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Project groups, links & things

Project groups

These are a few groups which are or have been associated with the project and/or developing Living-Theory research.

Your Living Theory Research Stories - Young people sharing their stories. 

Conversation Cafe - A weekly meeting of people supporting each other to continue to make a difference that contributes to a world in which humanity flourishes. Members of the group work in diverse fields, such as health visitor, educational consultant, academic, community worker, and those of us who are not able currently to define a field of practice but still want to make a difference that matters in what we do.

Thailand CPD group - Participants in a Living-Theory research workshop in Thailand got their research underway during the week with Jack Whitehead. They  each developed a website to share their action plans and developing research.

Living-Theory CPD/research group - The group is currently supporting members drafting doctoral proposals and doctoral students wanting to learn more about Living-Theory research.

APEX - A local authority's project developing opportunities for all to develop their talents to create gifts that hold the hope of contributing to the flourishing of humanity.


Some people connected with Living-Theory research or members of one or more of the groups have websites. Some are just beginning, some more developed. Hope they might inspire you to offer your knowledge as gifts on your site.

List of links to project members and others

Other communities and conversations

There are a number of other sites and lists associated with this project that you can visit and join - all are international.

Practitioner-researcher jisc list is a jisc forum for, as it says, for practitioner-researchers. Many members are educators in universities and schools. There are e-seminars, conversations and an opportunity to test ideas with people from around the world. The link will take you to the archives which you can explore. You can set it up so you dont get postings to your mailbox. You can post from the home page or in response to a posting in the archive.

inclusivegandt jisc list -  is also a jisc forum and works like the practitioner-researcher list. Most members work with children and young people, such as teachers, or in associated services, like local authorities. It might be a good starting place if you are beginning to research your practice. You can get into the archives and subscribe and unsubscribe from this link.



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