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This page allows you to express your views and feelings about Neath's Eye-sore.   In a democratic society everyone has the right to express themselves this way.

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Residents still sore
Another thing - if you look up Waterstone Homes they list their past developments. The area known by locals as White's Folly, after the totally inappropriate design brief for the residential site that was approved by Neath planners - well, it's not made the list on their past schemes. Maybe it's one they'd rather forget. Typical of what happens in Neath. Come into the area, screw over the planners, make a quick buck and b*gger off back to the Vale!

Joe - you may need some sort of local Action Group to keep an eye on this.
Posted by Stan on 22 December 2015
I have just had a word with a proprietor of one of the shops mentioned above and was given information about the costs involved.

All the shops are leasehold and the rent is £17,000 pa. Tesco is probably more because the property is larger.

A quarterly charge of £350 is made for maintenance, intended for car park lighting, barriers and outside cleaning. It was alleged that Tesco have not paid this for the past 2 years. No-one from Tesco was available to comment.

In addition to this, council tax (business rates) is said to be £6,000 pa. On top of this there are water, electricity (and gas?) charges.

Tesco are blamed for the state of the car park because they are not paying their maintenance charge (alleged).

The auction sign has now been removed and there is no information about the buyer - if any!

The above information should give an idea of the burden shop owners have in running their business.
Posted by Joe B on 22 December 2015
Posted by Extracted from Neath Ferret on 25 December 2015
White's Folly
How old is Mr White and when will he reach retirement age?
Posted by D Thomas on 15 March 2011
He is old enough to know better!
Posted by Fred Rees on 21 March 2011
Getting Worse
As construction continues, this eye sore is getting worse. How the local planning people are allowing this baffles me.

Surely someone, somewhere must have some sense? The site is certainly an eye sore for residents and a disgrace to those who run our community.
Posted by Jim Thomas on 02 March 2011
Eye Sore disgrace
One wonders if councils in other areas will look at 'The Neath Eye Sore' and take it as a prime example of bad planning and what to avoid on their patch.

The site is an utter disgrace to the local planners - and I am at a loss why the councillors agreed to the recommendations of the chief planning officer, who is now a laughing stock with residents living close to the eye-sore.
Posted by Dai Mort on 07 March 2010
Caewern Eye Sore
So they are boarding up the site, Good!

The less one sees of this eye-sore, the better.
Posted by Fred Rees on 13 November 2009
What a mess!
Posted on 13 November 2009
Hope for the future
Posted on 04 August 2009
I thoroughly agree
Posted on 09 April 2009
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Neath Eye Sore
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What a site to make eyes sore
Posted on 10 November 2008
Eye Sore at South Bryncoch
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Eye Sore Site
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