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alt-Raduno 23

September 1st to September 3rd 2023

Resolis Memorial Hall, Black Isle, Highland


Hall: Facilities are extremely clean but “village hall” basic. Cost allows use of kitchen, toilets and hall. No showers at time of writing. Bring your own food, drink and utensils. There is a fridge, freezer, microwave, and rather splendid large oven range and hob. There is also a constant hot water boiler for hot drink making.

Although local food purveyors (pizza etc.) may be enticed to pitch up in the evening do not rely on this.

A portaloo will be provided for night time comfort as the insurance policy dictates the hall is locked over night.

Band: By popular demand “Dogs Dinner” will provide rock & roll music to dance to on Saturday.

Tickets: Price £25 per skull (irrespective of age, infirmity or sexual deviation).

Strictly in advance. No ticket equals no entry to hall or field due to insurance policy. Visitors are welcome during the day but the proviso above must be adhered to.

Tickets can be bought up to two weeks in advance. Refunds, at event coordinators discretion, will be given only if cancelling more than a month in advance. Requires a suitably grovelling missive.

General: This is a moto guzzi - highland event. Motorcycles of that marque are expected and welcomed. A prize will be awarded to the most gawped at moto guzzi machine. Also a long distance award will be made at the discretion of the organiser / event assistants.

To obtain a ticket(s) please complete the attached form and send to the event organiser as per the form. No completed form or payment - no ticket. Simples. Contacting me a day or two before hand will elicit an age old standard format rebuff. “Critical” updates will appear on the moto guzzi - highland Facebook group.

Please read these f.a.q’s  below >before< contacting organiser.

Conditions above are to be understood and accepted as part of the terms of buying tickets and attending the event.

If some of this seems harsh they preserve my enjoyment of the event and help maintain it as a regular biennial event.

n.b.    Hall and field will be open from circa 16:00 hrs on Friday, September the 1st.

    Hall will be locked overnight due to insurance requirements.

    Hall must be cleared by 11:00 on Sunday the 3rd September.

Pandemic safeguards - as per any Scot.Gov recommendations - latest info will be posted at Hall - maybe prudent to take a mask!


Can I attend in the evening without a ticket. Nope.

Can I apply and not pay as I don’t know if the weather will be okay? You can, but your application will be rejected.

Can I bring a motorcycle that is not a Moto Guzzi? You can, but the clue is is in the event host name: Moto Guzzi - highlands. Don’t be upset if you are asked to park your non Guzzi at the far end of the car park either.

Can I take my motorcycle onto the camp field? Nope.

Can I light fires / have a BBQ on the field? Nope. The car park area is gravel and can be used for BBQs, as long as there is no undue scorching of vegetation or grade. Obviously such activities will need to be remote from the vehicles.

Can I bring a camper wagon? Sure, but they need to be parked in the designated area.

Is there a bar? It is not envisaged at the moment there will be a bar. It requires an entertainment licence and stewarding all of which adds significantly to the cost and complexity. To be frank the last event was a hoot without a bar!

Is there food on site? Apart for a bowl of vegetarian soup and garlic bread on arrival, nope.There is a well equipped kitchen - see application details. There may be scope to invite local food providers to set up in the car park but generally they want firm bookings prior to arrival. There are several shops mentioned in the application.

Note the requirement to bring your own bowls and kf&s. Drinking vessels would be useful too!

Can I visit during the day to see friends? Of course, however remember during the day there may be run outs (suggested routes will be in the hall on the Saturday morning) and hence folks maybe away. Also note that non ticket holders cannot use hall facilities due to insurance conditions.

Are there showers? Nope. Toilet facilities are available (M&F) during the hours the hall is open. During the night the hall is locked due to insurance conditions and a portaloo is provided for night time "comfort".


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