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Welcome to the Neath Eye Sore

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See Menu for latest news - four more houses were jammed in this development - making a total of 38 houses on a ridge top site that is only suitable for bungalows. The new houses with high roofs tower above the new single story Tesco Express store


What you about to see on this website is based on fact.  It is about a new development built on a ridgetop site that once had a beautiful view of the Roman market town of Neath.

Over 400 objections to the development  were considered by the Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Planning Department, who went on to disregard them in favour of plans submitted by a developer who, allegedly, is getting a 20% grant from the Welsh Assembly Government on the basis of  building 'affordable homes.' (This has now being disputed by some WAG members,)

You may ask: "Why only 400 objections to such a scheme?"  The answer is because the developers put up 'For Sale' notices (without planning permission) before the Council's planning committee had given their consent for the development.  The notices therefore gave residents the impression that the development was authorised before it actually was.  This deceitful act certainly fooled residents and limited objections.

The EYE SORE factor comes into it because two and three storey houses are being built on a site that is more suitable for bungalows.  The houses are designed with 30° angle roofs (and that is a high pitch by any standard) which add to their overall height.

The houses are adjacent to a single storey junior school and a single storey community centre and a bungalow facing the site built in 1995, which the planning authorities at that time specified a bungalow because of the ridge top nature of the site.   The new houses therefore stand out like sore thumbs  - or in other words: Neath's worst eye sore.

White's Folly
(Llwyn Helyg)

Local residents have now nicknamed the site 'White's Folly' after the name of Geoff White, the Chief Planning Officer of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council.   Mr White disputes that it is a ridge top scheme and claims that there is higher ground to the North.  The answer is to view the site and make your own judgement.

More startling facts are to be revealed when we go back in time and also look to the future.   Predictions will be made on what is likely to happen when a new commercial development (adjacent to the eye-sore housing site) will come into operation.   You will see how short sighted and stupid the planners really are.  It is hoped that common sense will prevail before the site is made worse.

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