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Learning Community

This new Living Theory Learning Community is part of a wider community - visit the living-posters homepage to meet others and find out what is going on.

We are experimenting with creating a Living Theory Learning Community here. We will be sharing and supporting one another with our research and working with questions, confusions and ideas we find interesting along our learning journeys. We hope, by making a lot of what emerges public here, we can create a resource for ourselves and others to develop understanding and practice of Living Theory research. If you would like to join please contact us.

We will communicate through emails and the message board on this site. Currently the following people are involved. (You can learn more about their research passions and sites of practice by visiting their websites and living-posters).

Máirín Glenn - based in Ireland visit the NEARI website - living-poster  

Jackie Delong based in Canada website - living-poster 

Liz Campbell based in Canada - website - living-poster

Myagmarsuren based in Mongolia - website - living-poster

Undar based in Mongolia - website - living-poster

Iris based in Albania - website - living-poster

Joy based in UK - website - living-poster

Jack based in UK - website - living-poster

Marie based in UK - website - living-poster

Rachael based in UK website

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