councillors in Neath Port Talbot.
Its sad to say this but no-one can deny the ostrich attitude of our councillors who are apparently doing nothing to develop Neath, including a museum for our art treasures that have been in storage all over the place for many years.
The danger is that these art treasures wll decay and lose their value unless action is taken.
A committee should be formed to purse this matter and to report on the progress made.
A museum in Neath would attract people to the town as well as being of great educational value.
Posted by Glan on 25 May 2018
They could have a nature section and put on display the old dinosaurs in the Cabinet!
Posted by Stan on 25 May 2018
A museum in a building shaped as a rugby ball was promised as far back as the days when the Council leader was Derek Vaughan. What happened to it?
Posted by Brian S on 25 May 2018
It got kicked into touch! Brian.

Like so many other sensible ideas.
It's a sad story with a sad outlook.
Posted by vern. on 26 May 2018
Yes they spent an utter fortune on designs and models for the rugby ball shaped museum and arts centre. Surely someone should be made to explain how they can spend so much money, paid out to cronies no doubt and yet 9 times out of 10 fail to doi anything about it. I wonder how much they spent out on that design and the covered walkway to the market etc. Our Council also bought the old Liberal club when the builders went bust and it is still in the same derelict state sitting there. Shouldn't this council be accountable to SOMEONE?
Posted by Greta G on 26 May 2018
Is this the Liberal Club?

Wales Online, March 2007

"A new office development could create up to 200 jobs in Neath Town Centre. The old Liberal Club in Orchard Place is to make way for a new £2.8million office complex. Because the building is in Neath's town centre conservation area the front of the new building will recreate the original building's Victorian style. The project is being carried out by developers Ginex which is pumping £1.9million in to the scheme, which is also backed by Objective One money from Europe and a grant from Neath Port Talbot council.

Demolition work started at the site on Friday and the building work is due to be completed by the end of June 2008.

Council leader Derek Vaughan welcomed the start of the work. "This is another excellent opportunity to bring more jobs to the area". END

Not long afterwards, as we know, he sold his house in Neath and moved to the more exclusive Vale of Glamorgan. So much for accountability.
Posted by Stan on 26 May 2018
Bedlington Terriers
WHAT!! You have got to be kidding me.
Posted by Stan on 24 May 2018
Something i wish I had never read , SICK and unbelievable. .
Posted by Cecil on 25 May 2018
Rethink for shopping at Neath
The only thing that can save Neath as a trading and shopping town is FREE PARKING.
The council should heed the warning of closures mentioned this week and convert the old Tesco site into one big car park with perhaps a nominal charge for under cover parking.
Shopping habits have changed and the only thing to draw people into Neath is SPECIAL EVENTS.
We must develop the town as a cultural place to visit, which would include a museum.
Our Victorian market should be a prominent feature and a delight to visit.
We must be bold and ring the changes before Neath dies before our eyes.
Posted by Phil on 24 May 2018
Too late for a car park there. Neath Abbey Labour has told the residents of Dyffryn that contractors will be building there by September/October 2018. Mind you Labour said that last year so take what I have written with a big pinch of salt.
Posted by Brian S on 24 May 2018
I predict that building on the old Tesco site will be a white elephant.
One must look at what is happening - shoppers are going to out of town shopping centres where the car parking is FREE.
Phil is quite right, shoppers have to be attracted to Neath with FREE parking.
Its a major task to make Neath a magnet for visitors.
It has revolve around making Neath an experience with special events, including entertainment.
The writing is on the wall and changing in shopping habits are evident for everyone to see - and it largely revolves around car free car parking.
NOW is the time to get started on a new shopping era.
Posted by Jon on 24 May 2018
They said that about the new shopping centre in 2008 they have had three local elections since and three leaders never take notice of these people.
Posted by David on 24 May 2018
Stan is grateful to his AM
Posted on 23 May 2018
Cox's Tippings
Posted on 23 May 2018
Tesco - could do more?
Posted on 22 May 2018
Meghan on Youtube
Posted on 21 May 2018
A Very English Scandal
Posted on 20 May 2018
council hay
Posted on 19 May 2018
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